Hangover 2: Movie review

Hangover 2 Movie Review

Hangover 2 Movie Review

Hangover 2

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

People really liked the movie, I thought it was pretty funny. There were a lot of laugh out loud moments where I laughed so hard my cheeks started to hurt. I have to warn you right from the get-go that it’s basically the same storyline as part one. So, if you liked Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and then you saw Guantanamo Bay and also liked that, you’ll probably like Hangover 2 because it’s the same type of sequel. They up the dose on every shot of humor and they take everything to the next level, but luckily they don’t make things so over the top it’s just one big long panic session.

What you may not like:

-There were some dead spots that were boring
-The movie is pretty much the same thing, same story line, I’m not sure how many times we can do this, but apparently twice isn’t asking too much
-Some of the crazy scenes get a little annoying, but it’s not so bad that you can’t keep watching

What you may like:

-They maintain the same comedic timing as the first movie
-The funny parts are more extreme and you’re left going “I can’t believe they went there” quite often
-The big reveal at the end of the movie when they show the pictures like in the last one was funnier than Hangover part 1
-Even though it’s the same movie, they manage to make it feel fresh, proof that you don’t really need to out-do the first movie, you just need to not screw up the sequel in order to make people happy. Interestingly enough, it’s written and directed by the same guy that did the first one. That’s one of my big things, if one movie is successful, why wouldn’t you get the same exact team to make the second? It’s rare they actually do this. Odd. Anyway, they did it here!

Overall, I think if all you care about is having a good laugh, this movie will deliver. It doesn’t have quite so much of a focus on being a man like in the first one, but they still have some kind of moral to the story and an overall point which is nice. It’s worth full price with friends unless you’re bothered by the fact that the storyline is basically the same. If that’s the case, wait for it on rental. Use the Harold and Kumar analogy as your litmus test. If you didn’t like Guantanamo Bay, you won’t like Hangover 2 for the same reasons. You can use the same logic to decide the price for a DVD/Blu-Ray, I’d say minimum 15 is acceptable, some may feel it’s worth more or less.

What’d you think?

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2 Responses to Hangover 2: Movie review

  1. Vince says:

    Nice review! I agree that it stuck pretty close to the original formula, but like you I think that this isn’t exactly a bad thing – I like your maxim that with sequels it’s almost more important not to ruin it than it is to try something different and possibly ruin it. One aspect of the sequel that I didn’t like so much was that Alan seemed less funny – even irritating at times, and not in a funny way, either.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Yeah, they spend so much time going over the top hoping to best the last one that they lose sight of what made the original great. Look at Boondock Saints 2, that movie was aweful, lol, just aweful, in his quest to turn the heat up, he lost sight of what made the original such a cult phenomenon. At least with Hangover 2 they knew what was funny about the first and just kept doing that. Honestly, I didn’t think Alan was ever funny, but like I always say, horror and comedy are very close siblings. Scary things are psychological, so are funny things, what makes one person bust a gut doesn’t connect with another personality at all. I really couldn’t tell if he was any more or less funny, I don’t think the crazy asian guy is funny either, but whatever, I guess the situations are funny, lol and I still laughed a lot. Even more so I think what made me laugh the most was “They seriously just went there.” like with the tranny thing, it wasn’t even funny but I laugh so hard because it’s just insane that they even took it there. lol. Thanks for posting Vince.

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