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Source Code

Source Code

Source Code

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

I didn’t really like the movie too much, but it won me over by the end because it had a bit of twist I didn’t expect. I was annoyed at first because this movie is basically “Déjà Vu” Starring Denzel Washington, except now it has a white guy in it so they put more money into advertising. I don’t usually play the race card, but Denzel should have won an Academy Award for his performance in Philadelphia and ever since Tom Hanks won for basically just looking sick and pathetic, I kind of have a chip on my shoulder any time Denzel Washington gets the shaft. Déjà vu got very little backing, old Jakey doesn’t exactly have a block buster career under his belt and yet they plastered the place with ads for this one. They did put a slight twist on the movie, but it’s basically Déjà vu.

On the bright side, it’s basically an hour and a half of Jake Gyllenhaal being killed over and over and over again… which I absolutely loved. In fact, I’d honestly pay to see it again just for that. They should make a movie like “Being John Malcovich” “Killing Jake Gyllenhaal” and I would pay to see that too. He was great in Donny Darko and that’s about where my interest in him came and went since. So, if anything, it’s worth the eight bucks just to watch him die, lol.

What you’ll hate:

-It’s not as hard to figure things out as the characters make it seem… so you’re kind of left waiting for the slow kids in the class to finish reading the page before you can turn it… so to speak
-It’s Jake Gyllenhaal… yeah
-The main scientist dude is annoying
-There’s lots of dead air

What you’ll like:

-It’s pretty intense and suspenseful
-There’s some cool twists
-Good special effects, not great, but realistic enough
-lots of deaths
-Cool concept with a spin that takes it a step further than Déjà vu did
-An interesting ending
-A good love story mixed in and some funny parts too
-Pretty good characterization
-Some good comments on racial profiling

Overall, a lot of people enjoyed this movie a whole lot more than I did, so chances are you’re going to like it. Honestly, most of the reasons I don’t like the movie aren’t really anybody’s fault. I just don’t like Gyllenhaal and think the movie’s a total bite on another. But remakes and copy cats and bites are nothing new. As a standalone movie, I think it’s good, it’s entertaining, it’s different than everything that’s out and been out for the past few years now and I think it’ll be refreshing for most viewers. I’d say full price is worth it, especially if you’ve already kind of watched everything else and need something new to check out. Don’t expect too much and I think you’ll be happy. Maybe even worth a DVD purchase, around 15 bucks.

What did you think?

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5 Responses to Source Code (Movie Review)

  1. CMrok93 says:

    A well-paced and structured sci-fi thriller that’s as complex as it is clear-headed. Also, Gyllenhaal shows again why exactly he really is one of the better leading men out there, and proves he still has that charm. Good review, check out mine when you can!

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      I don’t know man, I guess he’s better than like Channing Tatum and crappy actors like that, but that’s pretty much it, there’s tons of people that could play that role better, but if you like him, ya like him I’m not gonna hate you for that.

  2. Mitch says:

    Deja Vu, good call bro.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I just wanted to tell you I saw this because of your review and loved every minute of watches him die bunches, ha ha 🙂

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