Movie Review: Red


Rating: Pretty Damn Good

I had a good feeling about this movie ever since I saw the commercial where Bruce Willis walks out of a moving car guns blazing. Red is a fun, action packed and enjoyable film. They manage to keep the blood to a minimum while still maintaining some kick ass action scenes. My favorite part of the movie is all the wild and colorful characters; definitely hoping for a sequel.

What you‘ll love:

-Kick ass action
-Good acting
-Funny as hell
-Do you really need more than that?

What you may not like:

-A little cheesy
-The love aspect is a little bland
-Some parts were left open, but that could mean “sequel”

Overall it’s a good time, a nice night out with lots of laughs to be had. Fine for the family I’d say age 13+ for the movie weary. I think it’s worth 10 bucks at the theater, I’ve seen crap films for more, lol. I’m probably going to see it again with friends and hit up some lazer tag after, lol, should be a blast. $20 on DVD seems okay, especially if there’s great bonus features.

Let me know what you thought,



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I am slightly dyslexic and have a difficulty with writing. It's because of this that I try to write as much as I can. Lately my writing has improved quite a bit and it's thanks to everyone who reads and posts on my blog. Sometimes it is difficult for me to post as regularly as others do since everything requires a lot of rewrites. Subscribe to my blog so you always know when I've got something new up. Thanks in advance.
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