Wikileaks doesn’t cause the leaks

Wikileaks doesn’t cause the leaks is our savior.

Recently released sensitive classified documents on their website for the world to see. Hilariously, the media mistakenly seems to believe that caused the leak.

How dumb and computer illiterate are we still to this day?

Do people really believe that has some kinda James Bond double oh seven guys with grappling hook belt buckles storming the pentagon and sneaking out sensitive documents? Is it so hard to see the leak for what it is? It’s a tragedy that apparently only had the proper sense, duty and patriotism to make this leak a matter of public record. Had not posted their findings, the leak would have gone unnoticed. A leak unnoticed, allows enemies to use the information for their own ambitions.

This type of leak doesn’t just happen like with a faucet in your kitchen. How many years has the government been getting hacked? This kind of information leak hasn’t happened from hacking, however, hackers have exposed leaks in almost every branch of the government. And truly sensitive leaks have stayed pretty much relegated to actual people physically walking the information out.

Now, if you were a spy, and there was a leak with your personal information that could have been sold to the highest bidder… would you want to know about it?

If you were some form of bad person or bi-polar Korean guy with a thyroid issue, would you buy intelligence that was available on More importantly, would you even dare to use the information after it had been exposed for everyone to see? So, by exposing the leak, not only did screw the person(s) bringing the information out, it also managed to slow and/or stop any attempts from our adversaries looking for an angle on us where this information was concerned.

Obviously, no leak at all would have been ideal, but the leak occurred, and it would have occurred even if didn’t exist. But it does exist, because it exists, actions are most likely being taken now to prevent the leaked information from being useful. Without the chances are our government would only know the information was leaked, not when it was used, but when it was used enough to form a pattern that could be traced back to someone. Who knows how much damage would have resulted until that pattern emerged.

So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you for doing a better job at protecting us for free, than the government has done wasting millions of our tax dollars.


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