POETRY: What Will Be Left?

What will be left?

They say that you gotta let go
I know
But what will be left when you give up control?
I Don’t know

You can take it all away, let the pain and the venom drain
But what will be left when there’s nothing left to take?
What can you give up, to make other pieces better?
Would you cut off the bad parts, or keep them, forever?

Scratch and claw and suffer, though those parts make it hard.
How much of you could you be strong enough to cut off?

Should I take my leg?
So I can’t run away from my emotion
Perhaps my arm?
So I can’t fight the ones who try to love me
Cut out my heart?
So that I might forget that it has scars
Cut off my head?
So I won’t second guess myself again

Can you assist my suicide as I kill my fake life?

What will be left?
Cock the gun
Will it be enough?
Aim for the fake one
Squeeze the trigger
This time I won’t run
Hammer to ignition to explosion,
I won’t fight
Projectile propulsion
But not yet, I haven’t pulled that trigger yet
Because if I kill all the bad…

What will be left?

By Kephra Rubin

Copyright 2011 Kephra Rubin, all rights reserved


I post as often as I can, but due to a slight case of dyslexia sometimes it is difficult to post quickly. I have to rewrite my work many times for it to be clear and concise. Subscribe and you’ll always know when I have something new up. Thanks in advance.

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About Kephra Rubin

I am slightly dyslexic and have a difficulty with writing. It's because of this that I try to write as much as I can. Lately my writing has improved quite a bit and it's thanks to everyone who reads and posts on my blog. Sometimes it is difficult for me to post as regularly as others do since everything requires a lot of rewrites. Subscribe to my blog so you always know when I've got something new up. Thanks in advance.
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