Movie Review: Robin Hood (2010)

Robin Hood (2010)

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Man, people really loved this movie, I thought it was a total waste of money. The biggest thing so far that most people are saying they liked about the movie was that it felt more real. I’d have to agree. It’s grittier, there’s more politics and less archery. Isn’t that why you go to see a Robin Hood movie? To watch him hit stuff with arrows? Maybe I’m wrong, but he wasn’t even that amazing of an archer, all his buddies were just as good as he was. It was very over dramatic, and I think Russel Crowe is addicted to being the hero, the more movies he does where he’s the hero, the more he gets that “hero pose” like he’s trying to say “Just because I played a fat guy in Body of Lies doesn’t mean I still don’t have it.” The characters really aren’t focused on much and there’s a ton of psychological stuff with Robin Hood’s childhood trauma.

Does all that matter? Apparently not because for the most part I think a lot of you are going to like the movie. Not sure why, but you will and it will be worth the money to see it. People really were pumped up after seeing it.

What you’ll like:

-Blood guts and gore, seriously there were plenty of people that complained about the Kevin Costner one being so much better, but call me crazy, if you shoot somebody with an arrow there should be all kinds of nasty blood.
-A more realistic “believable” Robin Hood
-Big political philosophies that would seem pretty relevant right now
-Interesting choreography for the archers, they move around like modern day soldiers and have cool tactics, unlike most movies where they just stand in a line and shoot (which ones more realistic? Don’t know. Still, if you like that concept also check out The 13th Warrior starring Antonio Banderas)
-Some more back story to Robin Hood’s character, although realize that this movie isn’t any kind of sequel/prequel, it’s more a reinventing of Robin Hood entirely only it starts at the very beginning instead of saving the flashbacks for the classic third installment of a trilogy where they show how it all began. I kind of like starting at the beginning personally, you get to watch the character grow.
-Pretty hateable (yes-no that’s not a word) villains

What you may not like:

-A lot of the characters are sort of glanced over, the whole thing feels rushed like the writers really didn’t care about the characters even as they were writing them
-A haphazardly thrown together message that limps its way onto the screen, at the same time there were a lot of people that enjoyed the fact that it took time for the overall point to be revealed, they felt it brought the whole thing together more
-Deadpan acting, it’s more like everyone waits for their chance to talk and less like they are truly reACTing to each other.
-Over dramatic, it tries so hard to be epic and inspiring that it’s not

If you’re like me, don’t bother spending money on this movie. If you loved the Kevin Costner one… you’re not going to like this one. However, if you’ve always complained about how lame Robin Hood is because there’s not a lot of blood and yet everyone is constantly hurling metal objects at each other… you’re going to like this movie and it will answer all your complaints while giving you a new story to experience.

So, use that as your basis for deciding whether you’ll spend money on this one in the theaters.

Let me know what you thought,


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