Super 8: Movie Review


Super 8 Movie Review

Super 8 Movie Review

Super 8

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

In Super 8, I felt the ending Plateaued dissapointingly

In Super 8, I felt the ending Plateaued dissapointingly

This is one of those times where I hate myself for having such an awesome movie review system. People are in love with “Super 8”. I didn’t like it much. I guess I’d watch it for free on a rainy day with a broken foot, but that’s about it. I actually had to ask around to find out what people liked so much because I couldn’t see the allure myself.

What you may not like:

-Not much payoff at the end, it basically has one of those “plateau” endings without a genuine climax
-They don’t show the monster most of the movie and then the big reveal isn’t anything special
-It’s like ET without letting you get attached to the alien
-Everything is rushed, aspects of the characters that are supposed to be really meaningful are glanced over so fast that when it comes time for everything to have some tear jerking meaning, nobody in the theater is even reacting to it… yet people said they loved it so I don’t know how that works

Super 8 has archetypal characters that audiences will probably like

Super 8 has archetypal characters that audiences will probably like

What you may like:

-Good characters, the kids are funny
-Fast paced (I didn’t think so, I thought a lot of it was boring) with very few dull moments
-It takes place in the past, so there’s funny moments “What’s that?” “Oh it’s this new thing, a Walkman” stuff like that is always funny
-Good effects, the train crash scene is pretty wild I

The Spaceship concept was cool, made up of smart cubes

The Spaceship concept was cool, made up of smart cubes

have to admit
-Cool concept for the spaceship
-Funny moments and situations
-It’s different from everything that’s out
-It’s a throwback, the story telling etc is old school, it’ll feel fresh to a lot of younger viewers and be a nice change of pace for more experienced viewers.

Overall, I think one of the main reasons people liked it so much is that it’s pretty wholesome, it’s a good family movie where not only the kids but the parents enjoy it too. You could see it as a date movie, you could see it with friends. Even though it doesn’t give you much payoff, it’s a neutral film that anybody could enjoy. According to what people thought, most people will be happy to pay full price in theaters to see, as well as 20 bucks for the DVD.

What did you think?
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