Movie Review: Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

Rating: Kinda Sucked

I was pretty disappointed, perhaps it was foolish of me to get a little excited when this movie came out. Personally I had no idea it was an adaptation of a comic book. As a comic book, I think this is a pretty sweet concept for a hero. You get that old west, “Clint Eastwood” feel, while still having zany fun things happening. That’s a good way to talk about this movie, picture like “Fist Full of Dollars” with Clint Eastwood meets “Wild Wild West” with Will Smith; there’s lots of a quirky contraptions, and the characters are a bit goofy while they try to be tough, yet it’s all tempered with a touch of badass in every scene. The problem I think was more how all the gimmicks tied together. There’s a lot of different subplots that are explained through narrations, actually most of the interesting stuff that you would enjoy learning more about is glanced over. They should have just put the work in and showed the creation of this character, instead of coming into his life partway through hoping to somehow have a prequel later. This movie might have actually been moving had we experienced the same life altering atrocities he did and we would have felt changed in kind with the character. Instead, for the sake of action and explosions, they glance over it all, hoping that Megan Fox would draw in enough teenage boys to pull a profit. The problem is… she’s not in it much.

What you may not like:

-Megan fox isn’t in it much
-You don’t see enough of the back stories, you’re told how much someone hates someone else, not shown
-Scattered themes and plots, there’s a lot going on, this movie could have been three movies if each subplot was fully developed, sadly, while each sub plot had merit as a standalone movie, they instead chose to just mash it all together

What you may enjoy:

-Cool guns, actually not enough of them there were so many cool ideas
-Individual characters were pretty interesting, it was more how they interacted that was the problem
-Interesting concept for a Hero, a little gimmicky, but still good

Overall I think most people will agree that the most you’d want to pay is like 6 bucks on a matinee. Probably more likely a rental. Buy it on DVD for like 10 bucks I suppose.

Let me know what you thought


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