The Adjustment Bureau (Movie Review)

The Adjustment Bureau

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

First off, this is a chick flick, I have no problem giving this “spoiler” away because I think this is a chick flick that would make an excellent date movie. The difference between a date movie and a chick flick is simple. A guy gets dragged to a chick flick and can’t wait to get out of it. A date movie is still a chick flick, but it’s one that a guy can either stomach or actually enjoy. The Adjustment Bureau stands out in my mind as the most solid date movie since “The Notebook”. Most misconstrued “date movies” are just chick flicks that more women successfully drag their boyfriends to than others.

In this regard, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the movie if you go into it expecting a chick flick and getting something more. I think you’ll be somewhat disappointed if you go into it expecting a sci-fi thriller and get a chick flick.

What you may not like:

-Not much in the way of special effects
-A little cheesy with some of the concepts, like power-caps… that’s just lame, a lot of their “tools” look like sex toys, which is just unsettling, the ending was a bit cheesy
-It’s a bit of a matrix clone… minus all the cool stuff
-It takes a long time for it to tie everything together and finish

What you will love:

-Great acting
-Great Characterization: The woman in this movie makes you say “Man, why can’t I find someone like her?” She really stands out, both in personality and unconventional beauty which is pretty cosmic considering how many typical and predictable annoying hot chicks are speckled all over the world… yeah… I said it, you think it every day… you’re welcome that I said it for you and now you don’t have to seem rude. Inquire about making donations to me within. I mean seriously, just the fact that she wasn’t annoying and bitchy and trying way too hard to seem independent which, by the way… just makes you look like you’ve got daddy issues… had me totally cool with the chick flick aspect of the movie. When she does flip out, it’s actually justified and you feel for her, and STILL she’s strong. Strong because she isn’t afraid of her own vulnerability… I mean WOW. Granted, for that to happen in the real world is rare, but it’s so unfathomable in today’s culture that it never really happens in the movies… because writers can’t even IMAGINE it happening. It’s so FAR from the scope of what’s possible that even when they ask themselves “what’s the perfect woman like?” They can’t answer the freakin’ question. Her character was really awesome and she sells it, it feels real and it sucks you in, and when it’s over you want more. That’s more than just the writing, ya know what I mean? She made that part. My guess is any other actress would NOT have done it right, they all would have over played the “I am woman hear me roar” and made an ass out of themselves without even realizing it. Soooo badass. And to any genius woman who reads this and then takes their boyfriend to go see the movie and on the way home turns to him and asks “What did you think of her?” Realize now ladies. This is something most women don’t know: men ALWAYS know when they’re being tested, and a lot of times we “fail” your tests out of spite, because it’s a turn off to be tested in the first place. Not to mention every test you pull on us shows us more about you than you realize. Dumb ass tests lead to most breakups in my limited experiences of the world because men just stop caring after a while. Instead of “testing” your man, take out a pad and pen and teach yourself something by watching this character. Yes she’s fake, but even in the fake world she’s an anomaly, anomalies should be noted.
-Suspenseful, I didn’t see a single person in the theater not glued to the screen
-“The matrix” tones are pretty minimal, I wouldn’t have even made a note of it but I heard a couple people say “Oh kinda like the matrix” so I figured it’s worth bringing up, it’s minute.
-The cheesy parts aren’t SO cheesy you can’t stomach the film
-It ties up well at the end, not too many annoying questions after it’s over

Overall, it wasn’t perfect, but I was really impressed with the film. My one friend was a little disappointed, but again, if you go in expecting sci fi thriller, you’re going to get disappointed. It won me over in spite of the fact that I felt a little bamboozled since every commercial I saw made it seem like a sci-fi thriller as the main focus. But great characters and great writing prevailed and by the end, it not only felt like it wasn’t a waste of my money, it felt like time well spent. You take something away with you, that if you’re smart and pay attention, may actually improve your life. Who knows. Either way, it’s worth the cash to check out. Full price in theaters, $14.99 on DVD.

Let me know what you thought,


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I am slightly dyslexic and have a difficulty with writing. It's because of this that I try to write as much as I can. Lately my writing has improved quite a bit and it's thanks to everyone who reads and posts on my blog. Sometimes it is difficult for me to post as regularly as others do since everything requires a lot of rewrites. Subscribe to my blog so you always know when I've got something new up. Thanks in advance.
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6 Responses to The Adjustment Bureau (Movie Review)

  1. CMrok93 says:

    It packs a little of everything into an entertaining package: love story, mystery, action and discussion about free will and fate. Good review,

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Again, a lot of people complained about the misleading commercials. As a stand alone movie, it’s pretty damn good. From a business standpoint, i think if they marketed it as a love story, the sci fi people wouldn’t have gone to see it. Whereas marketing it as a scifi, you got those guys in there first and then word spread it’s actually a love story. I believe it’s already broke even at the box office and is now working on profit. It was a good play, although it kind of kills the long term money. I guess in this economy the short term money is what matters most and they nabbed that pretty quickly. You have to figure though, the love story fans will love it regardless, it’s a damn good love story. So any scifi fans they win over (myself included) make up a group of people that probably never would have discovered this movie anyway, worst case scenario they get some extra fans and piss off people who they weren’t going to make any money off of anyway… only they did make some money off of them, lol. I just hope misleading ads keep to a minimum (“executive decision” back when Steven Segal was popular, remember that? He was in it for like two freakin’ minutes! ha ha)

  2. SuzyQ says:

    Hey Kephra,

    As you can see, I am slooooowly getting back to watching all those movies I’ve missed and hey, you reviewed (& suggested on our last thread).

    Firstly, I did enjoy it :))) despite what I am going to write…As to it being a Chick flick? Guys and gals will like this. Personally, it came across as more sci-fi-like movie. Matrix? (which I have seen all – pretty cool). Perhaps its the men-in-hats control thingie going on?? This movie is its own. I’ve always liked less-is-more type movies. What’s the point of special effects when the plot sucks? Plot wise – more like a theological concept to me…free will, fate & such (maybe slight of God-doctrine involved or more like questioning if there isn’t God – i.e. Chairman but an “alien” entity controlling a “wild” civilation). At end (for me), it felt abit anti-climatic…after all that running & fast talking. I went like, kind of “Oh, Ooookaay…wait a minute”.

    However, I did like (of course, any gals will like this part) the idea of being the perfect One of a really good Guy forever. Yeah, yeah, I can see how the guys can hope that the gals can be just like her. *lol* Well, I’ve seen and befriended alot of genuine gals like her so you must look for one at the right places. Wellll, as I said before, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I can say, without hint of jealousy, Emily Blunt is a really beautiful lady/actress. If I were watch this movie with my guy, I wouldn’t be one asking about the gal. Why should I??? I feel I am already beautiful (to me). A bonus if guy tell me that. *lol* In my case, I’d probably grill on the concept of freewill, fate & such *lol* Now, wouldn’t that drive the poor guy up the wall?!

    Hey wasn’t this a short story written by that guy who wrote the “Minority report” – that movie was awewome too. 🙂

    p.s. Ahem…off topic…btw, I was talking about the zombie book & not the other one. Guess we got crossed wired, eh?
    You ask for my thought…here it is…


    • Kephra Rubin says:

      I didn’t know about that, so I went and researched it real quick and yes, he did Minority Report and even did Total Recall which is pretty cool.

      Interestingly enough, the guy that wrote the screen play for Adjustment Bureau also wrote The Bourne Ultimatum and I really think you can see those two elements mash up in what plays out on the screen because there was a lot of that “let me steer you through the hustle and bustle of life while not being detected by the people looking for you” which I think is cool it was a good choice to have him add his touch to the movie. 🙂

      I tend to think that Humans have free will to a point, but it comes with great difficulty and sacrifice. We’re bound by genetic tendency, sure, but there are millions of success stories and those are the people that overcame their every day internal struggles to become successful people, those internal struggles are that tendency. So while it’s easy to fall into fates hands, I think that there’s a choice to do so. As to whether or not he’d get driven up the wall, I guess it would depend on whether or not you kept the conversation interesting, I’m a fan of sock puppets.

      You know what else I would love to have you see? Check out my review of “Flipped” it’s really a well made movie that went absolutely nowhere and I love to try and help film makers who take a risk and do it well get noticed. It’s made by the same guy that did “The Bucket List”.

      That one you can probably find on netflix i believe


      • SuzyQ says:

        Sock puppets??? Who would have thought…;-P Yeah, I hear ya. I was just thinking about the part where the men-in-hats was explaining to Matt D. about how when they didn’t chart/control our paths, it lead to disasters (WI, WII, Holocaust, etc.). (Hence, my “alien entity” comment.) I’d like to think what makes us different than all the creations of this world is that we do have control (or intelligence) over our impulses. At least, the majority of us. *shrug* I guess, I believe that we are essentially good beings born with an existing good conscience (if you take the time to listen to it). No denying, struggling is part of being human…and so is, making mistakes. Still, I don’t understand why people get so hung up with mistakes? For without them, we’ll never strive to be better for ourselves and to the what we can contribute to the world. Reminds me of that posting you did on how one doesn’t act in order to survive. True…happens all the time…but then, you’re living a half life. Hmm…there I go, off tangent…Anyhow, for entertainment purpose, I liked it. Plus, I like Matt Damon…he’s been taking on roles which are challenging and entertaining (so far). Can’t say that about Nat Portman though (except for Black Swan) :-/ Will check into “Flipped”movie – actually came across the book first from library –didn’t even know that they made it into a movie.
        hmmm…not sure what you mean by NORM…

        • Kephra Rubin says:

          NORM! It’s what they say on “cheers” lol (corny). I think people are definately thrive-focused, if being good ultimately helps them thrive they’ll do so, but when it’s hard to see the scope of everything evil creeps its way in as a shortcut. I don’t know that I can really look down on evil, but there’s something very admirable when people can find the “win-win” of a situation, It’s very pig-ish when you step on people because it’s a testament to your inability to see every angle. Sadly, being a pig doesn’t always result in failure, lol. I think “god’s ultimate” rule is the same as mother nature, the strongest survive, and I think even with how messed up the world is, halving and quartering of human beings has declined along with lots of other horrors, we definately have a looooonnnggg way to go, but I think we’re getting there. It definately comes down to individuals making choices and all those individual’s choices clustering together to form the state of people. So the best way to make the world a better place is to make the world immediately around you a better place and let that ripple take effect. Who knows. Great reply 🙂

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