American Mary, a little known movie that deserves a view from all horror fans


American Mary

Rating: Pretty Damn Good

Take two twin-sister film-makers, toss them in a blender with the cult wonder-woman of horror Katharine Isabelle, add in a dash of intelligent social satire and a full scoop of dark tendencies and what do you get?

No, not that.

American Mary, written and directed by the Soska Sisters, is a surprisingly intelligent and creative horror film that I found to be refreshing over most recent horror releases, using far less budget to do it.

What you may not like:

-The ending is kind of abrupt and while the majority of the film seems to have a moral goal, the ending never really sums it all up. Granted, I’m sure it could be explained to me, but at that point something more could have been done. Staying consistent with how a story is presented, through and through is important.

-American Mary kind of reminds me of “The Other Guys” which is in a completely different genre, but both can’t decide if they are fantastical or serious. Things seem gritty and real one moment, then surreal the next. You have to abandon some realistic expectations and try not to say “that could never happen” in order to enjoy some parts of the film, this is why the moral tie-in at the end would have made the movie a bit better. It’s easier to abandon skepticism and just watch the movie with a clean slate when you feel like there’s a point to it all


What you’ll Love: 
-Katharine Isabelle hasn’t lost a step in her ability. It is tough to be an actress, you have to be able to survive while waiting for the right roles to come in, and few film makers truly want to challenge their actors. She consistently manages to hold on to her principals while still having more fun than most people ever will

-There are horrific scenes that are directed so ingeniously. It is the scenes with the least happening that somehow manage to be the scariest moments of the film, the Soska Sisters aren’t just edgy, they’re smart and clever, can’t wait to see what they make next

Image-A great social satire on certain aspects of society, while paying deep respects to other parts, perhaps giving clues to the directors’ personalities

-Enough gore to keep it interesting, enough uniqueness and cleverness to make you watch it twice

ImageOverall it is well worth the purchase, they get paid even if you just watch it on Netflix, so definitely check it out one way or another. I’m really impressed with the Soska Sisters and plan on checking out their first film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, which I admittedly rolled my eyes at and never bothered to look into, which of course now I feel was a fool’s move. Apparently it is very low budget, but if it comes close to this it should be awesome as well. I hope these two cast Katharine Isabelle in more roles, she’s really overlooked for reasons I don’t fully understand, especially when it comes to horror which hasn’t exactly seen any stand out characters as of late.

Check it out and see what you think for yourself.

American Mary

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