Bad Teacher : Movie Review

Bad Teacher Movie Review

Bad Teacher Movie Review

Bad Teacher

Rating: Kinda Sucked

I guess they were going for a “Bad Santa” feel with this movie. In concept, that’s pretty good. Instead of creepy Billy Bob, you get Cameron Diaz. I could see it. What I couldn’t see was a point in sitting through this entire movie, but… I don’t know… apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. What can I say? Once in a while I find a movie that makes it all worth it. Not today, though. That really sums this movie up, suffering. It’s boring, stale, annoying and lame all with a budget of only 20 million dollars. Which means? Yep, you guessed it, it’s a HUGE success. With around 60 million and counting of gross income, it’s got quite the profit margin under its belt. Don’t worry, I’m sure that won’t completely screw up the future of storytelling any worse than any other crappy successful movie.

Justin Timberlake is lame

Justin Timberlake is lame

What you’ll hate:

-Delayed timing, I think it’s an editing issue, there’s a little pause between most of what everyone says, it kills any comedic timing there may have been
-Bad characters, think jar jar binks, only really annoying
-Monotone dialogue, the jokes don’t stand out
-Extremely predictable jokes
-Justin Timberlake

Jason Segel is funny, but not funny enough to save the film

Jason Segel is funny, but not funny enough to save the film

What you may like:
-Cameron Diaz has a bunch of parts where she has this brash sort of blunt personality and it’s funny in a shock & awe way
-Jason Segel is the only comedic skill in the whole movie. In fact, the only times I can remember laughing were during scenes he was in. Sadly, there were a lot of scenes he was in that weren’t funny
-I don’t know that the writing is terrible. It’s less the idea that’s so bad, and more the execution. The story is the whole “person can’t see what’s right in front of them” kinda story, and they reveal it pretty smoothly where it feels real, they get a kudos on that
-I have to admit there was one scene where Justin Timberlake was actually kinda funny, I laughed, I think it lasts less than a minute and that’s it

Cameron Diaz, unfortunately not hot enough to make "Bad Teacher" stop sucking

Cameron Diaz, unfortunately not hot enough to make "Bad Teacher" stop sucking

I really don’t think the movie is so bad that you shouldn’t watch it if you’re interested. I just don’t think anyone should dish out their hard earned money to then have to suffer through it… unless you’re into sadism, then by all means. There’s definitely worse movies out there, but you’ll probably be happiest if you rent this movie on Netflix than you will be paying like 10 bucks. Definitely not worth buying on DVD.

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