Insidious movie review

Insidious Movie Review


Rating: Pretty Damn Good

This one was a bit of a surprise. I had little interest in the movie, and while it did have some cheesy parts, and a few parts that I think should have been left out completely, overall it was definitely worth the money to see in theaters. It has a sort of mash-up approach, instead of just remaking a movie, they took bits and pieces from several. The Changeling (1980), Poltergeist, Omen, maybe a dash of Hitchcock. They do it all without any gore or anything like that. While some people might say “shucks” keep in mind, what was the last gory movie that scared you? People don’t get scared by what they expect or what they can see, it’s the unknown.

What you may not like:

-Some cheesiness, it’s really hard when doing horror to not end up doing cheesy, psychology plays a big part in it and while some people will be terrified of an old woman’s face staring into the camera, slimy teeth snarling in the light, other people will think it’s hilarious
-Some parts drag, the beginning is slow to start without a ton of character building, it’s fine to start slow, but really help us get to know the characters then
– The transitions aren’t that great. Their decision to enter the paranormal seems rushed and unrealistic, not too in line with the personalities that we established through the slow parts of the movie. Maybe if they had it that the wife was really into the occult etc and the husband didn’t believe in it and sort of got dragged into it, then it would have made sense

What you may like:

-They do a good job of building tension; the most important aspect of horror
-It’s pretty unique compared to what’s been out recently
-There were parts that even made the hecklers in the audience jump
-Pretty good acting
-Not a bad story (not great either, but good enough to keep you in the film)

Believe it or not, a lot of people in the audience were jumping and screaming. I did hear a lot of people laughing and making fun of the movie, but I’ve learned over the years that it’s usually the jokers that are actually the most frightened by what they see. Their jokes are meant to break the tension in the air and ease their fears while at the same time making themselves appear stronger than they actually are. So, a poor audience that doesn’t know how to get into a movie might make this one a little less enjoyable. Sitting at home in the dark watching your personal copy or rental of the movie will result in a chill for most people. They defiantly could have done a better job with some things, but the rating pretty much sums it up; it’s pretty damn good. Full price in theaters, 15-18 on DVD.

What’d you think?

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