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Never Give Up; African Immigrant’s Words Inspire Poem

African Immigrant, American Citizen
Name Unknown Continue reading

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Ex Gun Control Advocate; Socialize with “Soft” Anti-Gunners

It seems the general attitude is that this struggle for gun rights is a war, and the opposition is an enemy to be crushed. I do not believe this, because wars eventually end. This struggle will not. Even when freedom is attained, its retention must forever be ensured by the watchful eyes of free individuals. It is my feeling that for us to succeed, this must be a way of life. Continue reading

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How will Piers Morgan respond to this?

Britain has many times the violent crime as America, per 100,000 people, yet Britain is often used as a reason for enacting gun control. Why, if the places with the most gun control have the most crime do these arguments even occur? America is ranked 28th in the world for gun deaths. Continue reading

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Ex Anti Gunner Goes to Albany for Feb 28th Protest against SAFE Act

What an Ex-Anti Gunner learned in Albany during the SAFE ACT Protest on February 28th About eight or nine years ago I was an anti-gunner. I thought guns were for cowards and I encouraged the gun bans. I could list … Continue reading

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