Movie Review: Death at a Funeral

Death At A Funeral

Rating: Didn’t Suck

I don’t think I laughed once during this entire movie. It’s a very frantic film that has lots of chaos happening all at once in some attempt at hilarity that falls more into hysteria. Not only that but the movie is a remake of another movie that, from what I’m told, is better than this newer version anyway. The concept is pretty funny I suppose, when the main characters father dies, a midget shows up saying that their father and he were gay lovers and has evidence to prove and wants to extort them for money. In execution it really just falls short.

Still, there were several people laughing the whole way through this movie, so there is a niche of people who will think this type of humor is hilarious. On average I think most people won’t hate it, but most people won’t love it. Yet another forgettable movie.

What you may like:

-Awkward situations that are reminiscent of Ben Stiller type comedies
-Goofy performances
-Slap stick humor

What you may not like:

-Chris Rock isn’t funny in movies
-Martin Lawrence plays a stuck up douche bag and does very little of his usual shtick that people seem to love so much.
-Frantic storytelling where the focus is more on what’s happening and less about who it’s happening to
-The guy who played Cyclops in XMEN is in it and it’s not that he does a bad job acting, but what they had him do was retarded, he’s basically tripping balls the entire movie and about halfway through it gets old, it’s annoying by the end

Really wouldn’t recommend spending money, if you’re really that curious save it for a Netflix or something to that effect when it comes out on DVD.

Let me know what you thought,

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