Expendables 3 Movie Review, and is it worth seeing in theaters?

Expendables 3

Expendables 3

Expendables 3

Rating: Didn’t Suck

I liked Expendables, I hated Expendables 2, and I’d say Expendables 3 is better than 2, but not as good as the first. Any fans of the franchise know that these movies are sort of like the action junkie’s equivalent to a cheesy romance movie. Sure, we know it’s sort of cheesy and campy, we just don’t care.

My issue with part 2 was that it bordered on bizarre a lot of times and didn’t fit with the style of the first movie, it just didn’t belong. Luckily, Expendables 3 reels in the stupid long enough to not have any awkwardly weird moments… well… at least not Chuck Norris “Mr. Sneakiness” weird.

Expendables 3

While the action in part 3 was an improvement over part 2, it still wasn’t as thought out as in the original Expendables

What you might not like:

-The fight scenes aren’t very intricate or creative like they were in the first one, but to be fair they’re not as “mindlessly shooting at air” as the second one was, either.

-Still, not much use of Jet Li, who would be six different kinds of badass for these movies


-A cold realization that we don’t really have many action heroes to replace these guys once they’re not in films anymore

-A plot that really has to try hard to matter

-Cheesiness, though sometimes that’s a good thing.

-No Jackie Chan, for a while we thought he was going to be in it, but a lot of people have gotten offers and either have been too busy or just don’t take the franchise seriously. If people can see these films for what they are-fun-then I’m sure we’ll see Jackie Chan, Dwayne Johnson, I’d love Tony Jaa to be in it, too. Along with many more.


Wesley Snipes is back in Expendables 3

Wesley Snipes is back in Expendables 3

What you’ll love:

-Wesley Snipes is back! Actually, it’s been so long some of you probably don’t even know who he is, but whatever, it’s badass he’s back!

-They address every gossipy drama thing you could think of including why Snipes was gone in the first place

-A great villain, Mel Gibson, especially after his behavior lately, should totally go all-in and be villains in all his movies for a while. I’m not talking “anti-hero” either, I mean full bore evil. I was genuinely impressed with him as a bad guy

-Pretty good choreography, not as intricate as the first one but still way better than the second one

Mel Gibson is an impressive villain in Expendables 3

Mel Gibson is an impressive villain in Expendables 3

-Lots of action

-Great cast, each one got their own personality, the big stars did great, the no-namers weren’t bad. While Mel Gibson surprised me as a villain, Kelsey Grammer surprised me as a dysfunctional, gruff anti-hero type personality. Not to mention Harrison Fords interesting portrayal as an unexpected badass in the film. If anything this movie has really exposed some untapped talent in even talented actors.

All in all, it is what you would expect, as some are known to dabble in cheesy romance, others are known to dabble in cheesy action (Commando, anyone? Okay, this isn’t THAT cheesy) but for what it is, it’s actually pretty good. In terms of just cheesy action, this is probably one of the best. It isn’t exactly fair to compare this to films like the Green Mile or The Notebook, and it doesn’t make sense to. It’s a world better than American Ninja and Crank 2. In its element it’s actually quite superbly done. I definitely feel it’s worth seeing in theaters, a tiny screen, even a big screen tv, just isn’t the same as the BIG screen, not to mention the sound. Check it out and see what you think.

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Check out the first Expendables and see how you think they compare


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