Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Rating: Rocked

To this day, I still would not consider myself a fan of Harry Potter, I don’t own the DVDs and I don’t think much about the films after the fact. However, these movies are such well crafted stories (we all know I’m a sucker for a good storyline) that as far as I can remember I’ve seen every single film to date. Some I’ve even watched more than once. If you can take a non-fan and get them to watch that religiously, you’re doing more than adapting a book, you’re making a damn good movie. In some ways I think this movie is a disappointment, but fans of the books say this movie is by far the best of the series and most accurately transforms the book to film. Honestly, with all Harry Potter films, I don’t understand half the crap on the screen and I just kinda run with it, so I’m not sure I appreciate the film as much as fans will, but I think that’s a good thing as it let’s “outsiders” know that even non-fans will enjoy the movie.

What you may not like:

-The movie drags; I really don’t think it needed to be so long at all. It may have even been possible to cram both parts into one movie without losing any meaning. There were so many scenes that lasted for several minutes that could have taken a few seconds and still held the same impact. While it may have been necessary to make a finale into two parts in order to touch on everything needed, that doesn’t mean the movies themselves need to be so long. Really, the standard hour and half probably could have done it, hour forty five max. Oh well.
-It feels like sometimes they don’t follow their own rules. You watch them do something, and then later they can’t do it. It’s hard to understand the limits of their magic when you see them basically do whatever they want at other points in the film. It seems like the only time their magic has major limitations is when the writers need someone to die so they can have an emotional scene.
-Some of the jokes just aren’t funny, dry Brit humor doesn’t fare well in America. With that being said a lot of people were still laughing.
-Some of the fight scenes are corny looking, while others are vicious and impressive. I’m not sure why they couldn’t find some level of consistency with this aspect of the movie.

What you’ll love:

-It really is amazing how in depth and complex these movies are while remaining so simple. If you strip away all the flare and get down to the root of all the movies combined, Harry Potter is really just about life, from start to finish. This latest two part finale (it IS actually the finale right? We’re not going to keep beating the dead horse for more profit… right?) brings us to the end of every person’s journey, with undertones of being faced with our own mortality, procrastinating on the task of letting go of the ties that bind us to the world we’ll one day leave. It’s deep and yet special effects and funny moments keep the concept light and enjoyable.
-Good special effects
-Good acting
-Some shocking choices by the characters add a sense of the unpredictable to the film (unless you’ve read the books, of course)
-A good spot to end. While I don’t know how necessary it was to split the movie into two parts, or make the movie so damn long; I do think they ended it well. It’s no agonizing cliff hanger like some other epic sagas. It leaves you satisfied, with enough loose ends tied up that it feels like a complete, stand alone movie, while at the same time leaving enough open that you can’t wait for part two.

Other than the movie’s length, I think the majority of movie goers will enjoy the film and feel like their money and time was well spent watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Pay full price, bring some friends. Get the DVD.

What do you think?



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22 Responses to Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  1. seo thai says:

    hello Kephra, I am huge fan of Harry Potter. I like how reviews are about if its good to spend money on, not a critic review. I agree much with your review, but no drag. You must read the book! I see it and very very good. It is good that you not fan but still like and have other not fan to see the movie. Yay Harry Potter! 🙂

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Hey Seo, thank you for the comment! That’s sharp that you noticed the angle of my reviews. It’s true, it’s not about being critical of the movie so much as the experience the movie brings to the person spending their hard earned money to see it. My movie reviews simply answer the question “At what likeliness would you want to spend money to see this?” and people seem to find the reviews useful, so I’ll keep doing them. I love movies very much and feel some flicks aren’t given a chance because of critics negative reviews. People put their heart and souls into the films they make (well… most do) and they deserve a fair chance. As far as Harry Potter, I definitely think it’s better to see the movie, THEN read the book, that way you’re not disappointed, lol. I’ll have to look into reading them. Thanks again for reading and remember to check back and comment. -Kephra

  2. Alena Paul says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I often wait for your reviews before I decide to see a movie. Although Harry Potter was on my list, it’s good to know it didn’t disappoint.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Hey Alena, thanks for the compliment, I’m glad to hear my reviews hold that much weight with you. I’ll do my best to keep it that way ;-). I’d say it’s worth bringing the kids out to. Definitely a bit on the dark side, so I guess you’ll have to use your judgement on that aspect of the film, but overall I think it’s pretty universal for most ages and genders. As far as the “geeky” films go I think Harry Potter was the smartest of them all since films like Twilight etc alienate a much larger demographic while Harry Potter can sort of bridge the gap. The perfect example being me, I hated Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc. the whole magic thing just doesn’t do it for me, but I like the Harry Potter films because of the story and acting and the willingness to push the limits and deal with subjects that aren’t easy to deal with (such as death) without being silly about it and constantly bringing everyone back from the dead or living through every single encounter. Granted, a lot of it is formula, but they still manage to be a little daring with it. Thanks for the reply, keep checking back and let me see you again in comment board sometime. -Kephra

  3. SuzyQ says:

    Hi Kephra, what can I say, I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter books & movies. ;P I agree that H7: Part I drags..only because they split the book into 2 parts movies. 😦 I know, I know…the franchise is trying to make mega bucks before it’s over, right? My opinion is that the books and movies are great on their own. Plus it stayed true…well, almost all true to the books (which is hard for any series turned to say, Twilight *lol* Don’t diss me…I’ve read the books (enjoyed them!) but disappointed with the movies (except New Moon)). Anyhow, I know I’ll look forward to the Finale (come July)…then I’ll most likely buy the whole set when the DVDs come out! (I don’t have much to my DVD collection & this shows how much I love them!) Again, what can I say…guilty Harry Potter fan ;P Keep your movie reviews coming! 🙂 Cheers!

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Hey, thanks for the compliments! 🙂 I’ve been so sick for the past few weeks but I’m going to post a review for The Black Swan and Tron and True Grit today.

      Thank you for bringing up the point on book-to-movie projects, some people knock the Harry Potter movies, but how many movies that were adapted from books actually come close? VERY few and VERY far between. The only movie that ever upstaged the book would have to be Fight Club, and fight club was a good book, to even come close is a commendable feat and Harry Potter gets kudos in that regard.

      Can you believe somebody actually made fun of me the other day for saying that I liked the Harry Potter movies? LoL The funniest part was when they thought I actually cared what they thought about me, but the point remains the same; good movies are good and you have to give props where such is due, some people enjoy these movies but refuse to admit it, ah well.

      After reading your comments on it, I really thought through the concept behind the split into two movies, now… I’m sure the real reason they did it was because it would make for a better financial haul, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder if an hour and a half, or even a two and half hour movie would have been enough to make their point if they packed both movies into one. This first part is about 2 and half hours long, so if the next is the same, that’s five hours of movie if you tried to make it one flick. Even if you got rid of some of the drag, that’s still a four hour long movie. I think my complaint is more “Okay fine, make two movies, but make them 2 hours long each.” They could have shaved a half hour and still made their financial goals at the same time. There really isn’t any extra profitability in making a long ass movie, if anything it costs them more.

      Anyway, now we’re getting too into the whole dollars and cents of the movie world instead of the stories and characters, so, I’ll move on.

      LOL, I’m not going to “DISS” you for anything except using the term “Diss” in a sentence ha ha. Twilight is what it is, it’s sort of like Twilight is to women what The Expendables is to men… a guilty pleasure film that actually kind of sucks… but who cares? lol, it’s fun and it fulfills a certain need and you love it regardless. YAY.

      Thanks again, i really appreciate your comments and the fact that you bring a sense of the intellectual to what you say, which is the main reason I write and post on this site, to see if I can gather intellectual thought in a medium that is usually poisoned with immature back and fourths between two dim wits trying to figure out who’s the smart one.

      Talk to you very soon ;-),

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Oh, and don’t forget to check out my poetry and philosophy sections for more reasons to compliment me, lol (kidding, I’d hope you would enjoy them 😉

  4. SuzyQ says:

    Hey Kephra 🙂

    Just read your reply…and well, agree with your comment on the split. (Hmmmm…I also reread the book since the movie came out) Oh, I forgot to mention that the movie was awesome (on my last comment)! Loads of details and story to just make into one movie. Wise move on their part…I totally agree on that 2 hr. limit when possible. Lord of Rings, anyone???? Overall great movies but urgh, too long!

    Anyhow, I’m more of a reader than a movie goer. But I do give credit to books turned to good-to-great movies/series. Didn’t even know that Fight Club was based from a book. Will check out 🙂

    BTW, check out your poetry section…pretty intense on some. I really like the one “Slowly it degrades”.

    Keep writing! Cheers 🙂

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      You like reading more than movies and you like Lord of the Rings… Excellent! You’ll be my arch nemesis! And we will do battle in themed garb. Dream come true… lol

      I didn’t know it was a book either, they talk about it in the DVD special features, so I just had to check it out. The book sort of goes in circles and beats a dead horse, the movie cuts out all the crap and actually intensifies the concept of the book. Though as I read more of Chuck Palahniuk I find beating a dead horse is kind of his style, sort of like how the old tragedies employed a chanting chorus- revisited often… doesn’t quite translate over into modern writing, or maybe that’s just me. “Survivor” was good, I’m reading “Haunted” and seriously waiting for the payoff as the book is starting to kill me with boredom. Sometimes I think authors just ramble and say a bunch of nonsense to make their books longer. Imagine if that’s like an inside joke, “how much nonsense can we make our readers endure while still selling thousands of copies?” And they all try to out-do each other, lol. *CoughTomClanceyCoughCough*

      I remember trying to read a Tolkien book (that’s the LOTR guy right? Yeah, I’m going there sister :-P), and the little bastard explains the details of a freakin’ table for like seven paragraphs… three or four PAGES of discussion and the table’s not even important! It’s the only time it’s talked about in the entire book!

      Then there’s a two sentenced action scene right after this where he’s coming down some stairs and the author’s like “He ran the first assailant through and then the second” … and that was it, that was the payoff, the reward after reading all that crap about the table. Really? How can someone offer that much foreplay and fail to bring about the climax? You’d have to be out of your mind.

      Okay, whew, got that out of my system, lol, onto MUCH better things 😉 thank you SOOOoooo much for taking the time to enjoy my poetry, I really do appreciate it, words can’t describe. I have a very hard time dealing with death for some reason, if it weren’t for my writing I don’t think my emotions would really find their way out at all, maybe it’s a guy thing. Regardless, I’m grateful for it. It took a lot out of me to write so I’m glad you noticed that one the most, it means a lot. Strangely, I wrote that poem just before my mother died. Though her death came on without warning, I almost wonder if i sensed something was wrong and was attempting to prepare myself. Who knows.

      You said Cheers, does that make you British/English?


  5. SuzyQ says:

    Had me in stitches this time with your reply. Arch nemesis indeed! Hardly a challenge given my petite size. But dressing up as an Elven does have its appeal. 🙂 Anyhow, if you ask me if I’d read Tolkien’s series again…I say I’d pass. *lol* You pretty much sum up what the book(s) is/are like. Well, at least you’re honest with Chuck Palahniuk’s works. Some people love to embellish their opinion on books even if they don’t like it (I know ‘coz I’ve been to some Book Clubs). Well, come to think of it, it can be quite intimidating to say the opposite if the majority thinks it’s great. For me, just tell the truth, for Goodness sake! It’s just an opinion. 🙂 I can’t comment about Clancey’s writing though I have heard of him.

    Sorry about your Mother’s passing. Yeah, I understand what you mean. At least it’s good you have it to write. Take it from yours truly, I read a lot only because I can’t write and most times, I say to myself, man, I wish I could string my words together as well as that. ;P Sure, a personal journal maybe. Nothing like, writing poetry or a blog…and putting it out there. Now, that takes confidence.

    As for me being British, British born, nope…British educated, yes (and with like friends)…sorry to disappoint. 😦

    As we seem to be sharing book interest, my interest range from Classics (British) to historical fiction to Sci-fi to Fantasy. I still am in the vampire “occult” mode (since childhood…starting with Anne Rice’s works). I’m no goth or anything. *lol* Oh, I shouldn’t have written that…*lol* that’s like stereotyping.

    Pen off for now and check out your other movie reviews! Cheers…

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Eh, the Petite ones are always the most squirrely… I broke my foot a couple of weeks ago so I gotta be extra careful, cuz my gut tells me you like to fight dirty.

      As a matter of fact, I came back and edited my response, lol. I’d been cooped up in the house so much I got SOOO gitty just being out and interacting with people for a day I realized I rambled quite a bit writing you back, lol. (**Eh hem**… EDIT! lol)

      I love what you said about going against other people’s opinions. Ya ever notice those people that own tons of books they’ve never read? Or they recite a book review they read like it’s their own opinion? Or change their opinion after reading a review? Lame. Badass on your part- for gettin’ all British-Petite-Elf on some book club snobs. Cheerio, bitches. Anyway, Where’s my gold stars because you earned one…

      I’m all out at the moment. Alright, we’ll put a rain check on that.

      Thank you in regards to my mother, honestly I didn’t know her very well, unfortunately. Losing the chance to learn who she really was created a very twisting and turning sensation, almost like I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel about it. Perhaps I’m still not sure.

      LoL, yes, you’re a terrible bigot… who… chose to still post her bigotry on my site… sweet… go all or go home, lol. Thumbs up… Teasing. I like vampires, I was a great vamp for Halloween (favorite holiday), I had always wanted to do this costume but I just didn’t have the money for it when I was younger. So ten years later, I do it… and everybody’s like “OH, twilight”. Ummmm… nooooo. When I wanted to do it, it was not Twilight. Red contacts, those molded realistic fangs, a nice tailored red shirt and a good black/midnight blue suit were just out of my price range! Sigh, whatever, fine I’m Twilight, I don’t care, I got to do it, finally, check that off the bucket list lol.

      That’s so great you have diverse tastes, I really like that. My book collections still growing, I’m very particular about the writing style that I’ll read, but my DVD collection is a full gamut from romance to drama, action, comedy, horror, animation, surrealism. There’s too much brain for only one style ya know? What are you reading now, anything I might find interesting?
      Pen off, lol, nice. Check out my Buried review, it’s not in theaters anymore, it came out last year, but I kind of skipped over it. I just wanted to bring some attention to it because it ended up impressing me. Not the best thing, but it’s cool, I liked it. I just posted a snarky article called “Why is Your Boss Always Dumber Than You?” It’s kind of long, but you’ll get a kick out of it I’m sure.

      Talk to you soon,

  6. SuzyQ says:

    Lo! Squirrely eyes? Dirty tricks? Moi? Pot. Kettle. Black ;P Hah…sneaky with the editting. Ramble much?? What if I told you that I actually read your original post but didn’t get a chance to respond to it before you, hmmm, decided to edit it?? If only life was like that…you know, days when you can actually do do-overs. Oh, not to say what you originally wrote was unentertaining…rather, it was exactly as you are. So don’t “edit” on my account. *lol*

    Ohhhh, Twilight Edward. Yes, he does have some appeal but much too tame. (Now, now…Rob Pattison is definition of gorgeousness at present. I’m not blind! *lol* Still, looks aren’t everything.) But Lestat de Lioncourt…now, he’s got class. Underneath that “pretty” face lies pure evilness. His character has…bite. To me, That’s a true vampire…Enough of that. Need not flame your fantasies of me being Goth and all. Which I can assure you, I’m not…

    Books to recommend? God, too many to count…then again, only to me…here goes (summarized version)…

    Seriously, I kid you not. Coincidently, I read 3 books earlier last year that have turned into or may be turning into movies this year – I am Number Four (Pittacus Lore – good read), Beastly (Alexandra Flinn – light reading, funny & definitely for teens) and City of Bones (Cassandra Clare – read all of her works…enjoyed them all). Books-turned-movies I have read and watched: Memories of a Geisha (Last thread you mentioned reading it ;P but didn’t tell what you thought. Me? liked the book…movie was OK) , Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson – surprisingly good book but movie didn`t quite do justice), Girl with a Pearl earring (Tracy Chevalier – love the book and movie. Plus I`ve read some of her other works…enjoyed them all), and The Watchmen (love the graphic novel and thought, it made a OK-to-great movie). How about Scott Westerfeld? His books are awesome and thought provoking. Currently, trying to read “Eat, Love & Pray” and “The Girl who kicked the Hornet’s Nest”. I’m reserving my opinion just yet and not give into much of the hype. How about you?

    Hope the foot (and hand) is on the mend and may you get some reprieve from your cabin fever soon! Your impressive DVD collection should keep you entertained, at least.

    Well, I’ll leave you to your musings…or, should I say, articulate and eloquent postings! L8r

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      OH ya caught my craziness, lol, that’s what i get, lol. I go off on tangents, such is the way of the artists :-P. It’ll probably take me like two months to read a book, cuz… yeah, so I’ll have to see which one peaks my interest most. It definitely wasn’t Memories of a Geisha though, the title had a girl’s name in it, I can’t remember. I guess in the end it’s pretty much the same story, lol.

      Ya know that guy lives near me? LaStat or whatever, they had a live appearance at the mall and I could NOT get into Ruby Tuesday’s to save my life, and I wanted a damn burger like… stat… okay that was corny. Actually I think he was at the bank, which I don’t even understand how the two correlate, I guess money is money, and then he must have stopped for lunch on the way home and got MOBBED by a bunch of little girls screaming at the top of their lungs. Eh, it probably made his day, lol.

      My HTML is rusty, I can’t remember the last time I used it to do anything recently. I really should know it more, it’s just so hard to keep track of everything. Whatever, I gotta stick to my plan, I’m just putting everything on the back burner until my next book is finished. I’ve got 22 pages written so far, although it’ll probably be more like 30 pages once it’s sized to fit the actual book dimensions.

      I can’t find the damn picture of my fangs, they looked pretty real it was sweet, but this is a pic of the red eyes (I’ll check if the pic actually shows up and try to edit it and get it to post, if it doesn’t show I’ll send you a link or something.)

      Yes, my nose is that big, lol, but I’m inclined to believe it’s not crooked, that must be some weirdness with the photography of it. That was taken at this crazy lady’s house, talk about the worst mistake of your life, but a pretty damn good costume if i do say so myself. AAAhhhhh, insane dates, what would we do without em? Probably… live happily ever after in a low stress enviornment… hmmm… lol

      Still trying to figure out what I want to be for this Halloween. Anyways, enjoy 🙂

      • SuzyQ says:

        Wicked contacts, Kephra. (Now, I gotta get me some.) As for the jokes, no comment. *lol* Hmmm…big nose??? Hardly! We humans are too hard on our physical attributes. Yes, me included. *lol* What constitutes true beauty anyways? It’s more about attitude and self confidence. 🙂 As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Anyhow, as for crazy dates, it only makes life more interesting…and complex. Plus, you can always tell when the Sane ones actually happen. Again, your own idea/perception of what is actually sane. 🙂 (I know this well enough) Hope the book writing is getting along well. Oh, hope your foot is on the mend too. BTW, are you the author “Kill the crap in dating: for men”? If so, cool! Duty calls…cheers…

        • Kephra Rubin says:

          Hey! How ya been kiddo? What’s new and exciting over in your british-ish world? Give me some updates on you 🙂

          Yeah, the red’s cool, don’t get the UV reactive contacts unless you KNOW they’re fresh, I got totally screwed last Halloween they didn’t glow at all because they were expired.

          You love the cheesiness, lol, and you’re welcome for it *(smirk)* That’ll be $49.95, lol

          I like quirky, quirky is sexy in my eyes. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to dating, I like a lot of different personality types but it’s rare that i date a complete lunatic, ya know? I think the last one was like ten years ago. So it’s a bit of a sore spot, lol

          Yes, i wrote that book. I’m in this strange phase of my life now where everything about me is changing. It’s beautiful, I’m excited I’ve gotten so far with my goals. But right now I feel somewhat lost and not really satisfied with my dating life. I’m not comfortable preaching something I’m not practicing. The whole project is on the back burner until I’ve had some time to reflect and take care of myself first. I do get contacted quite often about it, and I enjoy seeing my friends get through tough spots when I offer some ideas, but as they say, affix your oxygen mask before helping the person in the seat next to you, lol. We’ll see how it goes.

          The writing is going very well, thank you for asking, I’m up to page 160 and I’m in love with the story. I’m balancing action, adventure, sci fi, horror, comedy and a small love story surprisingly well. It’s definitely a unique spin on zombies, but I think zombie fans will enjoy it because if they’re anything like me, they’ve seen EVERY zombie movie out there or close to it and it’s all the same story over and over. This takes it in a completely new direction and actually adds some scientific concepts and historical facts into the setting which gives it yet another interesting spin.

          While I was doing research for the book, I discovered things about the region the book is based in that hit very close to home. Horror stories recounted by the people that lived them and it tore me up inside. A sub plot of the book now focuses on the real life injustices the indigenous people suffered then and continue to suffer even today. I plan to donate some of every book sale to a foundation that helps them.

          Hmmmm… what constitutes true beauty to me? If someone is powerful and not afraid of their vulnerabilities, not afraid to call you on your shit, not afraid to laugh and have fun and be uninhibited and adventurous and drag people out when they’re down and allow themselves to be dragged when they’re down, actively seeking self understanding and realizing their true limits as opposed to their assumed ones. “Dynamic” I think that one word really sums it up, that’s what I think is beautiful.

          Although pretty eyes, a big ol’ perky booty, some thick thighs and a nice smile doesn’t hurt… just sayin’ (smirk)

          Your idea of sane… why do I have the sneaking suspicion it involves a clown costume and a bucket of dipping chocolate? lol. I love how you think crazy dates are interesting, lol. I guess DATES are interesting, that lunatic I wasted a few months on though… smh…ugh and yack. What’s the funniest crazy date you ever had?

          Talk to you soon, thanks for writing :-),

          PS: Check out the “The Adjustment Bureau” movie review in the movie review section, there’s a little rant about women I wonder what you’ll reaction will be, lol. It may be volatile, but likely fun too.

          • SuzyQ says:

            Man, am I the only person around here that’s just sick to death hearing about the upcoming royal wedding? Seriously, what’s with fixation, people? The title? The promise of abundance luxuries? I suppose. *shrug* Hmmm, personally, it’s way better to acquire modest wealth and obtain immense happiness, than extreme wealth and future misery. I say this only because the royals, like celebrities, don’t have a private life. Do people ever wonder where their wealth comes from??? That’s just me…

            Off topic (before I’m bombed by royal fans out there), currently contemplating certification for Canadian Labour Law or to go with NGO opportunities…is getting that Kindle reader a need or want…decisions, decisions…

            Lo! Real twisted mind you have there, Kephra *lol*…clowns (gives me the hibbie jibbies *shudder*)…dripping chocolates *tsk tsk* I have you know, I was schooled at a religious boarding school…mind you, it’s co-ed. I am too much of a goody-two shoes so school suited me fine. Much of the time devoted to studying…hence, my nerdiness. 😛 Currently, intrigued with your book idea. Glad to hear it’s going in the direction you’re happy with. To be honest, I’ve read only 2 books with zombie theme in them. Could only remember one which was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Kind of a different take on Jane Austen’s P&P. Hilarious!

            As for crazy dates…not many, I assure you. *lol* Sorry to give that impression. Stories? One date – I went cross country skiing…he assured me it was only 5km…but it turned out to be 14km…and I’ve never cross country skied in my life. Dated briefly with a guy who looks up to me…literally. Here’s a guy who takes the “Ladies first” rule to the max . But I think the clincher was when he sweated anxiously, I might add, throughout the whole movie (which he chose for us to watch, his first time ever making a choice). Apparently, he thought the movie rather “unsuitable” for me to watch. (Sad part is I did enjoy it). I have to say self-confidence is key. Plus, being completely comfortable with who you are and sharing it with someone else.

            We, women, may have to compete with each other on our physical beauty. (I do understand the attraction factor – even the most beautiful of women are insecure.) But I do emphatize the male sex as they are the ones who have to bear the most of rejection, I think.

            Happy to say, am currently settled with someone from work who can put up with my quirkiness and nerdiness. 😛

            You know, that’s the second time you remark on the “cheesiness” of your liking/being (i.e. vampire get-up, ramblings, etc). You already know what true beauty means to you. It will point you into the right direction..or the right gal, in this case. Stay your true self and all will be well, Artist friend. 🙂

            p.s. thanks for the tip! will need to find time to watch that movie…

            Ciao…keep on writing! 🙂

          • Kephra Rubin says:

            Hrrmmmm… lol, I can’t say that I’ve even noticed there was a royal wedding going on, perhaps you need cooler friends… just sayin’ lol.

            I tried the kindle, honestly I don’t like e-readers, even with the paper looking screen. That seems to be the way things are going however, it’ll be good for the trees at least… still, there’s something about holding a book in your hands and turning the pages that makes it more enjoyable to me. My friend has one and he says he reads more now than ever before so I guess that’s the other side of the coin.

            Goody two shoes, that’s okay, I think I need more “nice” energies in my life. It’s good encouragement.

            Women are always in such a rush to get into bed it’s like living in a constant avalanche, never getting a second to breathe. I understand the idea of “live like you were dying” but there’s a point where some things just deserve to be savored. Not that it matters “when” you have sex, but all this changing that’s been going on in my mind has me looking back on my life and realizing that a lot of what I did was just to make her happy and not myself.

            I just met someone new who I think may enjoy the idea of taking her time. I’m holding some reservations on that one, it’s not the first time a woman stressed the fact that she wanted to wait, only to have sex the first night. We’ll see. I’m not going to worry too much about hard numbers, I just want to feel like it happened because we sort of melted into each other, not because I saw in her facial expressions and body language that she was ready so I took it to the next step. That’s really what it comes down to, I want it to feel primal, natural, not so cognizant and calculated. I am an analytical guy, but the nights of passion that stand out most in my mind were the ones I never saw coming where my body kind of took over and i couldn’t help but fall into her. We’ll see what happens, I just gotta follow my heart instead of my head and if it goes nowhere i have to be able to let go instead of having sex to keep them interested. Man talk about being a manwhore huh? lol, the things you learn with honest self reflection. I probably shouldn’t be writing this crap down huh? lol, Eh, I’m sure all twelve of my intelligent readers will understand and not judge me too harshly lol 🙂

            It’s nice that you mentioned men take the brunt of rejection, it ain’t easy being a man or a woman. Guys have more stress, i think that’s why they die earlier, lol, but women have their cycle and child bearing to deal with too. Although dead beat moms seam to be on a steady rise in our culture which contradicts the whole motherly instinct concept, so we’re kind of leveling the playing field in that regard… sadly.

            Honestly I do the whole “dork, nerd” thing because all my life people have always talked about how intimidated they were of me and it made it really hard to socialize growing up. I also wasn’t really “witty” back in the day, I was very serious, although I was in some pretty serious situations growing up so it’s understandable. Now things are much better so I’m definitely shedding that need to self deprecate and instead I see myself joking around more to make people comfortable.

            I have to ask, what movie was so unsuitable that this poor guy picked out he started sweating? lol

            It’s tough being a guy, people think manliness is a natural trait, but it’s learned, I never had anyone to guide me through anything, I had to sit there and analyze the world and try to understand through excruciating trial and error how things worked. That’s actually how the book came about that we were talking about before. I guess in that regard I DO kind of practice what I preach, the book is about “Killing The Crap” in your life, I’m simply at a new plain of thought now, one where I’m stripping away the waste or “killing the crap” in how I view my dating life. In the beginning it was more about pleasing others and avoiding my own pleasure. Perhaps that was a sign of a lack of self understanding, now I’m strong enough to be in a situation where I too can be pleased… damn… here I am beating myself up and I’ve been doing the right thing this whole time, lol. I hear what you’re saying, it really comes down to a man knowing what he knows and not wavering from that. It’s not cockiness, it’s just knowing. I’m gonna have to absorb that one.

            Although I can say that while on the small scale there have been instances where I backed down from life’s challenges, on the large scale of things it’s the fact that I never REALLY backed down at all that separates me from most guys who had/have a tough time with people. Maybe I will start doing my book again, your indecisive friend could benefit from it. Nobody deserves to be afraid, they just don’t know how to find their way out of it because they’ve been abandoned in that regard. I just don’t think I’ll get so invested in it.

            OOoooooohhhhh shame shame, a COWORKER? lol, well you sound happy like he’s got what you’re looking for which is good… does he know about your dipping chocolate obsession? lol Hey don’t give me that look, full disclosure, it’s the only way a relationship is going to work, lol.

            My book’s coming along well, I’m around two hundred pages into it now, maybe more once it’s “cut to size” so to speak. I’m guessing it’s going to be 330-430 pages long depending. I don’t want to rush the story but I also don’t want to beat a dead horse either. Once I copyright it maybe I’ll send you a copy, double spaced so you can insert your own notes and send it back so I can make it better before publishing it? What do you think?

            Hey what do you think? I have a poetry book I’ve been planning on putting out, but I wanted to have pictures with every poem, it’s taking forever an a day to make the pictures though, what’s your opinion; more poems and no pictures, or just make the artwork and release it then?


  7. SuzyQ says:


    Apologies for the lateness…and I give you fair warning that my response seems disorganized (and rambling) this time around…enjoy…

    Life is the pits, isn’t it? Just when you thought you’d figure out things, it throws you out of the loop. Like the old saying goes, the day you stop evolving is the day you die. I think that’s just life, that you are willing and open to make the necessary changes.

    Funny, how our minds think alike…Your comment about holding a book in your hands and turning the pages. This is precisely the reason I’ve been putting off getting a Kindle, or any e-reader. I’m only considering it because I love books too much and have no space for it. *lol*

    Oh oh, too late, dear readers, Kephra has announced his male prowess for all to see. Wow, here I thought that it’s men who complain that women just won’t “put out”. *lol* You, Manwhore?! *lol* Never in my life would I ever thought a man who would (honestly) address themselves as that. And with that, welcome to my sheltered, naive world. ;P Well, to put it delicately, you’re one end of the spectrum and me on the other end. So, that chocolate obsession may be on the back burner for a while. Though, I am a bonafide chocoholic…tell me, what women aren’t?!

    The movie? Oh well, I suppose *lol* If you must know, it was “Very Bad things” starring Cameron Diaz. We would have hit it off nicely if he’d just enjoy the moment, rather than being in this constant state of not wanting to disappoint me. And even then, it takes A LOT to disappoint me. ;P I can only speak for myself that my version of dating experience was to be with someone who can be themselves, own up to their likes and dislikes and letting me in. After all, I’m not trying to date someone exactly like myself…too boring *lol* Inspite of being similar, we are still different people. Do you get what I’m saying? ?

    BTW, Ohhhh all you want, Kephra. Honestly, how else can a gal meet a guy if work pretty much takes a chuck out of your personal life. What can I say, I am a closet hermit on weekends at times. *lol*

    Sounds like you like your new gal. 🙂 She better treat you right. Ahhh, I get the feeling that you’re addicted to passion side in your relationships. (Not surprising though, given your artistic nature.) But on a serious note, any long term commitment will have a constant state of un-“passion”-ness. In reality, your body can’t sustain being high with “in-love” chemicals. I’m not saying I am not immune to the highs of being a new relationship but I know if it has to go in a long run, it will hit a rut then what? No giving up…

    Another thing…Striking a balance on doing what pleases you and the other without losing oneself will always be a challenge (Trust me, I’ve been there…done that too). What does “sacrifice” truly mean anyway in a relationship? Everyone’s definition is different. It’s quite unrealistic to have the whole 50/50 relationship. 80/20…40/60…At best, we can at one point…agree to disagree, compromise, bargain and bargain some more – without resentment – that’s the best, realistic relationship.

    You brought up a good point about manliness – it, being learned rather than a natural trait. I do feel that pressures placed upon men are much more substantial than a woman. Pressure to have a good job, pressure to make the first move in asking someone you like on a date (plus, having to accept it “manly” if rejected), pressure to *ahem* perform well, pressure to look masculine among men, the list goes on. Yup, it’s not easy being a guy. (You, feminists, can protest all you want but I know what I know).

    We women tend to forget that men are human too. Vulnerable as we are but only not allowed to show it. I think if we could only relate with each other in a human, rather than gender, level, life would be a much more pleasant journey….with each other. 🙂

    I suppose, to men, we may seem like fickle creatures…but I can say this (at least, for majority of women), when we do love, we love longest. (I don’t profess to be an expert on male-female relationships as I have only experienced a few.) However, being a casual observer throughout high school and after my GFs. In the end, it comes down to both wanting the same thing but going about it differently. We all want to feel needed, cherished and accepted as just as you are. Isn’t true for anybody that you are most happiest when you are true to yourself? Good or bad…is a standard judged and set upon us by others, actually. I’m quite sure if one can reflect oneself honestly (and confidently), you are sure to pick the right one…or one that is right for you will gravitate towards you.

    Alas, I will always be a dork. Only this time, I’ll be an enlightened happy, fun-loving dork.

    Hmmm…I am flattered that you’d consider me to read and comment on your book before it’s published. Is it wise? After all, I’m still a stranger…an attached one, at that. Plus, look at how unreliable I am in responding promptly. *yikes*

    Cool! more poems by Kephra. As to your Q, definitely, go with artwork and more poems. Your posted poems convey emotions quite hard to put into pictures. The one with chicks…man, that packs a punch. Love it or hate it…it sure got noticed. What could be more rewarding that? Again, one opinion of many, I’m sure. 🙂

    Well, I’ve burrowed out of my hidey hole long enough…time to get back…


    • Kephra Rubin says:

      LoL, I don’t know what you being attached has to do with reading a book about zombies… apparently you have a WHOLE different appreciation for zombies than I do… and that creeps me out a little… not gonna lie… got a bit of cringe going right about now (lol), but you make a valid point about being irresponsible, lol 😛 so you win.

      Things didn’t work out with that chick, which is so weird because we had a few really in depth conversations about how I’m tired of women always rushing into sex, she was all like “I know what you mean, savoring things makes the sensation all the better.” Yadda yadda… I’m not saying it was relationship potential, a slower form of dating definitely, so, I went all out and made this whole wild experience for us, I was so organized about it too, very proud of myself. Then I found out she was married and just really want to jump on it that very same night… after all that talking, duh. I don’t know… honestly the sheer number of married women that actively seek out extra penis kind of just makes my roll my eyes at relationships in general. Not to mention it’s always the ones that are the most “fire and brimstone” about it that end up being the worst. People’s behavior has pretty much convinced me we’re polyamorous as humans and society forces us into denial about it yet we can’t help but continue to act on our impulses. The world’s also changing i suppose, people don’t really need each other anymore, it’d be nice to have like a best friend-good girl I could do bad things with, but i don’t know, perhaps the illusion is all people want as opposed to need. I’m honestly considering just turning the penis off and seeing what life is like. I have all this genius to share and it’s like nobody really cares, there’s always that “okay you can fuck me now” moment, like all the talking we’ve been doing was just something we were doing to pass the time or something. Things don’t mean to other people what they mean to me.

      I feel like I’m dating outside of my species sometimes, like I’m just surrounded by monkeys or something, lol.

      Anyway, I’m not worried about it, I’m gonna turn the penis off and chill with tons of people and eventually I’m either going to die of old age or be floored by someone amazing. We’ll see what happens, sounds fun.

      Alright, I hear what you’re saying about the art, not to mention it’s taking forever and seven days to finish the artwork. I’ll get on the text of it and put it out. DONE, lol, ahhhh it’s good to come to a conclusion about something.

      I don’t know, honestly I think men and women are extremely similar, everyone talks about how different we are, but really, you take anything a man is thinking and put it in the mindset of someone who has limited risk taking capability and BAM, you’ve got a woman’s thoughts. Men can make all the sperm they want, women have a limited number of eggs, so it’s in their nature to think about things from seven different angles because one mistake could cost them nine months of their life and then some. Some guys live lives that put them in a dangerous place at a very young age, so they become overly cautious as they grow into men and start acting like a woman which… even when women go for women, ones “the guy” and the other’s “the girl” so there’s no place for a girly guy in this world. lol. I was in a relationship for five years, living together for most of that, yeah, it ended, but it was never really hard at all to know what she wanted, you just needed to stop for two seconds to listen. In the end our desires for our lives took us in different directions, it is what it is.

      Seriously, long live the dorks huh? lol, we are so much more badass than everybody else. Non dorks can suck it.

      As far as the fairness of things, i have to be honest I’m kind of a dick when it comes to stuff like that, I am one demanding little bastard, lol. If I don’t get what I want, how I want it, when I want it, it’s like the biggest deal on the planet. I do try to make sure what i want takes everyone into account though, so maybe that’s why it’s not such an issue like you’d think. Still, again, based on people’s behavior, I really think a man just needs to know what is and go with it, it sounds messed up, but ya let women wait around for their brains to make a decision and you’ll never get anywhere, everyone has their talents and I’m sure there’s exceptions to the rule, but I’ve met and spent at least several hours with like a hundred thousand people or more just living my life day to day and it’s an observation based on what I see, not an idealism. Men are like the spearhead of an operation while women are that power behind the spear so to speak. Anyway, we’ll stop there, the last thing i need is some Harry Potter comments to spiral off into a battle of the sexes, lol.

      So anyway, I got into Rock Climbing, did I tell ya? It’s pretty cool, my foot’s holding up to the abuse too. It’s all indoor at this point, apparently a friend is moving back in the area and will act as a guide for the real deal, but for now indoor has me pretty occupied, great workout on top of being tons of fun. What do you do when you’re not hiding under a rock like in the geico commercial?

      Ya gotta check out the “two week anniversary… are you kidding me???” post I did, lol.

      Enjoy your office space love fest… till next time *teasing*


      • SuzyQ says:

        Way cool, Kephra! Guess you’re not altophobic, huh? Glad to hear your foot has finally mended. 🙂

        Oh Kephra, you got to get yourself into better places to meet chicks. Nice ones…ones who are not only after you-know-what…after a first date! *lol* Man, you must ooze one badass aura or something. You attract troubled chicks like magnets. (No offense, I hope.) Sane, good gals are out there, you just have to look. Who knows maybe abstinence helps too. *lol* (I’m basing this on my conservative upbringing and yes, so is my guy too…believe or not. I know, I know, you must be thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me?!” at this day and age) Soooo, if you’re not focusing on “getting it on”, it’s more connection of the mind and self. You’d surprise yourself at how much fun you can still have, even without “it”…though, most would find my words doubtful, I’m sure. *lol* Hey, I speak what I know.

        I got to admit…there is some truth to what you’re saying based on how things are today. You know, about humans being polygamous. I can only guess the many reasons someone would seek comfort of another outside of marriage: wanting to recapture the “good-ole-single” days, loss of their own selves (again, the argument of giving oneself too much), wanting emotional connection, list goes on…in the end, it does come down to YOU making the decision to “fix” it…if you’re bored, do something worth while/different (with you partner or to others), if it’s loving, actually you always have to make the first move. But you see that’s the hard part…and yet easy, because you can only control what you can do and not what others will do for you. Crazy logic but a challenge nonetheless.

        However, (back to your point) it is still quite possible to be monogamous…it takes lots more effort and self-control, is all. Thinking in lines of family structure, how else can marriages work if people choose to be polygamous while in it??? Think of the chaos, mental/emotional anguish, competition…

        Thank God for the fair warning…I told you so! *mortified look on face right now* What I meant was committed relationship. Don’t get me wrong…really, I’d be interested to read your work…if I was single. What can I say, I am a sucker for books! I do have certain boundaries when it comes to relationships. (Like my guy with his gal pals, I do with mine.) So, yes, giving something like this is quite personal – even if it’s just business, and would be considered as “violation of the boundaries”. If you were to give it to me now, it will be bound to be in open and (though, I may think nothing of it) I know guys well enough to know when other guys (other than themselves) encroach in their territory, it gets sticky. You’re guy so you know what I’m talking about, right?

        You`re wondering why on earth would I continue to write in your posts, yeah? One, it’s a free country and Two, don’t get me wrong, I love my guy just as he is like most guys I encounter daily…very analytical, logical and not-as-expressive. Even so, I still love him because he’s loyal, insanely funny and the only person I know who actually “gets” me. Plus, he’s got that preppy–look I like on guys except he makes it look manly. *lol* Like ying & yang, my guy and I pretty much compliment each other. But I`ve always been kind of “what’s up with the world & people & God” kind of gal…so your poems and posts speak to a part of myself, I guess. I like what you have to say, how you write and express them on your blog. (I’m sure you get that a lot from your other readers too) Like authors I enjoy during my spare time, you write things in your own style that I can only dream about. Trust me, give me docs/reports/databases any day, I`m your gal. Ask me to do poetry or string together a coherent thought/argument in paragraphs, torture! Torture for me…and oh, for those poor other people who can stomach to read them. *lol* (Btw, my sis got the creative, expressive genes in the family.) That’s Ok…I know what I am capable of, why worry about what I can’t be?

        When this littl’ geiko is not out playing/reading, she’s aiming towards Arbitration in the near future…now, experience with HR/admin (recruiting) and database design (managerial)…and doc writing (lots). If anything, I love working for and with people. The more diverse, the more interesting. And…don’t barf now…I do enjoy volunteering for non-profit orgs. *lol*

        On last comment, You sounded flippant but given the impression you have so far of yourself, I get the feeling that your 5-year relationship meant a lot to you. True? And behind your posturing and sarcasm, I sense a certain buried pain. Loads of BS? I don’t know…who am I anyhow to say what is and isn’t, right?

        Don’t let other people’s low opinion of you get to you (unless it’s jeopordizing to your self). You know yourself better than anyone. You alone have some power and control to things. But also remember to surrender to ones beyond your control too…

        Man, I should really get off this “Harry Potter” section just based on what’s been written so far.


        • Kephra Rubin says:

          Look at you with a speedy reply, my oh my, how privileged am i? lol

          Man, you are just obsessed with that book! lol. This is the THIRD TIME I’m clarifying that I was talking about my ZOMBIE BOOK… see this is why I stopped with the dating book, people just lock onto it and they don’t let go. It was totally consuming my life. Maybe when I re-release it I’ll just use a pen name so people hit a dead end with that, lol. Don’t worry, I’m not going to send you my copyrighten ZOMBIE ZOMBIE ZOMBIE book which is a book about zombies, fiction… with zombies in it… yes there is a RIDICULOUSLY awesome sex scene in it, but there’s no dating in it… because there’s ZOMBIES… it’s a ZOMBIE book… to proof read, so relax and sleep easy. Sheesh, lol, well we know what Suzy Q likes, lol, and it ain’t zombies lol. 😉

          As far as the marriage/polyarmory thing, what’s the saying “It takes a village to raise a child?” Yeah, that ones like a few thousand years old, lol.

          1: I have absolutely no idea what Flippant means… it sounds dangerous, so… I should probably stretch first before we attempt that. And Z: Honestly I’m happier now, but I think one of my greatest strengths is also my weakness; seeing people’s potential, knowing to a Tee what they have the potential to become, the weakness? I somehow tend to miss who they CHOOSE to be. Although that was probably the biggest thing I learned from that experience and I’m glad to have the experience because I tend to take people’s decisions into account now instead of just looking into them. She was great in a lot of ways, but she lacked drive and passion to the point that when she found something she liked she would only get 75% of the way with it and then quit. I simply couldn’t have that in my life, did my heart want to stay? Back then it did, but my brain forced my heart to end it and now every part of me is glad it ended because I’ve met people that are much more driven and positive and while I’ve yet to find someone that amazes me or inspires adoration, things are simply much better now than they’ve ever been in my entire life, in every aspect of my life. That doesn’t mean things are great, lol, but they’re the best they’ve ever been.

          Some jackass once told me that “When you hit 25, that’s it, you’re the person you’re going to be for the rest of your life.” HA HA, what a crock of nonsense that needs more salt. I almost feel like my life STARTED at 25, lol. I think that’s why I’m so frustrated at this point, I just don’t get what’s so hard to understand about me. I was talking to a friend who I’m “active” with and she said “Honestly, most of what you say confuses me which is why sex is the focus because it’s the one thing you do that makes perfect sense to me.” And I think that’s what really hurts if you want to talk about inner pain or whatever.

          Although, again, life’s better than it’s ever been so I can’t complain too much, I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with always wanting better for yourself, demanding it even. When I was a kid I really didn’t have any friends that “get me” but now I have four, I’ve said it a bunch of times in the past; that thing the old guy told me? If you get five true friends in your life, you’ve lived a good one. This fourth one is new to the crew, but she seems really genuine, we’ll see. Right now at this very moment, until something tells me otherwise, I have four, which means by the end of my life I’ll probably have like ten or something, lol. Which I’m actually quite proud, amazed, grateful for. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve it, but hopefully I’ve earned it.

          Definitely in a bad environment/location/circle, my friend just got done saying that to me the other night and he brought up like some kind of volunteer work. I mean I’ll meet people at the post office, clubs, the grocery store, walking down the street, bars, the internet, but it’s still the same area at the end of the day. So who knows, I have a charity that I’m going to donate my ZOMBIE!!!! book sale profits to, but they don’t have any local chapters. It’s gotta be something I actually care about, otherwise it’s pointless to even get involved with.

          Maybe I’ll meet somebody cool rock climbing, a lot of the people are kind of out of their minds, so IDK, that might not work either, lol, it’s fun though. My foots good, the outer edge, like putting the weight on the blade or “pinky toe” area of my foot still hurts, but everywhere else is fine. I just went on some real rock for the first time yesterday, totally different experience, we didn’t climb high or anything, maybe three or four feet off the ground. A friend has someone coming into town in April and she knows everything about climbing so we’ll do the real deal then.

          I’m glad that you’re getting your “fix” from my blog, that’s really the point, people who value in depth thought aren’t getting their fix from their every day lives, here’s where they find it. And it’s damn satisfying if I do say so myself.

          If you feel like you want to change gears, check out “Two Week Anniversary… Are You Kidding Me???” and join the conversation there, or comment on another movie or something. There’s tons to talk about.

          Be the DO-ER! Not the DO-EE, lol, you want something seize it, seize it with all your might woman, there’s genius to savor here, peruse damnit… peruse!!! lol

          Thanks for the reply, you rock 😉

          • Kephra Rubin says:

            Oh, PS: I used to be deathly afraid of heights, I couldn’t even go up a ladder, finally decided to conquer it and got a job doing chimney’s, fell off a roof, broke my foot… so yeah I guess there’s some good to that kind of fear, lol. The rock climbing thing isn’t so much about conquering fears as it is clearing my mind and getting a workout at the same time. Although being on real rock is a hell of lot scarier than the walls at the gym.

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