Movie Review: The Backup Plan

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The Backup Plan

Rating: Kinda Sucked

I don’t want to hate on this movie tooooo much. The only thing is that the cheesy romance, goofy factor is just too much for the average movie fan. The script is so “scripted”… or badly choreographed, I’m not sure how to explain it… it’s kind of like watching a bad sitcom where everyone just feels like they’re waiting for their turn to talk. Goofy punch lines and stupid dialogue, and other cases typical dialogue kinda kill the movie right from the start. Also, I’m not sure if Jennifer Lopez was going for a Lucy Lu sort of bubbly personality, or like Cameron Diaz, but it’s more like annoying than anything else.

The upside to the movie is the subject matter of the script, it touches on a tricky subject that doesn’t get much attention from other movies. Artificial insemination, women trying so hard to be independent that they paint themselves into a corner, how hard it is to for a modern woman to try and be a traditional woman… okay well maybe that’s kinda typical too…hmmm

What you’ll like:

-Cheesy romance is right up some people’s alley

What you may not like:

-Typical storyline
-mind numbing jokes
-Corny acting

At most see it at your local dirt mall in the discount theater, probably not worth spending money on though.

Let me know what you thought,

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