Transformers: Dark of the Moon– Movie Review

Transformers: Dark of the Moon -- Movie Review

Transformers: Dark of the Moon -- Movie Review

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Lots of cool and interesting, action packed gimmicks distract you from the fact that the story is scattered and loosely thrown together. The 3D helps to further draw you into the shiny things and for a while, you forget just how bad the movie is. At the end of the film, there’s enough cool stuff and interesting twists and turns that the hectic and chaotic storytelling can’t take away from the fact that it’s enough fun to be worth the 14 or so dollars spent seeing it in 3D.

Endless scenes of Shia screaming wears on your nerves

Scenes of Shia screaming wear on your nerves

What you’ll hate:
-The Movie is way too long. Honestly, probably half of the story could have been scrapped and it would have been the same movie
-They still haven’t made Optimus seem like a badass. There’s a scene where he gets stuck in some cables… why would you even write that in? Why would make him look like a complete ass?


Megan Fox was hotter, but the new girl's a better actress

Megan Fox was hotter, but the new girl's a better actress

-They try so hard to justify Shia’s presence in the movie but he’s useless as a character
-I think Fox was foxier than this new chick, but at least she’s not anorexic with an uncontrollable tattoo fetish and a hard to work with attitude (says the rumors for why Fox wasn’t in this sequel)
-Unnecessary character shifts, they change storylines for certain characters and it does absolutely nothing to further the story, but now we have to sit there and wait while they explain some useless piece of crap history that doesn’t become important ever
-Constant screaming and frantic comedy that didn’t really make anybody in the theater laugh
-Lame slapped together ending with a lame exit song

Dempsey played a great villain

Dempsey played a great villain

What you’ll love:

-Great 3D

-The Blonde chick is a better actress than Fox… although that’s not saying much
-There’s a lot of action
-Good characters, I was surprised at how at home Patrick Dempsey looked playing a villain
-Though a lot of the comedy was far from funny, there were still a lot of laugh out

Bumblebee is great... as usual

Bumblebee is great... as usual

loud moments for just about everyone in the theater
-Bumble Bee is his usual awesome self
-Pretty good animated choreography in the fight scenes between the transformers
-A bit darker, Harry Potter seems to be shifting the entire industry towards maturing sequels with much more burdening choices placed on our heroes
-Interesting X-Men: First Class-ish integrating our history into the storyline of the movie with an ulterior motive behind our famed trip to the moon
-A Cameo from Buzz
-Flying Squirrels! Don’t ask… you’ll thank me later 😉

I really liked the first Transformers, and believe me, I know; the sequels always suck. For it to be coherent and pretty good is an achievement all its own. I just don’t see why they can’t do exactly what they did for the first one in the next one. Same team, same writers, directors, producers etc. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And ya don’t need to out-do the last movie, you just need to take the story further. Share more of the characters and bring us into the world more and more. That’s the cop-out tactic though, more and more glitz and glam so the story doesn’t have to matter so much. With 400 million dollars and counting in box office sales, it’s not exactly teaching the industry lessons about good story telling.

Is it entertaining? Is it worth the cash and the time? Pretty much, the time actually is more of a pain than the cash. You really need about two and half hours of your day to commit to a flick that really could have been done in an hour and half had they cut off all the wasteful storyline. If you’ve got the time, it’s worth the money. I think most people will agree with that. If you don’t have the time, it’s not worth it to make time.

As much as $14 for 3D in theaters, probably $8 or less for 2D. I don’t know about the DVD, can you really sit through two and half hours of franticness over and over again? Probably not, we’ll say 20 for blu-ray, 12.99 for DVD. If you bought Iron Man 2 at full price, than you’ll probably be happy paying full price for Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

What did you think?
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