Piranha 3D

Rating: Didn’t Suck

I guess for some people this movie will suck pretty bad. To a point, the complaints I heard aren’t really fair in that some people went to see this movie, not expecting so much gore… it’s a movie about tricked out Piranha! What were you expecting? To be fair, there are a lot of 3D movies that simply would not make it as a 2D movie. This is one of those movies. Did I like it? Yeah, but that means nothing because everybody knows I love crappy horror movies, horror comedies, and other horror genres that maybe a quarter of a percent of the population can enjoy. On average, I think the movie will be mildly received, some people will be like me and think it was fun and goofy and gory. Others will think it was completely asinine, stupid, unrealistic with horrible acting… and everyone will be right.

What you might like:

-LOTS of gore
-Lots of nudity
-A good amount of funny moments
-Good ending

What you might not like:

-Cheesy computer graphics
-The 3D isn’t so great
-Cheesy storyline and acting (for some people this is a plus… myself included, lol)
-Some of the gore is just silly

Overall, it’s only really worth the money if you’re into crappy, cheesy, goofy horror movies. If you are, then this one’s pretty good. Worth it in 3D, not really without 3D. “Hatchet” is a much better extreme gore-comedy, but as far as what you can see in the theaters right now and have some scary stuff jump out at you, this is it. I talked to a friend and he said his girlfriend came with him to see it and she spent the whole time with her eyes covered, so it was that good, lol.

All right, let me know what you thought of it,


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5 Responses to MOVIE REVIEW: Piranha 3D

  1. jay says:

    I would have to agree with most of the things said. I think Jerry O’ connel is freaking hilarious as a coked out girls gone wild style producer. It’s almost so bad it’s good, but I would have to say it’s so bad that it’s somewhat entertaining. I was very dissapointed with the 3D, especially since there were some very naked women in it. I would not recommend this one to anyone who doesn’t like stupid horror, however, it’s plain to see that the makers of this film knew exactly how bad this one would be and saved grace by not taking themselves seriously at all, kudos.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Well said Jay. I thought it was fun, I had a good time and laughed a lot. It’s true- nobody making this film had delusions of grandeur, they knew exactly who they were making the film for and didn’t make any attempt to have the movie taken seriously, it is what it is with no shame, which is badass in my book. As far as the 3D, you definitely got better 3D nudity in “My Bloody Valentine 3D”, but perhaps there’s different tiers of 3D camera systems, or maybe the film was merely converted due to a lack of budget so it lacked that depth that makes 3D such an immersing effect. The new Resident Evil movie is supposed to have amazing 3D, shot with the same 3D gear that did Avatar 3D, we’ll see though if it actually delivers. Basically, as far as this movie is concerned, if you liked “Lake Placid”, you’ll like Piranha 3D, that sums it up pretty nice right?

  2. Craig says:

    Nice review. Must disagree with your point about Hatchet. I am a huge horror fan since childhood, and I thought that movie was awful. As for this, I enjoyed it mostly for the same reasons you did. It delivered exactly what it set out to deliver, and the gore was top-notch.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      You didn’t think that guy who was the kid in The Cosby Show was funny? Oh my goodness, I could not stop laughing. Eh, I guess to a point horror and humor share the same vein of psychology. One person is paralyzed with fear when they see a spider, the other picks it up with a piece of paper and drops it outside… and then freaks when they see a snake. One guy laughs his ass off when he watches hatchet, another just kind of gets annoyed. The gore i was pretty surprised with in Piranha, they spent a lot of time on real makeup effects, they did use plenty of the CG blood, but while everyone seems to be moving towards strictly CG, they at least gave of some of the good stuff. It’ll be some years away until CG looks real enough to pull off horror makeup without looking goofy. Definitely a fun movie, I’d watch a sequel if they rake in enough money to pull one off.

      • Kephra Rubin says:

        What brings up this point again is actually pretty current on television. There’s this new show in America called “Being Human” but it turns out this is a show on BBC that has been doing well so they made a copycat for us over here. When you watch the transformation scenes, they of course use CG in the American one while using special makeup in the BBC one and even though the makeup isn’t perfect, it’s just more terrifying to watch the special makeup, at the end of the day they both look fake, but there’s something so much more eerie about makeup. Just like in “Ginger Snaps”, low budget maybe, but they spent the time on the make up, imagine that movie with CG, it wouldn’t be the cult classic it is without the makeup. People are so retarded with their understanding of makeup too, I remember watching the Academy Awards and Rick Baker actually LOST to the crew that did the makeup for “Titanic” WHAT MAKEUP?!!! Are you TRYING to give me a brain aneurysm? What? Pale faces? Rick Baker, for those of you who don’t know did the make up for films like American Werewolf in London (not paris, that movie sucked) Men In Black, he even did the makeup for the “Thriller” music video, the guy’s a living legend and they passed him over for some pale faced hypothermia victims in a movie that years later people regret seeing once let alone seventeen times. James Cameron must have sold his soul to the devil or something to make such a sensation out of such a lame and boring movie. The guy’s a genius. He knew it too, that guy risked everything to make that movie.

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