Mr. Popper’s Penguins: Movie Review

Mr. Popper's Penguins Movie Review

Mr. Popper's Penguins Movie Review

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Rating: Didn’t Suck

While parents will feel that it’s a pretty good family film, “eh” pretty much sums up the average opinion of this movie. Even Jim Carey doesn’t bring anything spectacular to the role. The movie has all the necessary elements. The comic relief of the penguins are counter balanced by the dramatic effect of a father desperately trying to win his family back. There are wholesome morals, and meaningful subplots. Yet, with all that going for it, it’s the execution that drains a little life out of the movie. The entire thing feels rushed and sort of flat. It lacks the genuine highs and lows that make a film feel like a journey the way that movies like “Iron Will” or “Free Willy” managed to convey. Put this film on par with something like “The Pacifier” as far as quality and comedic timing.

What you may not like:

-Flat acting
-Flat storytelling, emotional parts are directed the same way that funny moments are directed
-Poor editing makes certain scenes hard to follow
-The story drags with several boring parts
-Parents didn’t like all the potty humor, the kids didn’t laugh at it as much as you would think

People love dancing penguins for some reason

People love dancing penguins for some reason

What you my like:

-Very much a family film that both adults and children will be able to stomach
-The story it attempts to portray is actually quite good with an almost harsh and real message about how parents pass the demons they do not conquer onto their children and at some point you have to be the one to break the cycle

The Human traits of the penguins make them likable

The Human traits of the penguins make them likable

-Jim Carey’s performance was found to be “endearing” by many people I spoke to, he’s more of a normal guy in this one, don’t expect any Pet Detective stuff
-I didn’t laugh much but a lot of people felt it was cute-funny quite often
-The Human characteristics of the Penguins made them more likable by the audience

Overall, this movie will be a big hit among parents looking for something to take their 7-12 year olds to. Younger children might get bored during the dull moments and get restless but the penguins should be able to hold their attention for the most part. It’s definitely not something you would see just to see, it’s not like Happy Feet or anything like that. I can’t imagine it as a date movie, its main pull will be families with children and I think in that respect it will not disappoint.

Your best bet would be a Sunday Matinee sort of deal, or a cure for the rainy day blues at discounted prices. It will probably end up in your DVD collection since kids really seemed to get a kick out of the dancing penguin scenes and may want to dance along. It seems strange how intrigued people are by dancing penguins, but hey, guilty pleasure right? 14.99 for DVD at the most. 20 for blu-ray.

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