Tron: Legacy

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

I’ll say this; Tron: Legacy is a better sequel to Tron than Iron Man 2 was to Iron Man. What do I mean by that? Well, both sequels weren’t very good, but they were both very successful. Tron: Legacy, however, maintained a relatively solid and touching character driven storyline that didn’t lose sight of what the subtle messages were that made the original such a success. It’s far from the best movie of all time, however, Tron: Legacy could be considered one of the best sequels of all time. Especially with such a huge gap between the two.

What you may not like:

-It’s not about Tron, it’s mostly about The Grid (this only applies if you’ve actually seen the original)
-Tron emulates Darth Vader too much, you’ll know what I mean when you see the movie
-Inconsistent character abilities; one second they can do anything, the next second they can’t do anything to stop what’s about to happen, it just didn’t make sense
-Very basic special effects (this only applies if you haven’t seen the original, if you have, then the effects are SO awesome) honestly the toys of the movie have more impressive special effects than the film
-Creepy digital makeup on Jeff Bridges, if you see “True Grit” you know Jeff’s getting old, that’s fine, but the choice to use digital makeup (kind of like how they made Anthony Hopkins look younger when he took up the role of Hannibal again) was a mixed blessing, it let them shoot footage of a young Jeff Bridges (Bridges was in the original, so it’s was cool to see him in the sequel) but it really just freaked me out to be honest
-Lots of “canned” twists and turns, there’s nothing that really floors you, it’s all pretty formula

What you’ll love:

-Digital DNA, eh, you’ll understand when you see it
-Much more depth of story over the original, less goofy, and a good storyline even at today’s standards
-Better characters over the original, better characterization
-A hot chick, can’t ever go wrong with that
-If you can get past just how caveman/grandpa/computer-illiterate the idea of little people running around inside your computer as programs is, it really is a wondrous world that makes you want more
-Cool fight scenes, updated games and better choreography in the fight scenes, more acrobatic and entertaining
-An excellent villain (no surprise, also jeff bridges, lol, he’s a great actor)

Overall, if you have the time and want to escape to something you’ve never seen before, or if you’ve seen the original and want to see the movie the creators probably wished they could have made when they conceived TRON, then you really need to check this flick out. Everyone else, it’s not so great waiting for it on DVD is gonna kill ya. I don’t think I’m going to buy it, I don’t own Tron either. However, fans of Tron will definitely feel justified in paying 20 bucks, maybe even 25 because it’s so bad ass in comparison to the original, you can’t NOT own it.

Let me know what you thought,



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  1. says:

    I both agree and disagree. Firstly, the thing I most respect about this movie aside from visual effects and storyline was the fact that they chose to leave the 3D element out of the opening scenes that needed no 3D! I don’t need to see a conversation between a father and son IN MY FACE!!!!!AHHHHH!!!!!!!! So kudos to the evil Disney corp. for that.
    After a slew of crappy 3D movies that didn’t use it to its potential this past year, I feel like Tron did, and it was absolutely gorgeous! The utilization of the sleek modern elements of the virtual world, light and reflection along side the 3D was a feast for the eyes. That said, I’ll also comment on the movie itself as a.. well.. movie 🙂
    Not a nail biter, nor an emotional roller coaster, nor a plot twister ….. not even close. Cut and dry, you knew the characters, you knew the plot, the only question **mild spoiler alert** would they both get out or not?? and in the end, who cares. I didn’t give a shit about sam, I didn’t give half a shit about the father, and I….well I was definitely pulling for the chick, MMmm.
    I am very glad that I saw this one in theaters, in 3D. I wouldn’t bother getting this at home. Don’t bother downloading the daft punk soundtrack either. It worked for the movie, but I feel like i’m in a star wars themed dentists waiting room when I play the shit at home…

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Ha ha, definitely good points all around, especially in the digital makeup scenes, you don’t want to see that creepy face jumping out at ya. I guess in truth the first Tron wasn’t ever really a great movie to begin, so this one definitely upstages the original in more than just the graphics category. It lacked any real surprises, but at least it cut out all the goofiness and managed to pull off this concept with as little camp as possible. Also, a little more personality would have been nicer. I remember in the first Tron the fem prog is walking around like a robot until she sees Tron and then she lights up and becomes more human. It was almost a metaphor for how much we get sucked into the rat race we need that special someone to snap us back into humanity (Okay, that could just be the way I see it because I put depth into everything, lol… kinda makes sense though) where as in this one all the characters were just kind of “there”. Although the scene where she’s like “Made it” was funny, but if that stuck out, that’s how lame the rest of it was. I’m curious to see what you thought of Black Swan, even if you just “tactically acquire” a gander of it, I held off on seeing this movie but i ended up really enjoying it.

  2. says:

    I do want to see Black Swan. Actually read a couple non spoiler reviews and they all said it was quite the mind fuck, and there was a particular scene with Portman and Kunis that could not be missed. Seeing all the big ones here in Korea as long as they’re out. If not, gettin em bootleg. Going to Vietnam for spring break and they have em all over!

  3. Kephra Rubin says:

    LMAO, damn you’re travelling all over man that’s awesome. Don’t get kidnapped, that’s all I can say about it, lol. Black Swan was good on a lot of levels and I’m really a big fan of Aronofsky, he’s very surreal with everything he does, but I have that kind of abstract mind that’s hard to follow, so I feel right at home, lol. Overall though, it keeps it simple and talks mainly about how it’s healthy to pursue perfection as long as it doesn’t border on obsession and I think that’s pretty relevant. As far as the sex scene, gotta be one of the best scenes ever, they just looked so committed, like it wasn’t just for the camera, which is extremely rare.

    Where else ya plan on traveling to?

  4. Nikki says:

    I really like this site.. i havent read it all yet, but so far i think its pretty wonderful, and i thank you for sharing your insights,opinion, and this site with me:):)

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Hey, thank you so much. Yeah check out my poetry and philosophy articles as well. If you’re big into movies, The Adjustment Bureau was a pretty good review. Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Donald Dendy says:

    Great details indeed. I’m the following to see some good comments!

  6. Steven Fitzbergue says:

    Being what my daughter calls an “old timer” I remember seeing the original Tron in theaters so it is a distinct liklieness that I could be considered jaded. Its true the special effects are better but who really cares? If they weren’t the movie would not be worth making. The story has interesting concepts behind it and does show the “white hat” mentality, but what made Tron wonderful was that it was nothing like star wars. They rushed the Tron storyline and they didn’t explain how no one before could ever do “the force” style things in the past. I was dissapointed. I agree with the darth vadar parallell and feel even Kevin’s outfit was very “jedi”. There were also parallells between it and The Matrix with Castor/Zues being a clone of the Merovingian. Don’t get me started on story butchering like the matrix sequels. Thanks for the review and listening to me vomit my thoughts.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Yeah, that’s a good point about the Merovingian from the Matrix. And agreed, I own the first one, but not the two sequels. Especially not revolutions where they cop out and completely negate the entire concept of The Matrix which was that all the things that don’t make sense in the world are just glitches in the matrix, turned around and said well, actually that’s not true, everything is possible and so is JEDI MIND TRICKS! Are you kidding me with this crap? Just let star wars be star wars damnit. The Matrix was actually a small release that bombed because it recieved little to no backing because of the columbine shootings and managed to overcome the odds and turn into a cult phenomenon. Then they go against everything that made people love the movie, see THAT’S selling out, a lot of people throw the sellout line around like it’s candy, but THAT’S definitely selling out and making the script nice for bible thumpers and other fearful cultures.

      I didn’t see tron when it came out, but I remember watching it on VHS, lol, damn I can’t remember the last time I watched a VHS. That’s one nice thing about the Blu Ray players is you can still watch your DVDs, because I have a small fortune of them. Switching from VHS to DVD was such a killer because we were poor to begin with and I remember being stubborn, having a VHS player and four hundred pounds of tapes even as my DVD collection was growing. Anyway, tangent, point being Tron was definitely the star wars alternative.

      Not too many people I spoke with gave a crap about the white hat philosophies that this movie brought out to the mainstream which I was surprised by. Ya know, in such a technological world, you’d think people would know more about computers. The truth is few people really know anything about coding etc. they just know how to use programs. Perhaps the only way to make something universal is to make it so simple people have no need to fully understand it.

      But, at least you noticed it, lol. That’s two people. Although, I have to admit I’m part of the laymen crowd. I know some stuff, honestly I don’t know a fraction of a percent of what I’d like to know, just can’t seem to find the time. I read 2600 though, lol. Maybe that counts for a free T-Shirt in some circles, who knows, lol.

      Thanks for posting, the vomiting thing was a little weird, but yeah, that’s the point of my site, people who actually have something to say, getting a chance to say it while at the same time being understood for once.

      Thanks for the post, great points.

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