The Karate Kid movie review

The Karate Kid

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

This movie actually just barely made it into this category and almost ended up getting a “didn’t suck” rating. I don’t understand what people’s problem is with this movie. Everyone who complained had little about the actual movie to complain about. They hated Jaden Smith’s performance, people-he’s a little kid. He’s a little kid and you’re getting on him because he’s not great? He was better than every other kid in the movie! Yeah, he’s a little bit of a punk in real life, but what spoiled punk rich kid isn’t? At least he is mature enough to be in a role where he’s getting his butt kicked every other scene. Then they complained that it’s called Karate Kid… but it’s about kung fu in the movie. I could see that, that’s kind of asinine, but if they called it “The Kung Fu Kid” nobody would understand it’s a remake of the crappy (yes, when I was a small boy I loved this movie) chop socky flick “The Karate Kid”. I don’t know about people sometimes, let the movie be a movie, who cares about the actors in real life? They’re not gods, I’ve met a bunch of famous actors, they’re mostly boring people with nothing to say until a director tells them what to do. Just watch the story, watch the characters. There was a lot of really awesome philosophy in this movie, and commentary on finding true self-worth and everybody is so focused on the parts that don’t matter.

What you may not like:

-Apparently, Jaden Smith
-It’s not about Karate, it’s about Kung Fu
-There are some continuity issues, my head’s going to explode at how far people are going to pick this movie apart
-It’s long, over two hours is a lot to ask of a kid to sit still
-There are parts that drag while not adding to the development of the characters
-The training scenes don’t show all of the training, at one point he knows how to do moves that are decades more advanced than what you see him learning (actually, this one bugged me too)
-Uneven battles, one minute the bad guy is doing crazy moves, the next-when he needs to get hit-he’s doing a few sissy kicks, completely out of character
-typical ending

What you may like:

-Jackie Chan!
-Excellent introductory to self respect, honor, facing your fears and growing up the right way
-Very good acting for a movie geared towards younger audiences, adults will be able to remain interested
-Good choreography, a lot of times things like that are skimped on in youth oriented films due to budget, but you’ll be impressed by how good some of the actors are
-Mature script, it will challenge the hearts and minds of all who see it
-It actually adds up to something by the end

If you have kids, definitely see it. Jackie Chan’s main focus in most of his movies is his ability as a fighter, this is one of the few movies he’s done where he gets to be an actor, worth checking out if you’re a Jackie chan fan. Definitely worth getting on DVD for the kids. If you don’t have kids and feel weird going to see it with friends, it’d still be worth checking out on rental.

Definitely let me know what you thought if you have an opinion, this one caused so much controversy I just want to see where level headed people stand.

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  1. Romano says:

    I enjoyed reading this a lot and I really hope to read more of your posts in the future, so I’ve bookmarked your blog. I emailed some friends to check you out as well.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Just a quick hello and to thank you for the excellent review :-).

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