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Expendables 3 Movie Review, and is it worth seeing in theaters?

The Expendables franchise is basically the action junkies answer to cheesy romance films, sure they’re campy and unrealistic, but nobody cares. While Expendables 2 was a bit bizarre and strange, Expendables 3 mimics the first film, read more to find out if it’s worth the money to see in theaters Continue reading

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The Off Road Cars from Transformers Age of Extinction: A Detailed Look

The Off Road Cars from Transformers Age of Extinction: A Detailed Look If you’re like me, you sat in the theater for Transformers Age of Extinction, and at some point this burning question distracted you from the movie just a … Continue reading

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Coherence Movie Review; A little-known you’ll want to know

Coherence Movie Review A little-known you’ll want to know Rating: Pretty Damn Good Coherence is a fascinating low budget film that uses an intriguing script and natural actors to create a film that’s part detective story, part sci-fi, part relationship … Continue reading

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