Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife (3D)

Rating: Didn’t Suck

It’s tough to review this movie because it’s available in three different formats, 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. Friends and I went to the IMAX 3D and I have to say that if it weren’t for the AMAZING 3D experience, I may have actually been disappointed spending money on it. I was disappointed with the film itself and the storyline. Alternatively, people who saw the 2D version said they thought it was pretty good, not a waste of time or money, but that they didn’t think it was worth paying the extra money for 3D.

What you’ll love:

-Lots of really crisp visuals and some pretty cool camera angles and directing
-Pretty good computer graphics that don’t look as fake as most movies
-Pretty good characters, if you’re supposed to like or hate them- you do
-I haven’t played the video games in a long time but according to gamer fans, this movie follows the game more closely than any of the other films
-The 3D was absolutely amazing, by far the best 3D experience I have had yet
-The ending gets you pumped up for a sequel (that could also be a bad thing to some, leaving the theater wanting more)

What you’ll hate:

-The story drags
-More time is spent on uninteresting things like shots of scenery than the action
-Things that are very interesting are introduced, yet never explained, people left the theater with a lot of questions
-While the movie had lots of visual detail, logical details were ignored. I have specific examples I’m thinking of, but I want to avoid putting spoilers in here. If you saw Die Hard, remember how he jumps off the building holding onto a fire hose and BOOM, there’s this big explosion. You’re like “WOW” on the surface, but in the back of your mind you’re like “Wouldn’t the hose have broken off in the explosion causing him to fall to his death? Everything else got pretty destroyed, why’s that fire hose so damn indestructible?” That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about, little things, yeah you can look past it, but it still takes away from the experience
-Copies other movies, honestly I think every resident evil movie does this, I don’t care too much since there are very few video game movies that even have a coherent beginning middle and end so I expect less from them, but it’s still pretty lame

I guess what it’s worth depends on your personal opinion of 3D. I actually enjoyed The Final Destination, as horrible a movie as it was, because it was in 3D. So if you’re THAT into 3D, then just go straight to IMAX, I really can’t say enough good things about the 3D in this movie. I’m in my chair, and even when I look down, things are still flying out at me. However, if the movie needs to be a good movie in order for you to feel the need to see it in 3D, then I’d say at most either check out a matinee or other discounted ticket 2D option, otherwise just wait for it on rental.

What’s interesting to note is my one friend who hasn’t seen the other films liked this movie the most out of the group, so part of the disappointment may be in comparing it to the past films. We all pretty much agreed that as a 3D film it’s one of the best, on par with Avatar 3D. Avatar 3D might be slightly better only because it had more stuff flying directly into the camera, but there was more dramatic stuff in Resident Evil like a giant axe flying right into the camera to the point I saw a bunch of people jump back in their seats… okay fine, myself included.

I paid 17 bucks for my IMAX 3D ticket and it was worth it to me. In 2D I wouldn’t pay more than 6 bucks to see it. As far as DVD/BluRay, I don’t know, unless its released as a 3D disc I don’t see myself buying it at all. I own the first 3, but this movie just wasn’t that good to watch again unless stuff is flying out at you.

So, hopefully that gives you a good idea whether you want to spend money to see it, and how much you want to spend.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you thought,


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5 Responses to Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife

  1. vyowje says:

    I enjoy movie, but have no view others, want to now, but yes to what you say here, I agree.

  2. Jimmie says:

    **Spoiler alert, this comment contains details of the movie that may have not been seen in trailers**

    Even with the 3D I was not that impressed with the movie. Wrap around IMAX might have made it better but the screen I saw it on was the standard flat screen. Things like rain were just seen in the opening of the movie, which in 3D is amazing and I wish they would have kept the weather effects going. The plot dragged, barely any zombie killing, WTF is up with that? one major zombie battle on the roof and that was it! I need more in a Zombie movie, like dead f***in’ zombies everywhere. Possibly an Expendables meets Resident Evil would have made it better. Dont waste your time with it unless you get it in 3D, otherwise just add this POS to your Resident Evil DVD collection and be done with it. Milla Jovavich looks smoking hot, almost painfully hot. Thats kind of important to know to.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Ha ha ha, agreed all around, I really don’t understand why they invested so much of their budget in lame Amelia Earhart scenes of flying. They really need to understand that just because something is in 3D, it doesn’t become an excuse to make a crap movie. If they keep that up, people are going to start thinking “well if it’s in 3D then it must suck” which isn’t the point of a feature meant to enhance the movie going experience. Hilarious post while making some excellent points, great post!

  3. Jay says:

    total spoiler!!!

    I’ve got to agree with Jimmy, Without the 3D aspect being so bad-ass, this movie was severely dissapointing. Keph, the comparison you made with the hose thing in die hard, LOL I was thinking the same damn thing, wtf??? Even a hose I could understand, i mean a hose is made to battle fires, but plastic coated wires?? So much of this storyline pissed me off. No more powers from the t-virus? umm ok that should be fun to watch…….giant explosion engulfing the entire sub-structure of the umbrella base and the dude with glasses…..totally fine. Multiple Millas (well, kinda liked that) and here’s the thing that gets me with the whole R.E. series….. zombies all over the fucking planet, Alice is killing umbrella soldiers left and right…I mean she must kill at least 100 or more in every movie, and they still have swarms of gun toting employees ready to blow her head off…. isn’t this a zombie holocaust????? Where are they getting all these fuckers??? cloning??? ads on craigslist??? shouldn’t they all be dead??. Oh and mr basketball player dude who showed up totally fine at the end??? He was carried away screaming by a nasty open face fucking zombie?? So you’re telling me the zombie only grabbed the dude by the clothes( otherwise would be a zombie) While he was dragged away SCREAMING at the top of his lungs, then had the presence of mind to snap out of the sheer terror he was facing, and kill the zombie with his bare hands……then maybe find a makeshift weapon and fight his way out of the sewers to freedom….without a bite……

    hey, the 3D was good 🙂

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      LMAO, that’s what I’m saying man! What did you think of the quarters? lol. They always have to coddle the pansy too, one day I’m going to make a zombie flick where they just throw that guy off the damn roof first thing and be like “More food, more water, and now we don’t have to worry about this douchebag locking us out of the last safe room in the building because he’s too pussy to wait for everybody if this place gets overrun. Anybody got a problem with that??” and everybody’ll be like “nnNNNNNOPE, I hated that guy anyway.”

      And was ANYbody else waiting for Cobra commander and gi joe to come running out during that last scene? Or was that just me? What would have been a better plot twist is if Alice kept her powers and found out that most of the surviving members of Umbrella figured out how to meld their DNA with the T virus, and in order for her to defeat them all they have to make some anti t virus thing that kills the host body along with the virus and she crop dusts a whole bunch of places or whatever, they make a bomb or something and she has to sacrifice herself along with the rest… but then again that’d make for a lame sequel and they’d actually have to tie up all their loose ends. They need to get Stallone in these multipart movies, he’s pretty good at finally wrapping things up.

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