The movie was better than the book???

A movie that was BETTER than the book???

I had for years been a Fight Club fan (the movie) without ever reading the book. I don’t know what took me so long, perhaps I was afraid that I’d be disappointed with the movie afterward. I have read only a couple of books that were later turned into movies and it’s amazing how much the quality of the book dwarfs the quality of the movie. Sometimes, you wonder why they even make the movie if they’re going to make it so crappy in comparison.

In the case of Fight Club, however, it may be the first instance that the movie was actually better than the book. That’s not to say the book wasn’t also great. Still, things from the book that were left out of the movie, I enjoyed not seeing. I preferred the ending in the movie to the ending in the book, and I enjoyed the tempo of the movie more. In my edition of Fight Club- the book that I purchased, there was a cool “stick it to em” afterward inserted after the end that expressed the authors frustration over people missing the point of Fight Club. It wasn’t about fighting, it was about self discovery. So that was pretty cool, but it was separate from the story and an afterthought.
It got me thinking though, other than Fight Club, and if you disagree with me and enjoyed the book more feel to post as well, can anybody think of a movie that actually stole the show from the book?

You have to give a lot of credit to the team behind Fight Club the movie, they may be the only one’s in history to ever pull something like this off.

Let me know,

PS: See my Sex and the City 2 movie review on In the comments I get into a rather long winded… okay fine I was long winded, she was fine, lol… discussion about the core essence of a story, I think it’s funny how when you strip it all away, Fight Club and Sex and the City are basically the same movie.


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7 Responses to The movie was better than the book???

  1. Nicole says:

    The shortest review ever, I feel proud to have guided you.

    Please explain how Fight Club and Sex and the City are the same story.

    I’m still not talking to you.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      When I said Sex and the City was about self discovery in my review of the sequel, and when I said Fight Club is a movie about self discovery, and then I said how it’s funny how they’re the same movie when you strip away everything else, what I meant was… they’re both about self discovery. Interestingly, not only were they both about self discovery, but they were also about needing to purge social crap from your approach to life if you ever hoped to truly discover yourself. Again, men and women are extremely similar, we battle with what we’re told to be, and what we feel we could be. All the crap you face in your life and it’s what goes on inside your head that’s the toughest battle. Some people just stop fighting and go on auto pilot, others dare to say what they’re thinking. We are all so connected and so bonded that it’s beyond hilarious how far we have distanced ourselves from each other. Running away from our reflection in the mirror. Self discovery is a journey rarely taken, but if our dreams come to life on the big screen, it would seem that all we dream of is to find ourselves, there’s just so much crap distracting us from that.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      you’re a jackass

  2. Nicole says:

    Why am I a jackass?

  3. Nicole says:

    I’ve never seen any of the twilight movies., but I read your review and found other peoples opinions very interesting.

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