Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

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How to Train Your Dragon
Rating: ROCKED!

I actually posted this review already… not sure where it went… so now I have to try and remember what I wrote.

The short answer is; this movie was excellent, a true underdog sleeper hit with a near flawless script, excellent vocal actors and wonderful character, scene and creature design. I know that often people tend to view animation as “for kids” but in this case the theater was packed with a broad spectrum of infants (ugh) small children, teens, adults and seniors, and everyone was extremely excited by movie’s end, before people even got out of their seats I heard from all around “That was a GREAT movie!”. It was unanimous, I caught people choking up at some parts, everyone erupted in laughter at the funny parts, and the movie was so good that by the end, my friend was like “I want a dragon” and to be honest… I kinda felt the same way.

What you’ll love:

-Great scenes and action specifically tailored to 3D with lots of stuff flying into the screen.
-A very well polished script that focuses on characters first and allows the plot and action to flow from the characters, meaning you actually care what happens
-Drama! One thing I’ve always hated about stories is when a movie tries to “protect” the younger viewers by not showing anything too difficult. This movie was tasteful and not overblown but still wasn’t afraid to put a taste of reality into the script, there’s pain, and children need to be prepared for life-pain so they’re ready for it, not blindsided by it because they were “protected” from it. Every great moment is tempered with plight and it is sheer human perseverance that the characters must fall back on
-Excellent “family” themes, the classic son trying to step out of the father’s image, boy likes girl, etc. While overdone, they are so basic and routed in our lives there isn’t a person who can’t relate and take something home with them after seeing the film.
 -Well thought out creature designs, there isn’t just one type of dragon, there’s many, each with a unique twist and personality. Also, there’s a scientific aspect, the animators payed close attention to real life when animating scenes of flying dragons, sword fights, and even the little inventions that are featured in the movie. Very intelligent and fun at the same time

What you may not like:

-I liked everything about this movie and am probably going to see it again
-In fairness, there were a few very minor things that bugged me, stupid stuff like “if they’re flying above the clouds, wouldn’t they pass out?” or “if they just dipped under the water, why didn’t they fall off?” I mean who cares about that crap?
-I did talk to one person before writing this review who said that she felt the romance was rushed and she wished what developed had been more gradual. I disagree; I personally felt that a woman being “swept off her feet” was the classic quick romance thing. Oddly, while there is lots of classic themes and storylines, this movie feels anything but classic, very unique and a stand out film of the year.

See it in the theater, I liked the 3D but this one is good enough for 2D, definitely buying the DVD. Pay as much as 14 for 3D, 9 or 10 for 2D, 20-24 for dvd depending on features. Keep a look out for the toys as they seem pretty scarce, didn’t find anything at toys r us, may end up being valuable.

Let me know what you think,

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2 Responses to Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

  1. CMrok93 says:

    The tone moves smoothly from cartoony humor to exciting action, and the visuals – including some soaring flight sequences, augmented with subtle 3-D – are wondrous.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Yeah, ya know we just got done checking out The Green Hornet in 3D and the 3D was so lame. One nice thing about animated movies is they can control the 3D much nicer and give you a more involving experience. That’s really what you’re looking for when you go out and pay money to see a film. I was really impressed.

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