Avengers Movie Review

Avengers Movie Review by Kephra Rubin

Avengers Movie Review by Kephra Rubin


Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Personally, I thought this movie was just okay. I gave it a Pretty Damn Good rating because I think a lot of people are going to like this movie. It has cool special effects, it’s action packed and everything else you’d expect. However, it also has a lot of things that were lame.

Seriously? Take on an army with 9 arrows? www.kephrarubin.wordpress.com

Seriously? Take on an army with 9 arrows?

What you may not like:

-The storyline is chaotic and unfocused, honestly they could have just copied the cartoon movie version of The Avengers more closely and come up with something a lot better than this
-What is with Hawk Eye? Don’t get me wrong, I think Jeremy Renner has a lot of potential and charisma on screen, he’s good for the role, but as far as the writers choosing to have his character wage a war with like… what? 20 arrows? Ya gotta be kidding me. Either they should have implemented him differently in the storyline, or they should have given him a bigger quiver or something. Even if they did give him a bigger quiver it still would have been stupid, what? 50 arrows? What are you gonna do with that? It’s just laughable
-Corny, goofy things happen a lot
-They should have hired a military advisor for the war scenes. It would have made it less “kids at recess” and more “Saving Private Ryan” which I think would have been cool
-Captain America is completely useless, even after they find a purpose for him, any super hero could have taken his place, poor writing makes you roll your eyes
-No Ed Norton

No Spider Man even though the movie's in his home town

No Spider Man even though the movie's in his home town

-You can’t have Avengers, which is part of the Marvel Universe, in the middle of Manhattan without Spider Man swinging around somewhere. He’s not in it, they should have put it in LA or something, I don’t know, I suppose that’s nit picking, most people probably don’t care. Granted, he does come into the Avengers story later, but seriously, that’s his town, of course he’s gonna be swinging around. Whatever.

What you may like:

Iron Man steals the show www.kephrarubin.wordpress.com

Iron Man steals the show

-3D!!! How many times do I say something would be better in 3D? THANK YOU.
-The story line does seem to pull together a bit towards the end and it kind of helps to forget about the suck
-Hawk Eye’s arrow system is really cool, he can select what type of arrow he wants and the quiver loads that specific arrowhead for him which I thought was unique
-All the gadgets are pretty cool
-Tony Stark steals the show, he’s just more interesting than everyone else
-More Iron Man suits
-It’s very funny, and not on accident like “it’s so bad it’s funny” they actually set out to make you laugh and it’s a burst-out-laughing kind of humor
-Hulk still manages to be a great character

So, is it worth paying money to see in theaters? Or, is better to wait for it on rental? If you’ve read my reviews in the past and tend to agree with me, eh, the 2D version could wait until rental or something else, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. If, however, you liked movies like X Men Origins: Wolverine, GI Joe, and Captain America, then I’d say it’s totally worth it. The 3D version on the other hand I think is worth it, the 3D definitely could have been better, but there’s still a good amount of depth and things fly into the camera from time to time which heightens the experience. I may put up with the crappy story and see it again in IMAX 3D just because.

Let me know what you think when you see it,



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