Hop: Movie Review

Hop Movie Review


Rating: Didn’t Suck

It’s probably the best family film you’re going to find out right now. Moms and kids liked it more than dads. Overall, it’s pretty funny, worth seeing with children, not really worth seeing in any other setting.

What you may not like:

-The voice cast is better than the live action cast, they definitely spent more time on the animated characterization, or perhaps simply had more freedom, than with the live actors, kind of takes away from the film
-Dad’s tended to think that a lot of the jokes and concepts in the movie were boring
-Too much Christmas type stuff in an easter movie, I guess they go hand in hand perhaps
-“good enough” acting in some cases

What you may enjoy:

– Moms felt that while the movie was definitely for kids, a lot of jokes were adult enough that you could enjoy the film too
-The voice actors are quite good, Russel Brand is funny, he does EB pretty well
-They push the limits a little bit while remaining tasteful, I think EB craps jelly beans? Maybe it was like M&M’s or something I can’t remember now, but that was kind of pushing it, they were smart enough not to go over the deep end, so you get surprised without being put off with your kids sitting there watching

Overall it’s good entertainment for the kids while being tolerable to adults. Probably more of a matinee film, 12.99 on DVD, I really can’t see overpaying for this movie just to keep the kids entertained at home.

What did you think?

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