UNKNOWN (Movie Review)

Unknown (2011)

Rating: Pretty Damn good

I’m going to start by saying this movie is basically a more dramatic version of The Bourne Identity and I was kind of disappointed that Liam Neeson did another pseudo Bourne movie. This has far less action than “Taken” and yet somehow the plot isn’t all that suspenseful either, at least that’s how I felt.

With that being said, a lot of people seem to enjoy the movie and find the twists and turns to be very exciting, while the action was simply more realistic. Basically, they enjoyed Unknown for the same reasons that they enjoyed The Bourne Identity. In fairness, it can probably be compared to how much I like zombie movies. It’s all the same damn story over and over again, but I keep watching, lol. So if that suspense, thriller, drama, with a touch of spy-ish-ness is the kind of movie that perks your interest, the bottom line is Unknown won’t disappoint.

What you may not like:

-The only way you won’t guess what’s going to happen is if you’re new to the genre, it follows a bit of a formula common to this type of movie
-There’s not a lot of action, it’s mostly people running away from stuff
-Some things aren’t clarified by the end of the movie and you’re left to wonder why characters did things, but not really in a “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, someday you’ll understand” sort of way… more in a “man that was really dumb” sort of way
-The way they advertise the movie is sort of misleading, try to watch it with a blank slate so you’re not stuck on certain things not being there

What you may like:

-If you’re new to the drama, the ending will be a good twist
-The action that is there, is pretty good, and it’s not all overblown and unrealistic, it’s sloppy and full of mistakes, the way a real fight would be
-It’s got pretty good acting in it
-There were some interesting characters in the film that were memorable
-An interesting approach to the genre with its own unique spin

Overall, I think the above gives you an idea if it’s worth your hard-earned money to see in theaters. A lot of people got excited about it after they saw it, so I don’t want to rag on the movie too much as people did enjoy it. Personally, I’m glad I saw it once, not looking to see it again though. Definitely if you’re bored and looking to see a movie, check it out at matinée price. If you’re into this genre and love most of the movies that come out like it, check it out at full price. Everyone else, wait for it on rental instead.

Let me know what you thought,

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