Hall Pass (Movie Review)

Hall Pass

Rating: Didn’t Suck

Some stories would make a great half hour episode of a TV show, but somehow Hollywood decides they’re going to drag it out for a full hour and a half. Honestly, I was bored quite often watching this movie. The ending is the funniest part of the entire thing. When I say ending, I mean like the last five minutes. The beginning is boring and the middle is just okay. There are some funny parts that I laughed out loud to, but nothing where I felt it was something worth dishing money out for. When asked, people said they liked the movie, but there was very little “recapping” going on, ya know what I mean? Usually when people like a movie they talk and talk and talk about it after they see it, but it was basically a shrug and a “Yeah, it wasn’t bad” when I asked them what they thought. So it’s pretty bland across the board.

What you may not like:

-The Story Drags
-The actors really aren’t that funny, the funniest one gets little screen time
-The concept of the entire movie is not as gripping in modern society as I think the makers were hoping.
-It’s clichéd
-Half the movie is just telling men how they’re losers and that’s why they got married because they couldn’t make it in the dating world (no that’s not the focus of the movie, I didn’t ruin anything for you, it’s just a theme in the background)

What you may like:

-A few very funny parts
-A great ending
-Some hot chicks
-Women may think it’s funnier than men  because they joke about how much guys don’t realize they’re losers

Overall? Is it worth spending 8-10 bucks at the theater? Not at all. If you’re dying to see it, do it on discount at a matinée or dirt mall theater. Otherwise, you’ll be glad you waited for it on Netflix or redbox do people still use Blockbuster? Anyway. $2-$6 in the theater, $3-$8 on DVD.

What’d you think?

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About Kephra Rubin

I am slightly dyslexic and have a difficulty with writing. It's because of this that I try to write as much as I can. Lately my writing has improved quite a bit and it's thanks to everyone who reads and posts on my blog. Sometimes it is difficult for me to post as regularly as others do since everything requires a lot of rewrites. Subscribe to my blog so you always know when I've got something new up. Thanks in advance.
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2 Responses to Hall Pass (Movie Review)

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Has the smart, relaxed, real-life drive of the Farrellys’ best comedies. (There are even two poop sight-gags that are shockingly funny.) Too bad the wives’ storyline is so unfunny and uncomplicated. Good review, check out mine when you can!

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Yeah, I hear ya, yeah, not to mention the whole concept was very “safe” and even with the “offensive” potty humor for the young male crowd, it just wasn’t an edgy comedy that made you laugh. “Me, Myself and Irene” I COULD NOT stop laughing through, this was just lame and the whole concept, it’s not like “The Dilemma” where if you caught your friends girl cheating would you tell him? People are faced with that every day and it’s a tough one to answer because it could totally ruin your friendship. The Hall Pass concept is called an “open marriage” and there’s literally millions of them, nobody’s looking at that like “oh my god, what would you do?” like with the Dilemma, but I do think they were going for the same conflict when they wrote this, it was just poor all around. With that being said, I’m sure there are plenty of people who will enjoy everything you mentioned, but i doubt it if anyone will leave the theater still laughing and talking about it. Thanks for the reply!

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