Movie Review: Wall Street; Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street; Money Never Sleeps

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

With a surprisingly focused and simple message, this movie manages a very intelligent approach to simple story telling with enough twists and turns to keep you paying attention the whole way. It was a little long, and certain scenes and montages I think were done simply to pay homage to the first film, but didn’t really add to the story. Probably a half an hour could have been cut and the movie would have meant the same thing. My only real disappointment was in Shia LaBeouf, who didn’t play his role badly, but didn’t play it particularly well either. You could have put almost anyone in his place and it wouldn’t have changed the movie at all. I always kind of envisioned LaBeouf as the next “Tom Hanks” so to speak, but I guess his career is still relatively too new at this point. We’ll see.

What you’ll love:

-Very good messages about money, human nature, society, and what’s really important at the end of the day
-Lots of good drama and well written twists and turns
-Good characters
-Good solid ending

What you may not like:

-A bit long for no good reason
-A bit repetitive
-The story sort of loses itself in the middle
-The lead man doesn’t put on a very leading role

If you like the first one, I think you’ll like this one. If you haven’t seen the first one, this movie is good enough to make you want to check it out. Really, can you ask for anything more? It’s worth the few bucks you pay in the theaters to enjoy yourself for a little over two hours and walk away feeling satisfied.  8-10 bucks in theaters depending on how much you like money, I think it could pull 20 on DVD no problem.

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