Fast Five: Movie Review

Fast Five Movie Review

Fast Five Movie Review

Fast Five

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

I have to admit I was surprised, it’s almost as if this franchise is getting better with each sequel, save for Tokyo Drift which was extra special awful. The first one I didn’t like and grudgingly gave it a higher rating because of everyone’s positive reaction to it. The second one I thought was fun, third sucked, fourth was actually pretty good and this one was even better. Was it perfect? Not even slightly. However, for any of the sequels to actually improve on the franchise is amazing to me.

What you’ll hate:

-Cheesy dialogue, this is a problem in all of the movies
-Forced emotion that doesn’t come off as real, another problem of all the movies
-A lot of ladies are complaining that Vin Diesel’s lookin’ out of shape and Dwayne Johnson looks ridiculous with a bald head and a goatee
-Unbelievable action, another problem with all of the movies

What you’ll love:

-It’s a fresh sequel, this one has touches of “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Italian Job”, the focus is less on the cars and more on how good the characters are at being thieves, there’s still plenty of cars, but we’ve already been through that over and over and they recognized that going into it and brought something I wasn’t expecting
-Hot chicks… lots of a hot chicks
-Knight XV Armored SUV’s, total badassness, if you don’t know what they are, check it out
-They have some good twists and turns with the characters that had me even guessing what their true intentions were
-Cool directing, this one is very gritty and raw looking, I really enjoy how they add some diversity to the franchise with everything from the type of story to the type of cars and even the look and lighting and use of color
-You start to see a more in depth side of all the characters and how true it is when some people claim that they turn to a life of crime for the family aspect of it all
-Gritty gun play and scenery adds to the vibe of the movie

Overall, it’s suspenseful, it’s fun, it’s got tons of different eye candy, it makes an attempt at intelligence and doesn’t fail completely, it has a clear beginning middle and end and manages to do it all with some style. There are a lot of movies that are a lot better than this one that got the same rating, but the rating system is more about the likeliness a person will want to pay to see a movie in theaters, and in that regard it’s about on par with the others. Add in the fact that it’s not just a sequel, but a fifth sequel and the franchise keeps getting better and now it becomes a fascinating anomaly. What other franchise can say its best installment is either the fourth or fifth? I think this is the only one.

Fast Five would be sweet in 3D, it’s worth full price at the theater, see it with friends. I might actually go out and buy part 2, 4 and 5 on DVD at some point. 20 bucks is worth it for 4 and 5 I think.

What did you think?
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2 Responses to Fast Five: Movie Review

  1. Jay says:

    Totally agree. Have not been out to see a movie in quite a while and when the wife and I decided it was between Fast Five and Hanna. We went with the prior and were not disappointed. Of course there were unrealistic and borderline stupid segments of action, but hey it’s a movie. Also, Paul Walker had his Keanu Reeve’esque acting style on as usual, just gotta grin n’ bear it. Other than that it was a fun movie, very realistic action and shot very well. Most definitely worth the price of admission…… unless you don’t like explosions, in which case go fuck yourself 🙂

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Ha ha, well said! Hanna was good too, however people have been writing and coming up to me saying that I should change my rating of it to Didn’t Suck, but I don’t know, across the board it’s still holding strong as a Pretty Damn Good. Personally I think you chose right with Fast Five, it’s more of a fun movie. I’m not going to ask you to confirm or deny the hotness of the chicks in Fast Five… because it’s God Damn obvious… but did your girl say anything about Vin’s lookin’ a little out of shape? Some women I talked to were genuinely mad, lol, like “give me my money back” mad. i didn’t realize he was such a big deal. Paul Walker was a lot better in “Running Scared” while he wasn’t emotionally diverse, he was able to show rage and his “keanu” style acting as well as a fatherly/caring type side etc, so it’s probably his most diverse role yet. Separately, I’m really getting impressed with the dude that plays Face in The A Team, I forget his name at the moment, he seems like he’s shaping up to be pretty talented. There’s not too many impressive talents showing up and all the greats are dying off unfortunately.

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