Movie Review: Priest

Priest Movie Review

Priest Movie Review


Rating: Didn’t Suck

It’s a movie like this that shows us just how important a Director is to the outcome of movie, not just for visuals, but also for the depth of the actors. This movie also shows us that sometimes people are just meant to be supporting actors and don’t have that “Lead Role” in them.

What you’ll hate:

-It opens with a stupid cartoon. That cartoon they released recently? It’s not one of those “animatrix” side projects that helps you understand the world of The Priests… it’s actually the opening sequence, that’s how they establish the story… with a lame ass cartoon
-Extremely over dramatic acting, poor timing and improper delivery. Have you ever seen one of those cell phone commercials where the commercial pretends to be a movie? And they act all over dramatic and everything because they’re making fun of over dramatic movies? Well that’s how everyone acts in this movie
-The effects aren’t really all that creative, the motorcycles are lame, the weapons are lame and not thought out well at all. One of the things that mad Men In Black such a great movie were the props. However, they hired actual custom gun makers to design the weapons for MIB. So even when the guns were big, it still looked like something someone might shoulder comfortably to take out a bad guy. In this movie, they used the “slap a bunch of crap on something and now its futuristic” concept. People picked up weapons that were so awkward just to hold it’s like “who would even use that?”
-The vampires are supposed to be such a creative twist on the genre but they just look cartoony, don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that none of them sparkled, but still, it was lame

What you might like:

-One hot chick
-People liked that it was a different kind of vampire movie, and it was
-A lot of people liked the whole “corrupt church” concept and I suppose that was a nice touch
-They liked the fighting… eh, it was alright
-They liked the concept and the look of the film and the idea of these people who were once our saviors, are now our outcasts

Let’s just say that it’s a great concept, on paper it sounds wonderful. Somewhere along the line it got lost in translation to film and while the substance that inspired the movie really is pretty cool, the actual movie is definitely not. The 3D was lame. People need to wise up with the 3D because if it gets to the point where almost all of the movies come out with lame 3D, nobody is going to bother anymore. Avatar and Resident Evil had really awesome 3D. If you know you’re making a 3D movie, have a bunch of crap flying into the camera, even in 2D that stuff looks cool, it’s a win-win.

Anyway, if you must see it, don’t spend any money on 3D, I promise you you’re not missing anything. Also, don’t pay full price, matinée or wait for rental. I was really looking forward to this movie for months now too. I don’t know, it was a popular comic book, maybe buy yourself a copy of that instead.

What did you think?

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2 Responses to Movie Review: Priest

  1. sergio says:

    fantastic…. i have been waiting to see this movie for a while now and already heard from a couple people that it wasn’t good… sad because you are right, the concept is great and that made me want to see it… it’s sad that the movie was a waste on such a good concept… boo…. anyway kudos on the review keph, thanks

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Yeah, it’s always a little more disappointing when the movie had such promise and still somehow falls short. Had it been a different director, maybe the corny dialog wouldn’t have been soooo overdone and it might have turned the movie around. The tempo really killed it too, even during the action it drags. I really wish someone would make a badass Punisher movie, it’s the Punisher, it’s already badass, all you have to do is make it without anything gay and retarded. I anyway, there’s lots of stuff that could have been great, unfortunately few that ends up being just that. Thanks for reading

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