Movie Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 remake)

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 remake)

Rating: Kinda Sucked

While the original nightmare had its moments of cheesiness and corniness, I think overall it did a great job of foreshadowing and creating a desire in the audience to know more about Fred Krueger and his motivations. It had a lot of psychological undertones and spoke to one of the most primal and basic emotions people experience; fear. This new adaptation of Freddy took one aspect of the original film, that he was a child molester and based the entire movie around that. Basically, the characters are more shocked that he molested them when they were children, then they are at the fact that he can kill them in their dreams.

Do I really need to say more?

Aside from that, it lacks all of the things that caught people’s attention with the original. Freddy having an odd sense of humor simply added to how sick and twisted he was; you knew he was enjoying every minute of his ability to torture some young girl.  The new Freddy tells really lame jokes that don’t make him eerie, it just makes him look like a jackass. The new Freddy is vengeful and hurt and a whiney little bitch. You can kill people in their dreams dude, do you know how cocky that would make someone?

What you’ll like:

-Better special effects… sadly, not by much
-A little more back story behind Freddy’s character
-Less “sitcom” style acting than the first (unfortunately it’s more whiney-wuss-bag acting in its place)

What you may not like:

-Fewer kills
-Unfocused script that lacks an overall message (the original Freddy said that all the power lies in what you do in response to your fear, which could be extrapolated out into everything in your life, the new one… nothing)
-A slight drag to the movie
-Again… they have an easier time believing that he can kill them in their dreams than they do he molested them. Seriously, anybody who’s been to church knows what can happen to your privates, who can say they’ve ever died from a dream? I just don’t get Hollywood sometimes.
-Freddy’s not so great, a lot of people didn’t like the makeup, I thought it looked more like a burn victim than the original, but he just didn’t have the same creepy factor, honestly I thought he was scarier when they showed flashbacks of him as a normal guy.
-He doesn’t really use his claw much, and most of the time he’s just making this *shing-a-shing* noise by rubbing the fingers together, a little creepy at first but annoying very quickly.

One thing I will say is that if you’re not really into horror because you get nightmares after the fact, you’ll probably be able to sit through this whole movie, get the chills and the excitement, without being ruined for the rest of the night, so in your case, it’d be worth checking out. For you I’d say a 6 buck matinee is worth it.

Everyone else; wait for it on rental or just don’t bother.

I’m curious to hear what you guys thought, shoot me a text/email and let me know,


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