Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Honestly when I saw the commercial for this movie I was expecting it to be corny, campy and shallow. It really was a pretty well made war movie even though it’s humans versus aliens. Actually “Independence Day” was cornier than this movie was, so if you liked that, this will pretty good. Picture this movie like it’s a “meanwhile, back at the ranch” sort of version of Independence Day with the focus being on the ground troops instead of pilots.

What you may not like:

-The acting isn’t always spot on, sometimes it’s kind of forced
-The “scenes where you get to know that the people are not just one dimensional characters waiting to die” were also kind of forced. However, towards the end it all ties together a little better it takes away some of the cheese.
-The Special Effects are a little inconsistent, some things look better than others, not a huge deal
-The tactics of the soldiers is a bit shabby, they should have had a better military advisor helping. Not a huge deal, but when something’s pretty damn good you start nit picking for ways it could have rocked, ya know?
-The aliens don’t really have tactics, it would have been cooler to see a very “Saving Private Ryan” sort of battle scene with everybody ducking and dodging. The aliens just kind of walk in a line half the time like dumbasses.

What you may like:

-It’s more war movie than it is alien movie, they don’t waste half your time analyzing alien technology, they come up with a quick and simple solution for kicking some major ass and they unleash it at will. They figure things out as they go.
-Nothing comes easily. Every ten seconds they get screwed one way or another, it’s a true homage to the fighting spirit of American Marines and all of our fighting forces, really.
-A great theme; no matter what, you never quit, even in the end you keep fighting until there’s no life left in your veins.
– An ending that makes you want a sequel, but not in a lame way. There’s no stupid cliffhanger, it’s just cool enough that you’re curious to know more. You could definitely make a sequel followed by a prequel based on the way they did this and have it make sense. I’d watch it.
-Aaron Eckhart does a good job with his acting, he definitely carries the movie in terms of acting and dramatic pull, he’s good enough that it keeps you interested during the talking parts.

Overall, it was a lot better than I expected. It wasn’t perfect, but as far as the genre goes it’s better than most. Is it worth full price? Hmmmm… I think so. Go into it not expecting much and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If anything the action is worth it. 3D would have been ridiculous with the amount of stuff that flies into the camera in this movie. Oh well. It’s also good enough I think somewhere around 15-20 bucks is worth it on DVD too. I’d watch it a few more times at home.

What did you think?

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2 Responses to Battle: Los Angeles

  1. Teyler says:

    You make this sound pretty interesting, ill have to check it out

  2. Nick says:

    Hello, I stumbled on this site from stumbleupon. It is not blog post I would normally read, but I liked your spin on it. Thanks for creating something worth reading!

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