MOVIE REVIEW: The Expendables

The Expendables

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Badass pretty much sums up this movie. However, what you’ll be surprised to know is there are many amazing performances in this movie. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a girl who loves action flicks, I have to say it’s obviously a guy-oriented film, but underneath it all it manages to have a deeper meaning that makes you want more when the movie’s over. If you liked “The Losers”, “The A-Team” and enjoy a little more gore with your action, you’ll like this movie. It’s not great, or by any means perfect but it’s good enough to pay to see it in theaters.

What you’ll love:

-It’s more than an action flick, it’s a story of a guy trying to do something right for once in his life
-An amazing performance by Mickey Rourke
-Stallone’s getting old… but he’s STILL got it!
-The AA-12 shotgun gets some serious screen time! Including the real-life war-head rounds
-Great fight scenes, coherent action that blends with the story and is purposeful
-People reload! Stallone does some wild pistol reloads (with a little movie magic help, but it’s still cool)

What was disappointing:

-Arnold and Bruce are just a little two minute cameo
-Computer generated blood
-Jet Li doesn’t really get to show his stuff, they really don’t utilize his talents in this movie at all.
-Some people actually complained that the movie went way to fast. Which is funny because it was almost two hours long.
-Some people felt it had no story, I’d disagree, though I can say that it does have a simple storyline, personally I feel American movies spend way to much time on eighty seven plot twists in one movie and then everybody ends up guessing the end anyway, the straight up approach ends up being refreshing

Overall, I think that everyone will be pleasantly surprised by this movie. Especially people who were expecting it to just be a mindless action movie. I left the theater wanting to see it again. That pretty much says it all.

So, check it out and let me know what you liked and didn’t like.


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6 Responses to MOVIE REVIEW: The Expendables

  1. John says:

    Can’t complain, you make a solid on Rourke’s acting, def stood out. Expendables is kinda like what cheesy romance is to chicks, cheesy action is to guys.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Good call on the cheesy romance, I’ve cracked on so many bad movies where women have said “You just don’t get it.” I kind of do though because I love crappy, cheesy horror, same concept, different genre. While there isn’t too much cheesy action I like, when you consider the transporter and now this movie (oddly both with Jason Statham) you can’t really argue your theory. I’m still holding a grudge that we didn’t get to see Jet Li kick more ass in this movie, but whatever, the AA-12 makes up for anything the movie lacked, lol. BOOM!

  2. Jimmie says:

    This movie is what it’s all about. Really, what more could any person want? Yes, I feel that the movie went way too fast, even at 2 hours long, I never wanted it to end. But thats not a bad thing to leave a movie and want more. When I finish a good book it is never a good feeling or a satisfying feeling, I always want those books to continue unending, it is just not realistic. When you leave a movie and wish it kept going that is a sure sign of a good movie, at least to you. I gotta say I was impressed and would recommend this movie to anyone who is an action fan.


  3. Britney Panarella says:

    Real clean website, thank you for this post.

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