X-Men: First Class – Movie Review

X-Men: First Class Movie Review

X-Men: First Class Movie Review


The Red Guy In X-Men: First Class Explained

The Red Guy In X-Men: First Class Explained

**UPDATE** People were asking me who the red guy is; he’s Azazel, he later becomes Nightcrawler’s father with Mystique as the mother. In the comics he was part demon or something if I remember correctly and was on a quest to impregnate as many women as possible because each birth gave him more power to bring his demon brethren to earth which is how he met Mystique, bla bla bla, whatever, they seem to have changed his powers around a bit to avoid the whole religious angle of it, probably a good idea. I actually prefer the movie version, less retarded. **End Update**

X-Men: First Class

Rating: Rocked

Sometimes people get confused about what the “Rocked” rating means. Two movies can get a rocked rating where one is better than the other. Also, a better movie can get a lesser rating. A Rocked rating means that 80% or better of the people that go to see a movie in theaters will feel that their money was well spent. I don’t know that I’d give X-Men: First Class a Rocked rating on a personal scale, I felt it was more of a Pretty Damn Good sort of movie. However, people were so ecstatic about this film, it defiantly earned its Rocked rating. It’s been a while since a movie got a Rocked rating, so hey, it’s about time right?

X-Men: First Class, Havok's Energy Hula Hoops are Kinda Lame

They may do a lot of damage, but Havok's Energized Hula Hoops are still pretty lame

What you may not like:

-Doesn’t fully follow the comics, but as I’ve said on past X-Men reviews, if you really need the yellow spandex and corny dialogue, move to france

-Some of the special effects are lame, a few effects actually looked more like stop-animation which gave it a cartoony feel.


Apparently it is really hard to make diamond skin look real with CG, here both movies that Emma Stone appears in she looks ridiculous

-I guess it’s just hard to make diamond skin in CG because it looked crappy in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well
-Cheesy dialogue at times, over dramatic acting other times, not too bad though
-The  friendship between Xavier and Eric doesn’t really form in a truly believable way
-They chose some lame mutants to focus on, one guy throws energy hula-hoops
-Some characters you may not recognize causing confusion, the red guy isn’t night crawler, the diamond girl isn’t Gene Grey etc.

X-Men: First Class, great character interaction, development, and execution

Great characters that interact well and are memorable give X-Men its great standing with fans

What you’ll love:

-Great characters, from the development to the execution and especially how they interact with each other
-The flaws in the script and how it play out are minimal, overall it’s quality storytelling
-Excellent themes and morals throughout the movie, you’ll definitely walk away a little changed if you pay attention to some of the concepts
-It establishes the history of the characters very well
-Kevin Bacon was actually a really awesome villain he’s a really good actor, actually
-The whole incorporating the mutant existence into our history was pretty badass to see on screen
-Lots of cool action without skimping on the story
-Good storyline with lots of layers
-A funny cameo from an old friend

Ya know how you wait for a boring part so you can get up real quick and go to the bathroom? Well I had to wait until the very end before I could go, lol. There really wasn’t a dull moment. There were some things that bugged me a little, but overall I think it was worth seeing and is even worth seeing twice in theaters. So much happens, you’ll get a chance to pick up on even more. I heard a lot of people, including the friend I went to see it with say that this is the best X-Men installment ever. I don’t know that I disagree.

Definitely worth full price in theaters, definitely worth seeing in theaters instead of waiting for it on rental. Even after seeing it in theaters you might end up renting it just to see it again. 20 bucks for DVD, Blu-Ray might actually improve the experience of this movie since the effects weren’t always top notch, 25-30 bucks for that.

What did you think?

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