“Flipped” a wonderful movie you probably never saw

Flipped Movie Review and Recommendation

Rating: Pretty Damn Good 🙂

There are certain movies that people pour their heart and souls into… but executives don’t have hearts, so when it comes time to pour money into such a project, they’d rather invest it in spoof movies and bad sequels. As much as I hate it, from a business standpoint, just because a movie is excellent, doesn’t mean it’s marketable.

However, if I’ve learned anything about marketing over the years, I’ve learned that any product can be sold maybe a hundred different ways, perhaps more. The poor ways of selling something come when someone really doesn’t fully understand what’s special about what they’ve made.

If you look up the description of “Flipped” the movie sounds terrible. If it weren’t for the fact that I enjoy torturing myself with watching unknown titles (90% of which are so bad they’re not even worth mentioning) in the hopes that a few might be one of those hidden gems I search for; I probably would have never even known this movie was ever made. However, even if the makers didn’t fully grasp the beauty of what they created, I do, and so I’m writing this review so that you can share in the enjoyment of it.

What you may not like:

-The first few minutes is a bit lame, but you’re hooked soon after
-The acting isn’t perfect, but it improves as the story goes, it’s tough to find great child actors, but these kids do a better job than you’d expect
-Everybody talks too fast, I suppose with the amount of dialog they had, they needed to do that in order to make it fit into time constraints, but some things are hard to follow
-The audio levels aren’t always mixed well, it’s a dialog focused movie, but sometimes when an actor turns away, it’s hard to hear them

What you’ll absolutely love:

-Great story telling
-Great directing
-Great style, the story is told in a unique way that keeps you interested
-Excellent use of color and detail, the visuals of the movie are so basic and yet they are implemented so well that you feel exactly what you’re supposed to feel when you see it, which is rare
-Great Characterization, the characters win you over and feel real
– Solid beginning, middle and ending, no loose ends I could think of

Now, I’m not saying this movie was phenomenal, it had some downsides, but it’s definitely better than everything that’s out right now. It’s definitely better than everything that was out last week, and last month, hell, if I really had a desire to think back, it’s probably one of the better films in quite a while. The truth is I was only going to give this movie twenty minutes of my time and then turn it off so I could check out the next one. The movie was over before I even realized I was past the twenty minute mark. So, maybe not perfect, but pretty damn good.

The gyst of the movie is that we spend so much time focusing on what the world is doing to us, that we don’t pay much attention to what we’re doing to it. It’s called “Flipped” as a dual meaning, the girl “Flipped” over this guy and becomes infatuated with him. The story telling also flips, however, and lets you see the world from both the boy’s point of view, and the girl’s point of view.

What’s so clever about “Flipped” is Rob Reiner, the director, waits until you’ve come to a conclusion about someone and right at that moment that you’ve judged them and “got them all figured out” boom, he flips the script, and now you see it from the other side and it’s not at all what you thought you knew. Kind of like life.

It’s a great date movie, a highly recommended family film, and really it’s just damn good story telling. Anyone who has a respect for film making and storytelling will be pleasantly surprised by this movie.

I’ll pay as much as 20 bucks for it on DVD… if I can find it. Unfortunately there’s no suggested release price because it already came and went, if it ever even made it into theaters in the first place.

I’m glad I found this one.

Check it out and let me know what you thought,


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3 Responses to “Flipped” a wonderful movie you probably never saw

  1. Pingback: Brian

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Thanks so much, it really means a lot. As far as Lincoln Lawyer and Arther, it’s more scheduling than anything. I hate seeing movies by myself since part of my reviews rating include finding out what my friends thought of the movie, everybody kept saying they wanted to go but never happened. Arther I think I might be able to swing, i have to check the release date and see if it’s still relevant or if it’s going to be out of theaters soon. Subscribe to my blog that way you always know when I post new stuff. Thanks again, don’t forget to check out my little rants and philosophical discussions and poetry etc. in the sidebar there, ya might find something else ya like too. I’m working on a fiction book, can’t get too in depth but it’s a zombie tale :-). Thanks again, I’ll talk to you later.

  2. SuzyQ says:

    Very fair, accurate review, Kephra. So, no additions from me. Definitely a feel-good, family movie!

    My only wish was that I watched the movie before I read the book (twice…loved it!). The movie itself stayed (almost) true to the book. (The film’s version of it being in the 50s rather than set it in modern time in the book. Makes sense especially with the basket fundraising part) So, any fans of the book won’t be disappointed. However, the book had more depth to the characters. Wish it was more in the film as well. But all in all, I liked it enough to actually buy the DVD. Note: I am more of a book person than movies. Give the book a try if you haven’t yet…you won’t regret it!

    Cheers for now!

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