Movie Review: Saw 3D

Saw 3D

Rating: Didn’t Suck

The spectrum runs basically from “The Worst Movie Ever” to “Not that bad.” So, I’m going to go with “Didn’t Suck” as the rating because… it didn’t suck. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t anything special and didn’t out-do any of the other films, but thankfully it was in 3D and you got to enjoy the Saw experience with stuff jumping out at you. Is it worth seeing? Eh, in short I’d say if you’re a Saw/Gore/3D fan, especially if you’re like me and you’ll watch just about anything in 3D, yeah, check it out. Anybody else, I don’t know, MAYBE you’ll want to check it out on rental.

What you’ll hate:

-Crappy acting
-Repetitive plot twists, it’s the same crap you’ve already seen in the other films
-While the kill scenes are cool, the contraptions are getting a little less creative

What you’ll love:

-It’s finally over! This is the last installment of Saw and the story is apparently wrapped up (or is it?)
-More kill scenes than any other Saw film if I’m correct
-It’s good enough to keep you at least watching the entire time

It’s not unanimous, but for the most part people are pretty disappointed with this film. I heard a lot of people say it’s the worst of the series. I’m still a sucker for 3D though. Pay full price to see, or don’t see it at all. Wait for the boxed set if you don’t own all of them already.

What did you think?




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