MOVIE REVIEW: Knight and Day

Knight and Day
Rating: Didn’t Suck

This movie was a lot better than what I was expecting. In the same vein as “True Lies”, but far better than the recently released “Killers”, this movie is definitely good enough to be a date movie to check out. It’s a little too cheesy romantic to check out with the fellas, but there’s definitely a lot of action. People will have an easy time accepting Cruise in this role, he’s been very smart in accepting the fact that he’s a complete wack job and instead of hiding it, just finding roles that allow him to be crazy.

What you may not like:

-It does drag a bit, some scenes, while they aren’t bad, don’t really add to the story at all and could have been left out to make things tighter
-Some of the acting is sort of dead pan and doesn’t really connect in a way that makes you feel like they’re actually falling love
-Some of the comedic timing is off

What you may like:
-Lots of cool action
-Better execution than most of the movies that come out in this sub genre
-All the loose ends are pretty much accounted for, you’re satisfied by the end of the movie
-Personally I actually laughed, while during “Killers” I don’t think I ever did, here I laughed quite a bit

Definitely worth a matinee price, if you can’t agree on what to see on a Friday night, I think you’ll only feel partially satisfied with paying full price, but not necessarily like you wasted your money either. Not sure I’d buy it on DVD.

Let me know what you thought,


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