Movie Review: Kick Ass

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Kick Ass
Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Well, I have to say I was pretty shocked with this movie, but impressed as well. What I’ll say is that if you liked Pineapple Express, you’ll like this movie just as much as you liked Pineapple Express. Kick Ass is a dark comedy, however along with myself, there were a lot of people blindsided by just how much gore is in this movie. It’s not that the movie is bad, it’s got really good points, and it blends the goofy and zaney with a little dash of realism you don’t ever really see in movies, but I heard a bunch of people say things like “Isn’t this a PG13 movie?” it’s not, it’s rated R. So, I think so long as you’re prepared for that, you’ll be able to digest the movie as its intended.

It’s still a dark comedy though, so there’s plenty of laughs to be had all around, the strange thing about dark comedy is that sometimes you don’t know when it’s appropriate to laugh, and there were a few times where people would laugh, look around, see no one else was laughing… and then clear their throat and sit down a little lower in their chair and watch the movie quietly.

What you’ll love:

-Semi realistic approach to super heroes
-Lots of unique fight scenes with clever kills
-vicious gore
-a good point, not so much about being a hero, but not being a wuss bag whenever something wrong happens right in front of your face
-Bittersweet story telling, things don’t tie up nice and neat, it’s harsh and hard to deal with, just like life

What you may not like

-Gore, for some this will be a big turn off, especially that a little girl does a TON of killing
-Some people don’t “get” dark comedy

People clapped at the end of this movie, I think a lot of people will think this movie rocked, one group of kids were making a mental list of all the things they needed to become their own version of kick ass, and if a movie can make you wish, truly wish that the reality of the film is the reality you live, than you know it’s a pretty well done movie. I think that there is a demographic of people who dig dark vigilante comedies like Boondock Saints etc. and it’s nice to see that we’re getting more vigilante movies in general, if anything maybe it’ll encourage people to at least call the cops or something, I don’t know, something other than being a total bitch.

So, check it out and let me know what you think

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