Iron Man 2

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

I think the people who saw this movie were more interesting than the movie itself. Everyone I spoke to said it was great, better than the first one etc. Then, when I asked them what they didn’t like about the movie they gave me a HUGE list of stuff they didn’t like, so in spite of everyone initially saying it was a great and amazing etc, I think really what they were saying was that it didn’t suck… but that’s pretty amazing for a sequel, and I’d have to agree. As far as sequels are concerned, good ones are few and far between, and in many cases (spiderman 3) they kill off any interest I had in the franchise at all. So, for Iron Man 2 to come out and not be a bad movie at all I think is what people loved so much about it. Again, I’ve said it before right? Why no 3D? Tell me this wouldn’t have been totally badass in 3D… tell me! You’d be lying, oh well. All in all a fun ride, but it just barely made it into the “Pretty Damn Good” category by the skin of its gold-titanium alloy knickers. My advice? Go in expecting to come out and say “yeah it didn’t suck” and I think you’ll enjoy it more, maybe even be pleasantly surprised.

What you’ll like:

-A cool suitcase version Iron Man Suit
-Mickey Rourke plays Whiplash perfectly, can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job, you look at him and you feel intimidated
-War Machine finally gets some screen time
-Funny parts that weren’t all cheesy
-Excellent beginning, not a bad ending
-Some cool messages sort of haphazardly thrown in the script
-Honestly, they handled having a lot of characters in the script pretty well
-Good character turmoil, Tony Stark deals with some demons in this one
-A deeper look into Tony Stark
-Good acting all around

What you may not like:

-Don Cheadle is totally lame as War Machine
-The interactions between Tony Stark and James Rhodes borders on homoerotic… which I guess some of you would like, so I don’t know, that could be a plus or minus on the scorecard.
-There’s only two cool fight scenes with a lot of drag in the middle
-While they did a great job of introducing new characters that will be important when it comes time to release the Avengers movie, as far as this movie is concerned, a lot of the characters were useless and could have been left out without taking anything away from the script.
-Less realistic design- the suitcase thing is cool, but it didn’t feel realistic, when you see the iron man suit in the first one, it’s almost like they hired an aeronautical engineer and told him “If we could give you free energy, what would the suit look like?” The suitcase thing? it’s almost like metal grows from nothing and it all forms together very neatly even though there’d be hard lines etc. A small thing, but for some it will take away from the “suck you into our world” factor every movie should have.
-LOTS of arguing that doesn’t really pull the story together, people talk over each other to the point you lose track of what the conversation is about and just start waiting for something to explode… only at that point you have to wait for the end to see it happen.
-More comedy than action

All in all, it was a pretty fun time watching this movie, I was disappointed with not seeing Terrance Howard as Rhodey, he just looks like he’s smoked some foo’s in his day and is more believable as a hardened warrior/pimp daddy ladies man than Cheadle is. That’s not to say that Cheadle’s a bad actor or anything, but the way he chose to play this part just didn’t work out. If you have the DVD of the first Iron Man, you’ll see a lot of Terrance Howard’s interactions with Robert Downey Jr. that were cut out of the movie that really added a third dimension to his character. War Machine was never THAT much of a pivotal character in the comics, but he was a good counterbalance to Tony Starks personality while having certain points of intersection that Cheadle just doesn’t seem capable of portraying.

In any case, is it worth the money? I think the majority of you will say yes. As much as I didn’t like about it, I’d see it again. 8 bucks is worth it. 20 bucks for dvd. Get in line real early at IMAX.

What did you think?


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