Movie Review: A-Team


Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Was it better than the TV show? Yes. Is that saying much? No, lol. Still, as campy and goofy as this movie is, it’s a whole lotta badass with some funny parts. It’s in the same veins as “The Losers” which I reviewed recently where it’s half serious, half laughing at itself. One thing they did really well was giving you “behind the scenes” footage of how they made all those crazy plans and thought up their ideas. In that respect it had a little Ocean’s Eleven to it which I liked a lot.

People laughed a lot, there was cool action, Jessica Biel’s in it so you have some eye candy (though she’s not in it as much as she should be) a couple lady friends said they thought the guy that plays Face was hot so ladies, you have something to look at too. Especially when you consider that TV to Movie is a very difficult thing to do, they did a really good job.

What you’ll love:

-BA Baracus was better than what you’d think, I know, he’s not Mister T, but I think he did as good of a job as anybody else who isn’t Mister T would do.
-Liam Neeson was awesome as Hannibal, the guy who plays Murdock was very funny, face was never much of a 3 dimensional character (where any of them??) but he did a good job at being more than what face was on the show
-Good production quality, good effects
-Honestly, I thought the plot twists were kind of predictable, but a lot of people gasped or said “oh damn” when certain things happened, so the story is a pretty good one
-A nice solid ending that makes you want a sequel without needing a cliffhanger ending
-They did a good job of updating the concept, they added a sense of a “warrior’s code” and the struggle a man faces when he tries to do what’s right. Surprisingly intelligent.

What you may not like:

-It’s not a serious movie, it’s not meant to be, but in this silly movie there are very serious parts which kind of throws you off as far as how you should take it
-No Mister T cameo? Really? Unless he was tucked away in the back and I just didn’t notice, why wouldn’t you have him in there? I guess that’s not a big deal though, lol.
-Some parts that were supposed to be funny and nobody was laughing
-A Little too over the top? Again, the movie isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but yes, I did hear people say things like “oh yeah right, whatever” when they saw the characters do the impossible. That’s why they’re the “A-Team” people. Just prepare yourself for that and I don’t think you’ll be thrown off by it.

Is it worth the money? I think so, people left the theater talking about the movie as they exited, saying how cool it would have been to have done this, or that. Like I always say, if you can get people wishing your reality was their reality, you’ve made a good movie.

8 bucks in the theater, I’m not sure it’s worth a full 20 on dvd, but I wouldn’t laugh at ya if you bought it for 20 as soon as it came out. Still not diggin’ blu-ray enough to pay 30 bucks for anything that isn’t 3D, probably good enough to not wait for it on rental and see it now if you’re into action comedy.

Let me know what you thought,

copyright Kephra Rubin 2010


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2 Responses to Movie Review: A-Team

  1. Jimmie says:

    This was one of the best movies I have seen. It’s hilarious. The kind of comedy we have needed this year. It’s violent has some gun-running, nice shootouts, explosions. a couple plot twists, and one-liners a go-go. I laughed until it hurt. What bugged me the most was the people around me. Movie wasn’t as serious as the show, they were disappointed, so they were fucking annoying throughout the movie. Talking, carrying on, and just being ghetto. Watch the movie, no regrets. You will laugh.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Thank you for making this point. It’s an excellent point i think people miss and instead focus on the aspects of the film that weren’t really the focus of the film. The best movies are able to offer some valuable lessons in an easy to digest manner. A-Team does just that and I look forward to a sequel, even more so if it doesn’t suck. I was very surprised by the personal struggle BA went through, and most of the transitions the characters went through are very easily related to every day life. The overall movie, in a very subtle way has a lot to say, while at the same time being fun and hilarious. Definitely buying this one on DVD.

      I really mean it when I say thanks for posting!

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