Dead Man Down (Movie Review)

Dead Man Down Movie Review By Kephra Rubin

Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

I was skeptical of this movie when I saw the trailer, mainly because of Colin Farrell. However, I like Terrance Howard in most things I see him in, so I decided to give it a whirl. I’m glad I did, because it was certainly not what I expected.

What you may not like:

Dead Man Down doesn't establish where he learned how to fight with guns

He’s not really believable as ex military

-The ending seems like it was written by someone else, thrown in because Hollywood is composed of scared little pansies who are afraid to make audiences feel emotionally conflicted

-Not the best acting, (but better than you were expecting)

-Some stupid gun mistakes that hollywood always makes


What you’ll like

Dead Man Down; Terrance Howard Has a Strong Presence

Dead Man Down; Terrance Howard Has a Strong Presence

-It’s gritty and raw in most instances and creates a very clear attitude that pulls you into the story

-It has a note of mystery to it that keeps you wanting more

-It has emotion and characterization that I’m not used to seeing from Collin Farrell, it really pushed him as an actor, his relationship with the other characters elicits emotion and sympathy

-Terrance Howard has a presence that really dominates the film

-Pretty good action with cleverly choreographed shoot-outs

You'll find that the love aspect is pretty unique

You’ll find that the love aspect is pretty unique

-In spite of the ending feeling doctored, it wasn’t so bad that it kills the movie for you

If you like movies like Carlito’s Way, Lucky Number Slevin and Law Abiding Citizen, then chances are you’ll like this movie, too. Overall it was good enough that I plan to buy it. My advice would be expect nothing and let it let it surprise you and you’ll get the best experience possible from it.

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2 Responses to Dead Man Down (Movie Review)

  1. ogglok2004 says:

    He said he was in the military before moving to america.

    • Kephra Rubin says:

      Ok, I’ll change it in the review. I thought he said he was an engineer, I was thinking they were going with a “Law Abiding Citizen” type thing. Anyway, thanks.

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