MOVIE REVIEW: Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2

Rating: Kinda Sucked

I’m not a fan of Sex and the City, so I let other people’s opinion of this movie hold more weight than my own. Personally, the movie is hectic, scattered and it plateaus to disappointment or boredom by the end, I couldn’t tell which. I was however able to stomach the entire movie and watch it until the end if that means anything to you.

What Sex and the City fans complained most about:

-Bad clothes; there’s like a million costume changes and most of them look ridiculous
-Scrambled story that glances over stuff that relates back to the show, just so they can show the girls making asses out of themselves more in some attempt to be zany-shock-value-funny
-The dialogue lacked any class; you actually begin to dislike characters you grew to love from the TV show, because in this movie of their crass, snotty, stuck up, bitchy, unattractive personalities

On the other hand, people who enjoyed the movie said:

-Lots of reminiscing in the script, you get to see how things from the show turned out a few years later
-Plenty of glitz and glam
-The gossip is fun
-Lots of interesting scenery
-Lots of sex in cities

One thing I did notice about everyone I talked to was that their initial expectation of the movie kind of fueled their final opinion of the movie. In that regard, it would be possible for any Sex in the City fan to enjoy this movie, provided they don’t expect too much from it. The first Sex in the City movie has that “new car smell”, there’s a novelty there that simply can’t be recreated in a sequel, because you’ve seen it now, you know what to expect.

People who connected with the goofy, fashionable (can we say shallow without coming off the wrong way?) parts of the TV show and the first movie, probably will like this movie.

The few episodes I saw of Sex in the City I enjoyed quite a bit, for me the intellectual reflection guided by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character offered not only insight into the everyday struggles in the female mind, but really an interesting perspective on life in general.

Yeah… not really much of that going on in the sequel.  

So let’s say this; if you are okay with the movie not being some epic and profound message to the independent women of America to help you better realize what’s important in life, and instead just have fun with something geared purely for entertainment… and provided that you’re not a super fashion connoisseur (there’s a lot of that “ugly fashion” that people think is attractive just because its expensive. I always think of that one time I watched joan rivers making fun of what people were wearing while she was wearing a black leotard with a huge clown-esk green lace lion’s mane sticking out past her shoulders… I think she looks like she got hit with a frying pan because… she was once hit with a frying pan, which would explain her constant state of confusion. If you really are into a fashion, you’ll cringe watching this movie… and joan rivers. )

So, if you enjoy the intellectual, wait for it on rental, if you only care about the fun, get some friends together and go check it out.

Let me know what you thought,

copyright 2010 Kephra Rubin


About Kephra Rubin

I am slightly dyslexic and have a difficulty with writing. It's because of this that I try to write as much as I can. Lately my writing has improved quite a bit and it's thanks to everyone who reads and posts on my blog. Sometimes it is difficult for me to post as regularly as others do since everything requires a lot of rewrites. Subscribe to my blog so you always know when I've got something new up. Thanks in advance.
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16 Responses to MOVIE REVIEW: Sex and the City 2

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for the review.

    I am a long time SATC fan. What you don’t understand is that the fashion is the 5th character of the show. I believe there are 104 wardrobe changes in this film.

    If you only saw a few episodes then how would you know that “you actually begin to dislike characters you grew to love from the TV show, because in this movie of their crass, snotty, stuck up, bitchy, unattractive personalities.” If you watched more of the series you would understand that this is how they are, this is nothing new.

    Please explain to me how you can criticize something you are completely unaware of? I would guess that your girlfriend made you go with her. Did you at least see the first SATC film? Maybe you should stick to genres you know better. Good luck.

  2. Kephra Rubin says:

    Hey, thanks so much for your reply, I appreciate constructive feedback any time it’s offered. Unfortunately, in your case I think we have a bit of a miscommunication on my part here.

    When I said at the beginning of the post “I’m not a fan of Sex and the City, so I let other people’s opinion of this movie hold more weight than my own.” What I meant to say was “I’m not a fan of Sex and the City, so I let other people’s opinion of this movie hold more weight than my own.” Which meant; I spent a lot of time seeing what actual fans thought of this movie. Then, when I said “What Sex and the City fans complained most about:” What I meant to say was “What Sex and the City fans complained most about:” Which meant, here’s what actual fans of not only the last movie, but of the TV show didn’t like about this movie.

    Okay, I’m teasing, I really am happy you posted a response, I just like to have fun with people. I did write a description that clearly represents my unique approach to movie reviews, however tells me that not everyone can see that description for a variety of reasons. So I wanted to reach out a bit and not alienate you simply because you disagreed.

    In my movie review system, it’s not about how “good” or cinematically epic a movie was, but at what likeliness a person would want to spend money to see it in theaters. In fact, my personal opinion only makes up 1/5 of the overall rating.

    I’d also like to note that this movie is not faring well at the box office. It’s hard to blame bootlegging when movies like Letters to Juliet are already turning a profit while Sex and the City 2 is in the hole somewhere around 50 million depending on how the weekend turns out. All you can blame is that the movie kinda sucks. The bottom line is the first Sex and the City movie almost broke even on its first weekend from American screen sales alone, if you count worldwide it made a huge profit right off the bat. Perhaps through DVD sales the sequel may or may not break even, possibly pulling a percent or two of profit, hey, with enough time maybe it will hobble into some sort of financial worthiness.

    Within reason, you can assume that mostly fans of the show are going to be the ones paying their hard earned money at the theater to see a movie like Sex and the City, however almost half the amount of these same people that most likely saw the first movie felt like spending their money to see the sequel.

    When I give a rating of “Kinda Sucked” that means maybe somewhere between 16% and 32% of people who are actually going to go to the movies will feel like their money was well spent seeing Sex and the City 2. Currently, for that weekend, only counting the top ten movies, 20.17% of people that actually went to the movies, went to see Sex and the City 2, which is pretty much in the middle of the percentage I predicted (percents only go up to 80%, I don’t expect any movie to be perfect, just worth the money).

    I understand that most people base their ratings of a movie on what THEY thought of it. They’re called critics… personally I think critics are morons, constantly bashing movies I love or at least enjoy and not giving them the proper chance they deserve at the box office, then they turn around and give praise to some steaming pile of crap and it gets all the recognition. I created my movie review scale for people like you. You can look at the pros and cons and say, “Well, everything he said fans didn’t like, I really don’t care about, everything he said fans did like, I want to see, so I’m going to check the movie out.”

    I can’t write a novel for every movie, it’s just boring, so yeah, I simplify, I understand it’s not perfect… even though in this case it actually was so unbelievably accurate Nostradamus and that dude with the future predicting computer model would be jealous.

    Count on me to provide pros and cons as well as a rating that will be close enough- not to tell you how good a movie is- but to help you predict for yourself at what likeliness YOU would want to spend money to see the movie. (See my Robin Hood review, I hated that movie, still got a good rating)

    I understand my system requires thought and independence. I understand not everyone enjoys having to think for themselves, and to be perfectly honest… those people don’t read my work… because those people don’t read. It’s the same reason I keep dragging my feet when it comes to posting pictures and video… I like literate people. I don’t need boring people posting insults to each other through their comments killing the vibe of my page. You and I are more exclusive than that and that’s why this site exists.

    I’m glad you posted, obviously you are intelligent; you didn’t need anything shiny or covered in tits to find this movie review, you simply read it because you wanted to experience another perspective on something, that is the definition of intellectual to me. You were independent enough to post what you thought even though it was the exact opposite of what I thought and I think that’s awesome. This is probably so because I’m a member of a dying breed of people that believes in the American right to free speech.

    That’s why I took the time out of my ridiculously busy day to write you, because you are worth it. I also wanted to take a minute to clarify what kind of reviews I post.

    So, thank you again for checking out my site, I want to see more responses from you in the future.


  3. Kephra Rubin says:

    Oh, and in regards to the fashion comment you posted, yeah… tell me half of those looks they were rocking were anything but hideous and I’ll put ya in the same category as Joan Rivers. I’m a dude, I get it, fashion isn’t exactly my number one talent… but… why did the “5th charecter” have to be so damn ugly? Don’t tell me what brand it was or what it cost, the name and the price tag don’t change how rediculous someone looks wearing it. But hey, Joan, if you think they were rockin’ some “fly gear” don’t let me stop your dreams of one day wearing a dress that looks like a bunch of kitchen towels sewn together… for 12 thousand dollars.

    Keep that hope alive baby girl.

  4. Kephra Rubin says:

    For the record it’s June 3rd, 2010 @ 830 right now, something’s wrong with the time stamp, I’ll look into it when I have time. I also got your post about your comment not posting, it has to be approved by me first.

  5. Nicole says:

    Kephra thank you for your VERY detailed response. I am wondering what made you want to see this film, since you never really watched the show. And you never answered my other question, if you saw the first film.

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer me.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      LoL, ah yes… details… amazing what you can do with an attention to detail combined with a short attention span. lol. For the record it’s 10:09pm and I have been a writing machine ever since I got home, good stuff this time around too. Lucky you- I’m taking a break (teasing).

      Honestly I think people are inspiring, movies are pieces of people, and sometimes you have to venture outside of your comfort zone to see something you yourself lack the power to see. In the first Sex and the City, when they’re apartment shopping, I swear my teeth hurt just listening to the shallow crap coming out of their mouths the way the sound of a dentist drill makes a kid with an overbite cringe.

      However, I see more… perhaps I see more than what’s actually there, lol, but still I take something away from it. It may seem like it’s the apartment, diamonds, or having something/someone to show off to their girlfriends. However, below the surface, you get to see how really at the end of the day people just want their life to amount to something, people are born never knowing why they are here, they are raised never knowing why they should keep going, fueled only by a feeling inside of themselves that drives them to something for some reason. What drives us? Perhaps life is how we find out. But how can life amount to something if it takes a lifetime just to find out what life is supposed to amount to?

      At the end of the day, men and women are the same, sure, you’ve got boobies and I’ve got useless nipples, but we’re afraid of the same things, and yet running toward those same things. In the case of the first movie, and perhaps the show, the main characters aren’t separate people to me; they are pieces of the same person, perhaps pieces of the author before hollywood takes over and commences their rewrites into mediocrity.

      Sometimes life makes sense when we are like Sarah Jessica Parker, sometimes life makes perfect sense when we are in the throes of passion, on the brink of eruption, and the meaning of life just doesn’t matter when the earth finally shatters into orgasm and we get a break from the nagging questions in the back of our minds… like the slutty one, I forget her name. Sometimes we get so lost in the race it makes us like the baby crazy one, just trying to make something happen that will “make life complete”. Or simplicity brings comfort with the red head. Yet life seems to make the most sense when we have a little of each in our life.

      No matter who we are, it seems no matter how much we figure out, it’s never enough, so we try to leave something behind, hoping someone might take it a step further. So that, if in fact we do watch from another realm after we are gone, perhaps we might one day see the bigger picture and understand all this crap.

      I can see how all that rambling I did boils down to fashion, friends, rings, babies, sex, success, love, breakup, heart ache, pain, detachment, etc etc etc.

      Sex and the City 2 reminds me of Sir Mix-a-lot. He made a song called “baby got back”, I’m sure it’s playing on your pink IPOD right now, it did well. Why? Who knows, my theory ? It stated loud and proud that hollywood/fashion/mainstream media, whoever bulimic chicks blame on a Friday night for their problems, had it completely wrong.

      It said that just because some people tell you you’re ugly because you’ve got a fat ass, it doesn’t always mean you’re ugly… sometimes it just means those people have very small penises and all that cheek just gets in their way. Actually no, that was the slut bag in me talking, lol. It was saying that personal respect comes before getting respect, more people love you than you think, but you’ll never meet them obsessing over what small people think of you. He said something that was unpopular and wasn’t ashamed of it = power… so then he came out with another butt song… and it bombed… so he came out with ANOTHER butt song. He accidentally connected with something very profound and unfortunately destroyed his career because he couldn’t see what people saw truly saw in his words. He saw “butt” they saw something so much more.

      Sex and the City 2 lost sight of what mattered most, self discovery, yes they picked up some crutches and hobbled a few concepts out onto the big screen, but when it tried to out-do part 1, it turned up the glitz, glam, bitch and sex… when really what would have shocked people the most was to turn up the insight into the journey we all feel alone in… even though we’re surrounded by people in the same journey. This movie could have brought people together while still being fun and zany, and sexy and edgy, instead it was ANOTHER butt song.

      And yes, I did write an extra long reply just to mess with your love of very detailed responses, originally I was just going to say “I watched Sex and the City 2 to review it… cuz people asked me to” and then I said NO! If we’re going to beat a dead horse let’s get some crow bars out and really lean into it ya feel me?


  6. Nicole says:

    For the record it’s 2:44 am and I’m just getting home from a very weird evening. I appreciate your repsonse, but I’m going to have to reread it in the morning because I don’t think I can fully understand all of that at this point in time. By the way, I googled you today, you’re kind of cute, and wrote a book??

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      I never realized how lost and frustrated I am until right now. And we were almost having a great conversation. Lol. So much for my “take down your pictures and post only your words and only those truly listening, and truly speaking will find you” theory; I didn’t account for people finding my crappy old website because the webserver leaves it up though I stopped paying like four years ago. I love the double question marks.

      THAT’S the best part, because a double question mark indicates shock! Like WOW, I totally expected you to be an ugly dork.

      I swear, one day, some day, somehow, I’m going to figure out the formula to world peace and eternal happiness. I’m going to rewrite and refine this information over and over before I share it, so that it’s specific and clear down the very letter, so specific, so brief and so profound that it’s truly perfect.

      And when I do, I’m going to have my face surgically removed and have a baboon’s ass skin grafted back on.

      Then I’m going to call a press conference and I’m going to give this key, this magical key to finding complete and untainted pure happiness, the kind people dream about. I’m going to get up on that podium and I’m going to start speaking, and sharing this perfect path to bliss…

      And NOBODY’s gonna listen to a fuckin’ word I say because I have an ass face, and I’m going to laugh about it for the rest of my life. All of us, myself included, we really are just a bunch of monkeys flinging pooh, following the paths etched into the silicon wafer of our DNA, doing as we’re told. Mating, sizing up future mates, judging value through appearance or wealth and using that as the basis for our desire for each other.

      For the record, yes, I’m over reacting, lol. I’m 27 but I might as well be 90. I’m searching for something I can’t describe, but I can feel it right there in front of my face, and yet everything I do, I still can’t seem to find it. Looking in the wrong places obviously. Yes, I’m over reacting, I’d delete the whole conversation and say something suave instead… but that’d be dishonest. Lol. Oh well.

  7. Nicole says:

    I rather not post my personal business on here. When I leave comments I have to leave my email address, can you see it?

    My double question mark was for the book you wrote, not for how adorable you are Mr. conceited and cocky. I also read your poetry. You are quite talented, however you should scale down your writing and get to the point faster. Actually it’s more like you are writing as if you are speaking, just sort of typing as the thoughts pop into your head. I believe that’s a sign of A.D.D.


    • Kephra Rubin says:

      HA HA HA HA, lol, A.D.D. huh? Yeah… can’t say that’s the first time I heard that, lol. I like talking to people like they’re talking to me though, it’s more real ya know? But yeah, it gets a bit drawn out… more than a bit. I’m definately reeling it in though, you should have seen my older works, like a freight train with no brakes, I’m tellin’ ya. At least now I end up at some kind of a point! lol. I really wouldn’t consider myself conceited so much as I’d say cruel and evil. But thank you for thinking so highly of me, lol. yeah I see it,, no doubt. Is this weird night actually going to be weird? Or is it gonna be a story of how like, the mail man came at 6 instead of 5? Cuz we could just message here about paint drying and I’d be about as interested.

  8. Moriciba says:

    Wow, some pretty wild conversations happen here, lol. I’m so used to people sounding adolescent I almost don’t know what to in the presence of intellectual debate, lol.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Welp see now that’s the point of this site, sending out a beacon of hope to smart people everywhere, you’re not alone, you’re just one in a million, we have to find each other if we hope to thrive and enjoy the world we live in, because stupid people surrounding us is enough to make us all lose our minds without this. ha ha, thanks for posting.

  9. Monica says:

    You think you’re so fucking hot don’t you? Well you’re not, you’re just a jerk like every other fucking man on the planet!!!

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Ummmm… no, actually it’s more likely that you think I’m hot while at the same time thinking I won’t think you’re hot. Would you still say all these things if you thought they’d actually hurt me? Or would you start opening up and sharing what makes you such a miserable and empty person? So, let me get this right, we all have to join in your pain and scarring in order to get along with you? That’s basically what you’re saying? What a beautiful entourage that will be. Go read my “Two Week Anniversary… Are You Kidding Me???” Post, it’ll definitely give you something else to hate (fear?) me over. MMMMUUUUAAAAAHHHHHH, kiss of your dreams and a hug too. John Lennon baby, lol, love is all you need. 😉

  10. Sandra says:

    HA HA! She just got burned! You go Kephra!

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