Odd Thomas Movie Review and Sneak Peek

Odd Thomas Movie Review and Sneak Peek

Odd Thomas Movie Review and Sneak Peek

Odd Thomas (Sneak Peek)

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

First off, I think this movie rocked, however I downgraded it to “Pretty Damn Good” because the movie dwells a little in the surreal which the average person tends to not like. Also, there are some parts of the movie that are a little too corny when they are trying to be cute. However, I really don’t think it matters enough to make the average person dislike the film.

It’s got the quirkiness of Frighteners (Michael J Fox) with the dialogue and tempo of Zombieland while still retaining a little bit of uniqueness all its own.

What you won’t like:

-A little cheesy
-Not the best acting (but not bad, either)
-Some of the jokes are kind of stupid
-Excessive dialogue sometimes
-Not the best special effects (not so terrible you can’t enjoy the movie, though)

What you’ll love:

-A great and unique concept
-Cool directing
-Unique villainy
-Surprisingly suspenseful
-A mystery plot that doesn’t really feel predictable
-A pretty damn solid ending

Author Dean Koontz was interviewed about the film a while back and he said it was one of the few (if only) film adaptation of one of his books he felt good about. I have not read the book, but the movie was good enough to make me want to.

Unfortunately “Odd Thomas” is a movie that fell victim to the fate of many movies; it’s complete and ready to go… but struggling to get released. It’s also been struggling with legal issues and silly hollywood politics. So far, it seems like the movie will be released September 19th, 2013. Regardless, when it finally does make it out to you, I definitely recommend investing in the big screen, the experience will be more thrilling in theaters. Although, like I always recommend, hold back on getting too hyped up and watch the film without any specific expectations to get the best experience.

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