Movie Review: Madea’s Big Happy Family

Madea's Big Happy Family Movie Review

Madea’s Big Happy Family

Rating: Didn’t Suck

It seems this is one of those “split down the middle” type movies. Personally I thought it was pretty good, however it was kind of repetitive. It’s very much more of the same stuff from the other Tyler Perry movies. A lot of people hated it, a lot of people loved it. There were few, if any, people resting in the middle. However, everyone could agree on one thing about the movie, before any power-of-suggestion comes into play, we’ll go over the good and bad of the movie and you can decide what you think before we discuss the final verdict.

What you may not like:

-It’s more of the same. As a standalone movie, it’s probably very good, but if you’re a fan of the movies, don’t expect any surprises
-Some of the acting is choppy, almost like people are forgetting their lines, or it’s almost like they’re so focused on being their character that they’re not thinking about how that character should be interacting with everyone else in the film which takes away some of that “real” feeling
-The script feels a bit scattered, from what I hear the play is very extensive and it would have needed to be a three hour movie in order to tell the story as well as the play… unfortunately this brings me to my next downside…
-It’s long and really doesn’t need to be, they spend a lot of time on things that don’t need it and then glance over things that deserve more attention

What you may like:

-It’s very funny
-The storytelling is universal. A lot of people talk about how great it is that Tyler Perry is brave enough to make a movie with an all black cast… yeah…  let’s forget alllll about the fact that Perry chooses to discuss traumatic subject matter that plagues all levels of society yet is almost never discussed in modern films and in that regard he puts his career at risk and manages to succeed in spite of it. Let’s forget about the fact that the guy is a self made success, let’s forget about the fact that he’s an artist, let’s ignore the heart and soul that’s poured into his writing and ya know what? Let’s just tell him “Great job at being black, guy.” And give him a big thumbs up. Incidentally, much of his comedy subject matter has little to do with race and instead focuses on human struggles like overcoming an abusive past, drama in relationships and dysfunctional families.
-The emotional parts are very dramatic and touching and well played
-Certain characters give performances that really stand out

What’s the one thing everyone agreed on? It’s not so great that it’s worth almost 12 bucks in some theaters to see. So if you want to see it, I’m not saying you’ll be pissed you paid full price. I just think seeing this movie on a Sunday afternoon at matinee pricing would make the experience more enjoyable. As far as DVD pricing, it’s another one of those “love it or hate it” type of things. Currently I don’t own any simply because they’re not movies I could see myself watching again and again. I’d buy Perry movies for 5.99 each, as a “oh you never saw that? Here, let’s watch it.” type of scenario. However I know a few people who own ALL of his work, even DVD’s of his plays and they paid full price for everything and haven’t thought twice about it since. So you’ll have to judge for yourself there.

What did you think?

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2 Responses to Movie Review: Madea’s Big Happy Family

  1. Charlize says:

    Did you see the southpark where they want to get rid of yler perry? lol

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      HAHAHA, yeah, south park was dying for a while there, I stopped watching, then I got curious and that was the first episode i saw after giving it another shot, and then you bring it up here, cosmic, lol.

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