Movie Review: The Town

The Town

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Everybody really seemed to enjoy this movie, I thought it was so boring. The ending wasn’t bad, but overall it was like pulling teeth to sit through. So, we won’t talk too much about how I felt about this movie since that really won’t help you decide whether or not it’s worth it to spend your money to see in theaters.

What you’ll love:
-Some good characters, some of the actors fleshed their characters out very well and it really made for memorable performances
-Action was pretty good
-Not a bad storyline
-Very coherent, not much bouncing around or overly ambitious plot twists that only confuse the audience
-Good love story, as such it’s probably the easiest way to get your girl to come see it with you

What you may not like:

-Boring tempo, this movie could have been shorter and told the same story
-Very much a cross between “Heat” and “Point Break”, it was a copycat movie in the same way that “Takers” was a copycat movie, but, if that didn’t bother you, then this probably won’t either
-Not much action

All in all, what can I say? Lots of people loved the movie, so if you like suspenseful crime dramas, and don’t mind a flick that copies other flicks you’ve seen, then this is totally worth checking out. If that puts you off a little, maybe go see it for a discounted ticket price or wait for the rental. I’ll probably never bother to watch it again.

What did you think?


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