Buried (2010)

A movie you may have missed that’s worth checking out

Rating: Didn’t Suck

Why am I making a big deal out of a movie that only gets a “Didn’t Suck” rating? Well, my movie reviews are based on what likeliness you’d want to spend money to see a movie. In truth, this is a movie that people who LOVE movies will love, while people who are more casually into movies will probably just think was okay, possibly even think it kinda sucked.

I’m bringing the movie to your attention because if you’re into movies as much as I am, you HAVE to see “Buried (2010)”. I was so blown away by it. It’s a movie starring Ryan Reynolds (The Nines, Blade Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Definitely Maybe) and a coffin… and that’s it.

Wait! Before you stop right there and move on, lol, give it a chance. Seriously, it’s shocking just how riveting this movie was. It does a great job at isolating you, making you feel claustrophobic and using very basic methods to completely connect with your basic instincts and could potentially elicit physical responses as you’re watching. Honestly, it’s done so well, Reynolds does so well, that if you suffer from severe anxiety, I wouldn’t even recommend you watch it because you probably will have a panic attack watching this movie, it’s that good at eliciting emotion.

I have to applaud Ryan Reynolds, an actor that seems to completely miss the reality of his own astounding ability as an actor. He’s in a lot of silly, not so great movies, but he’s always great. While “ Amityville Horror” wasn’t a very good movie, HE was amazing in it. Then you swing over to a movie like “definitely, maybe” and he’s literally a completely different person. There’s plenty of Robert Deniro fans, and I love a lot of his movies, but he’s the same guy every movie, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, hey, I love em and most of their movies I love and have given great reviews and even complimented them on their acting, but Ryan Reynolds is in a different league with his talent. He’s up there with Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio (before you get all pissed off, Dicaprio has played very diverse rolls, I know, he’s a tool, whatever, he’s a good actor, even I have to accept that, lol) as well as others.

This movie is no exception, it’s proof at his ability as an actor because he’s THAT interesting to watch, that relatable and believable that him in front of a camera is enough. Do you really think you could sit throught an hour and forty minutes of the “you lookin’ at me?” face? No, not at all. Few could pull this movie off. I wouldn’t even be shocked if they Ryan Reynolds in mind for the movie from the get-go. Rodrigo Cortes, I’m not going to say he’s the next new wonder of a director, but if he can put this much thought and intelligence and creativity into every piece of work he does, than I think he’s pretty much got his future in Hollywood locked in.

What you’ll love:

-Creative directing; you’d be surprised all the little things Cortes does to keep you interested just by changing the light source inside the coffin and using unique camera angles etc. You’ll be impressed, and honestly I was a little jealous, lol, because some of the tricks were things I hadn’t thought of when I first looked at the commercial for this movie. And usually I guess what’s going to happen in a movie right away, Hell I guessed the ending to the movie “The Orphan” just by watching the commercial for it. Months before it came out I knew what was going to happen and sadly ruined it for my friend prior to even reaching the theater. This movie, other than the very, very ending of it, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and even the ending, it only became clear like ten or twenty minutes into it.
-Wonderful acting; I already kinda went off on this, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to just keep watching
-Surprising script; how much could you possibly do in a coffin? Well, a lot actually, there were some good twists and turns, things I hadn’t even imagined were going to happen
-The ending; ya know, I saw it coming, but honestly-it didn’t matter, it stays with you after the movie’s long been over
-It’s better than Paranormal Activity, lol, how do they correlate? I don’t know, lol, they’re both low budget, simple movies using cleverness in place of cash flow. If you’re into that genre, this movie will probably be at the top of your favorites list

What you won’t like:

-Some people will dislike the movie, it’s just a coffin and a guy, it sounds like a bad piece of performance art on the sidewalk of some busy city street that people try to politely ignore
-A lack of visuals, again, guy and a coffin
-Some people don’t like it when a movie doesn’t follow a predictable formula, GI JOE did great, this movie kinda bombed, case in point. Which… you wouldn’t think since how much could it possibly cost to make??? About 3 million if you must know, though you’d figure most of that is just to pay Reynolds to be in it and pay to advertise it on TV along with paying all the workers etc. Strangely, I’ve seen more complex movies with smaller budgets… anyway. Reynolds and advertising were the smarter places to put their money, I think word of mouth will save this movie in the long run.

Surprisingly, I think I’m going to buy it on DVD. I don’t know if I’ll sit there and watch it a bunch of times myself, but it’s good enough that when I have company over and we’re looking for a movie I’ll ask “Have you seen “buried” with Ryan Reynolds?” and if they say no- we’ll watch it. If they say yes, then we’ll get to talk about it.

Again, the movie stuck with me after the fact. I checked what a TON of other people thought, good and bad, and it’s basically split up with one side loving it for the reasons I listed in the “what you’ll love” section, with other people hating it because of what I listed in the “what you may not like” section. I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t see it sooner. Special thanks to loyal reader and friend Jason for pointing it out to me.

So, if anything, rent it or watch it on Netflix/Redbox etc. and let me know what you thought, me… I’m gonna see if I can find a copy and buy it, I’ll pay like 15 bucks for it. For movie lovers, it would have been worth seeing in theaters if you didn’t get around to it. If it’s somehow still in a discount theater or whatever, definitely give it a go.


Copyright 2011 Kephra Rubin all rights reserved, rating system copyright 2006 Kephra Rubin


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11 Responses to MOVIE REVIEW: BURIED (2010)

  1. Jay says:

    Loyal reader, friend, and commenter jay here.

    O.K. No problem speaking on behalf of those who may have not liked the movie. The two positive things I will say about this one is firstly, Ryan Reynolds IS fantastic. I haven’t seen a single movie he has been in (haven’t seen A.V.Horror) where he hasn’t played the wise cracking jokester, and even in the more dramatic scenes, finds a key moment to drop a one liner. There was 1 joke in this one. ONLY ONE! and he was still captivating. So, there is the one great thing about this movie.
    The only other positive thing I will say is that it was surprisingly watchable and sustained my interest for a film taking place solely in a box. However, upon looking back after the end of this film, I cannot say I would ever watch it again, nor would I recommend it to anyone whom is not into dark independent films.
    The ending was VERY predictable, and for me, that matters. And pardon me for sounding ignorant when speaking of the artsy, hmm, Je ne sais quoi of cultured film buffs, but when it comes to a movie that features 2 hours of a guy in a fucking box – It fucking matters!

    Not sure how to word this without spoiling anything, but here we go.
    I feel like in the past decade, a new thriller movie cliche has evolved. The surprise not so happy ending. Well it’s no longer a surprise….The shock value of a depressing and unfortunate finale has long since diminished. Now, I’m not saying all movies should have happy sugar coated endings, on the contrary. All I’m asking for is a little creativity. I can think of several ways that I could have ended this movie on a down note that would have left me saying ;”Oh wow, I didn’t see that one coming”.


    I can think of a couple films with the same, omg, they died endings, hmm, lets see – ladder 49(dead), or million dollar baby(dead), or the Departed(dead), hmm Titanic (dead), leaving las vegas(dead), 3:10 to Yuma(dead), 300(dead), Gladiator(also dead), braveheart (super dead) and Passion of the Christ (but I think we all saw that one coming). The fact of the matter is that it is especially apparent that the more a movie nowadays seems to have you wanting sweet salvation of a characters mortality, the more likely that you won’t get it.

    OK, safe again.

    Couple points and then I’ll shut up.

    -The snake….really????
    -He’s buried deep enough where a box large enough for him to turn around in gets filled with the sand above him without breaking daylight, and he can get a cell signal? in the middle of a fucking Iraqi provence that gets bombed? I can’t go to a fucking Petco to buy my dog food without dropping a few bars when I inadvertently walk into the fish tank aisle.

    Look…….the bottom line is that for the most part, this movie had enough content to keep me interested. I was really just hoping that they would have gone somewhere new with the end of it. I’m not looking for A wacky M. Night Shamalamadingdog twist of an ending, but just something a bit more unique to cap off a very unique movie.

    p.s. I think they should re-make this one with Mr. Bean

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Oh my god, ha ha, MR. Bean, lol. I can’t disagree with ya man. I liked the ending in the sense that it did the same thing for me that “Taken” did, granted Taken had a happy ending (If you haven’t seen taken yet… don’t get mad at me for the spoiler, everybody’s seen that movie) but it basically made me sit there and say “Wow, yeah, nobody would come for me.” Ya get into a situation, something where it takes a ridiculous amount of effort to save you, and most if not all the people you know won’t be able to help you. Ya knew they were going to be at the wrong grave, but I think you’re right, had they been digging and digging and the guy’s like “We’re here, we’ve got you.” and then there was that pause… and you just KNOW it’s going to end bad, and then WAM, the coffin swings open, that probably would have shocked me a lot more. But I think it’s predictability kind of puts that “final nail in the coffin” that yes, it is predictable what’s going to happen to you, if you get captured, you’re not getting released, you’re dead, and your only treat is getting to wait for it to happen.

      It really does get a lot of points just for being able to hold your interest throughout the entire movie. I think sometimes movies that were really good but not perfect get beat up on more than movies that were just okay, because something that was so close to being so great it makes you kind of obsess over the little things more, while a film like “The Expendables” (completely different genre, I know) gets a lot more leeway since you really don’t expect much from the movie in the first place.

      At the end of the day though, it’s still a guy in a freakin’ box, so, as much positives I had for the movie, it still only gets a Didn’t Suck rating because I mean, that’s what it is, it didn’t suck.

      As a funny anecdote, I watched, this was years ago, I watched a student film about four teenagers that wake up locked inside of coffins and slowly their life’s misdeeds are recited to them as they have to do something to risk their life to try and escape only to not escape anyway. I’ll have to go back and see if that was this Cortes guy’s first try at this film or if it was completely unrelated.


      I was a little thrown off by the snake too, not to mention, how much oxygen does a coffin carry? All that fire probably would have made a freakin’ vacuum out of that thing and he’d die of suffocation long before it caved in. If he was only a few feet under the surface, I think it was less that the grave was shallow, and more that he couldn’t get the lid off (remember it was only one slat that broke) that killed him, which I think just added to the “DAMN!” factor because like much of the movie, had one little thing here and there worked in his favor instead of against him he may have escaped. It’s like drowning in a puddle… it can happen… but DAMN! if it ever happens to you.

      I loved the stupid shallow bitch who is so caught up in her own nonsense she can’t even understand when someone’s in an emergency and he calls her back and he’s all like “I’m sorry for yelling, I shouldn’t have done that.” and once he gets the number he’s like “Okay fuck you” I was laughing so hard. The fact that there wasn’t really any jokes makes the jokes that much more impacting due to the setting. You know somebody would do that to you, everything that happened in the movie you’re like, YEP, that’d happen, I know it would, because it’s happened to me. Everyone trying to cover their ass first and foremost, getting put on hold, losing cell signal. Man, it really does what we were talking about the other day how good horror strips you of your humanity (I don’t know if this is horror, whatever you get the point) and in the movie he really felt like he was just a thing, a burden and no longer a human being, just garbage they couldn’t wait to get rid of.

      Anyway, it’s not a perfect movie, but for what it is, I was blown away that it was able to hold my interest the entire time, so it gets a hat tipped at it from my direction.

      Thanks for the post, it was a good devil’s advocate to what I posted.

      We really need to stop with all the spoilers though…


  2. Rillie says:

    I like this web site so much, saved to bookmarks .

  3. Pingback: Jeff

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      I hear you on never watching it again, I might buy it honestly. I have that bug where I’m like “You didn’t see this? We gotta watch it.” lol. So I’ll probably show it to people just so we can talk about how wild it was that the movie was entertaining even though its just a damn dude in a box. Amen to Heath Ledger, he was such a badass when you think about it. Back when he was in… what was that one movie… Ten Things I Hate About You? I think that was it, it was like his first big role and everybody wanted him to be this heart throb and do what was expected of him. But no, he saw where he was and decided he was smarter than his bosses ( and took the risk to move up in the world. He challenged himself and didn’t let fear dictate his career (Brokeback Mountain). He put full effort into everything he did and managed to put a sense of style and expression that made a movie unique to him (The Joker) .

      I’ve always felt that story telling is the most vital aspect of society, even today, and while some movies have lost sight of that, it’s great actors choosing great scripts and bringing attention to the right kinds of stories that makes it all so wonderful. I only wish we could have seen more as i think he wasn’t quite at the peak of his career, maybe not even by a long shot, who knows, but he definitely had a lot more to give to the story telling community.

      The Biggest thing that pisses me off about Ryan Reynolds is he honestly thinks he’s a B-Movie actor, he runs his career like he thinks that. The Guy’s phenomenal, at everything he does he’s amazing. When he’s trying to be funny, he’s hilarious (Waiting…) when he’s trying to be scary, he’s disturbing (Amityville Horror) I mean go to his imdb page and look at everything he’s done and he was great in all of it. Well… X Men Origins: Wolverine he was kind of annoying, but whatever you can’t save a film that terrible, besides that’s the charecter. Fine, 99% of the time he’s great we’ll say lol.

      Who knows, maybe it’s not him, maybe he’s just not being offered the big parts. Whatever, he rocks either way. Green Lantern I’m a little skeptical about, the commercial makes it look very dorky. However, the Green Lantern character’s greatest asset was his quirky humor and endless imagination, so hopefully i’m wrong and the movie will be great. If they don’t get extremely creative and unique with how he uses his powers, then I think it’s gonna flop.

      That was what made Iron Man (i hated the sequel) so great, you look at the suit and it LOOKS like it was designed by a freakin’ engineer. All the little things it could do were so creative that it sucked you right in. If all the green lantern does is keep making huge fists and stupid crap like that, I’m walking out of the theater.

  4. Jeff says:

    I got what you mean , thanks for posting .Woh I am lucky to find this website through google.

  5. Alex says:

    Your site kinda sucks on a cellphone, just letting you know.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      What phone are u using? My droid phone views it pretty nicely actually. You’re not one of those iphone users are you? OOooohhhh shiny, who cares if it’s crap, gimme! Ha ha, I’m kidding. Seriously, let me know what browser you’re using and what phone and I’ll try and figure something out to make it better. It may take me a little while since I have stuff going on, but I’ll definitely work on it as soon as I can.

  6. James B. says:

    It was an okay movie, for what it was it was amazing, but as a movie, just okay. The fire and snake etc were stupid but Ryan Reynolds is great so it counters it okay. Glad I watched but won’t watch again.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Yeah, I might get it to show other people, I don’t know, there’s so many movies I’ve yet to buy. I still haven’t gotten how to train your dragon and that movie was such an amazingly well made flick. Anyway, as far as the fire and snake, I guess they needed something to add more suspense. The only thing is, has anyone ever actually tried to burn alcohol? Most of it doesn’t actually burn, you can’t flambes with vodka or rum or any of that. My buddy’s a former chef and he was telling me all the different ones that do burn, I can’t remember now. Regardless, once it soaks into the dust and dirt, it isn’t going to burn and even if it did, not that long. Whatever, I can let it go, but I definitely agree with what you’re saying.

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