The Raid: Redemption Movie Review

The Raid: Redemption Movie Review

The Raid: Redemption Movie Review

The Raid: Redemption Movie Review

Pretty Damn Good

I think this movie completely rocked. It is by far the best action movie I’ve ever seen. I didn’t give it a rocked rating because people tend to hate reading subtitles. Other than that, it’s totally awesome.

Most movies use action as an excuse to half-ass the story, others try so hard to make a story it ends up being corny since, after all, it is an action movie. What I thought was unique about The Raid: Redemption was the way they establish the storyline.

The Raid has a unique story telling method that keeps you engaged and wondering just what the heck is going on

Unique story telling methods keep you engaged

At first it seems like there is no story, but slowly little bits and pieces are revealed until you get to the end of the movie and you’re shocked to find that; wow, there was a story. Believe it or not, the makers of this film actually trust their audience to be smart enough to figure it out on their own. They don’t hold your hand, they don’t force it and they don’t insult your intelligence. They do all that while presenting some of the most brutal fight scenes I have ever seen.

Great, but is it really good enough to sit and read the subtitles?


The Raid has lots of machete usage

The Raid has lots of machete usage

What you’ll love:

-Brutal action
-Creative fight scenes
-Combat variety, guns to knives to martial arts and more
-unique method of storytelling that I don’t believe has been seen since The Vanishing Point
-It’s not really “shock value”, even though it feels brutal, there’s not really a ton of gore. They don’t need tricks and gimmicks to keep you interested
-There’s morality, the violence isn’t mindless and on many occasions you see the characters negatively affected by the things they are forced to do to survive which adds to the realism and brutal vibe.

What you may not like:

-Subtitles: I don’t mind them, others hate them

Obviously some people will hate the movie because it’s violent, what do you expect? Surprisingly, the story and morality have changed a few people’s opinions of this movie. One girl was like “I’d never go to see that on my own, but now that I’ve seen it, I really liked it, I’d watch it again.”

It’ll surprise you.

I really can’t think of an action movie I like better than this one. It’s definitely going in my DVD collection, it would have been awesome in 3D… instead hollywood gave us titanic…

Anyway, check it out if it’s in your area, I saw it twice in one day it was so badass. Keep your head on when you go to see it, though. You know how hype can make a movie disappointing, expect nothing and the movie will really get its fair chance.

Thanks for reading,


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2 Responses to The Raid: Redemption Movie Review

  1. Pingback: Jack

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Often people say that it’s important to keep an open mind and that you can’t assume anything about people until you really get to know them. Ya know what? People who say that are fuckin’ retarded.

      Here’s how this is gonna go; violently.

      What exactly do you consider to be a valid story line? I’m gonna guess you’re a fan of titanic. Titanic is a movie that says too much and holds the hand of the viewer all the way through the movie. The Notebook, on the other hand, is a movie that leaves room for silence and lets the audience think on their own.

      How many people can agree that really, when you put all the teeny bopper nostalgia aside, the notebook was a better story line, better acting, and more believable emotion than titanic? Don’t even raise your hands because I already know I’m right.

      So, if a movie that leaves things up to the imagination is better, what is the Raid: Redemption? I would say the Raid: Redemption is a movie that just doesn’t give a fuck what pansies like you think.

      Ya wanna know what the point of that movie was?

      Family is everything.

      It’s worth living for and it’s worth dying for and nothing else matters more than that.

      Yeah, ya missed that, didn’t you? Now, I get it, I’m not saying you’re going to cry like when you and your mother snuggled up on the couch and watched Jack die in icy waters when there was a perfectly good chunk of wood with room for two floating right in front of him, I’m just saying that it has a surprising amount of meaning in a film that probably could have gotten away with none.

      My girlfriend loved the movie and she hates violence, ya know what hooked her? The scene where


      the main character falters, and almost gives up fearing he can’t succeed, only to have the image of his pregnant wife smiling and waiting for him at home pop into his mind and give him the strength to press on.

      The story unfolds through the action, it’s a mystery that you have to pay attention to in order to enjoy. The fact that he made sure he was on that tactical unit, freshly transferred, because he knew his brother was helping run the drug house and he promised his father he’d go and get him to come home, that’s fuckin’ story line.

      You missed all that, because your hand wasn’t held and you lack the capacity to figure it out on your own. I wouldn’t be shocked if you didn’t even see this movie, because rotten tomatoes has it at 94% fresh which is ungodly high. Higher than Bridges of Madison Fuckin’ County when it came out, that’s for sure. You probably watched the commercial and judged it on that alone. I mean, fuck man, you could have even watched twenty minutes of a bootleg and knew there was more going on than just kicks and punches.

      And you’re absolutely right, action movies are what’s wrong with the world and not shitty parents that sit on a couch with their 38 year old virgin watching titanic.

      It’s not even about me, or my review of the movie, it’s the fact that a large group of people poured their all into this film (and every film is a huge risk for all involved) and through hard work and determination they made a success of it and you’re sitting here saying some pre-canned bullshit that everybody says. If you’re going to insult something, have the dignity to make it original and relevant.

      Ya know, it’s like the average person doesn’t even think. You’re like a hoard of jellyfish, you don’t think in thoughts, you think in… fuckin’… wind currents.

      And you’re not alone. That fuckin’ Hunger Games movie? Yeah, ya know what happened when Battle Royale came out years and years ago, a movie that is almost verbatim the same exact movie as The Hunger Games and the author of the books said she got the idea for the story from Battle Royale? They blamed the Columbine Shootings on it. Oh, but now, the same fuckin’ plot line is not only okay, it’s god damn celebrated.

      Wind Currents.

      From now on you and all of your people will be referred to as Wind Socks. I’m copyrighting that, bitch.

      You’re a fuckin’ Wind Sock.

      I’m not even capitalizing that shit, lower cases means you’re beneath me. You’re a fuckin’ wind sock.

      And go ahead and reply, and when ya hit me with more pre-canned notions because you can’t even think for yourself ya know what I’m gonna reply? Two words.

      wind sock

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